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When Facebook came around my participation here dropped significantly. Since last year I have deactivated my FB profile and don't plan on going back. However, I have kept using my Instagram profile at https://www.instagram.com/communicator/

The most recent purchase I made was a Minilogue. Today I was thinking of buying a Volca FM, but I have a DX200 so I didn't pursue the Volca thing any further… for now.  big_smile

Hi robots! It's been a while.

I need some help if any of you are going to see The Cure in Europe this year. I lost one of my beloved 2016 tour t-shirts and was wondering if a kind robot could help me score a replacement tee. I will Paypal funds for purchase and shipping to me in the U.S.
A bit fanatical, I know, but we're addicts, right?

These designs are not available online or on eBay. This is my last hope.

These are photos of me with the missing shirt and of it on the merch rack on the concert I attended.

Please help a fellow robot out!  cool


Danny getting some love at 5 magazine here in Chicago



http://www.5chicago.com/musicreviews/le … -soul.html


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Hey guys, thanks and you're welcome!


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Not a self portrait but taken the last time I played out. The mix post is here.



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Recording of the set I did for the Thursday House Music weekly, "Get Deep" at Tiger O’Stylie’s, a venue in Berwyn, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. Enjoy!

Stream or Download

Photo my friend Jay took of me that night.

It was crazy fun. Thanks for checking it out!


Stream | Download

This is my part of that particular Sunday's show broadcast at http://www.mixomat.org. I had a great time playing records with my friends Chicagodeep, Taelue, and Specter. Hope you enjoy.


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I-f definitely disliked the direction the forum went in and all the crap being talked and the constant disagreements so I think to him it was all about the music first and foremost as he's always said "We do radio." and any other platform, website, forum, etc. is secondary. If remember correctly, he said something along the lines that we'd be better off without forums, after RFR was set up.


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It's from the end of Blade Runner. Here ya go: http://www.mediafire.com/?6lcvr1a05s1h5h7

Both parts of the recorded audio can be found in this Soundcloud set. Downloads enabled.

The beginning of the show is not on Soundcloud but the Ustream clip is here.

Enjoy, and thanks!

PS: More than 6.5 hours on Soundcloud alone!  yikes

Thanks, I did the flier. We recorded most of it. My opening set (pretty deep) is missing and half of Chicagodeep's first set is missing too. We alternated every 1/2 hour or so. Good times playing that night. Enjoy part 1. There's a part 2 coming soon.


Cool man, hope you can make it.  smile


It would be cool if some robots can join us on Saturday (or Sunday, depending where you live)!

Join Chicago House Music DJs Specter, Chicagodeep and Communicator as they mix live from the south side of Chicago. Bringing it to you correct — this is no holds barred DJ’ing for 8 whole hours! All vinyl all night, we will be alternating every half hour or so. House music, Disco, Italo, etc. fans will not want to miss this.

NOTE: This is an online DJ audio/video show and will be broadcast at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/communicator

10 pm - 6 am! Times is in Chicago, Central Standard Time. You can use this converter to find out the times in your area.

Please also join the real-time chat to say hello!

Facebook users can RSVP here.


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^ Bwahahaha!

Was a wham, bam thank ya ma'am set and haven't put one together yet.

Wow Estimulo, if I could be there I totally would! Looks to be an ace night!  big_smile

Whoah, just now seeing your comment Silen. You're welcome, thanks for having listened!


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You're most welcome guys.


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Hi Dirtieblonde!

Hey where did you find the editor? I bought mine from ebay but didn't get a disk or anything with it, just the power supply and manual.

Mixes for Part 1 are here: http://official.fm/playlists/51775
Webcast here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/12017462

Tag-Team Mix for Part 2 is here: http://snd.sc/iaqhAA
Webcast here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/12023570


Sweet, thanks man, look forward to it! There have been some changes though. Please see above.