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Too bad, hope to see you the next fair in November!


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Almost!  smile :

Interesting nonetheless, saw him perform this album live 2 years ago or so. Pretty cool,


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Scarface wrote:
narcisco wrote:

that's on m 'wantlist in the back of my head'

Don't want to rub it in but I think that Super Souris LP was waaaaaaay back in my head. wink

narcisco wrote:

I typed/copied/pasted the whole list yesterday, but at the time I wanted to post it I had been logged out, so the post was gone.

I had that once too. Since then I save the typed list with CTRL+C (windows) in between. Or if you go back a page the post is mostly stil there.

lol. smile Hopefully I will find it a next time. At least I have the 7".

Most of the time I do that too, but this time I forgot.


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hysteric wrote:

sold 400+ techno records for $1 each and bought Camomilla - Queen of the Night  big_smile

Sounds like a deal!

Record Fair Utrecht
Great times again, bought a lot of cheapos, quite a few form my wantlist (5) which was above average, and of course stuff that's on m 'wantlist in the back of my head'
I typed/copied/pasted the whole list yesterday, but at the time I wanted to post it I had been logged out, so the post was gone.
All new purchase can be seen here:
The highlights:
XEX - XEX lp (What's That Music Records) mint for 30 eu, which was the most expensive record this time
Angie Care - Your Mind (Merak ) 12", sleeve was a bit  trashed but record plays well and it was just 2 euro and on my wantlist for some time
Electronic Ensemble - It Happened Then (Ariola) 7" Dutch pressing
Neu! - 2 Originals Of Neu! 2xLP Finally had to buy this classic stuff, first 2 records in a double album set
Some early Mute 7"s (Silicon Teens, Depeche mode, DAF), to complete Mute 1 to Mute 18, next one on the wantlist is now Mute 19, english pressing of Fred Vom Jupiter.
Isadora Juice – Isadora  (RCA) lp
Nico - Drama of Exile (Line Records) lp


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That's the one indeed.  smile


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I also bought a new one  big_smile Almost the same, as the one shown above, but it also plays tapes, yhough I don't think I'm gonna use that often. Big advantage besides that it's smaller and lighter is that it needs less and smaller batteries (also a weight issue of course).

Queen Of Blood wrote:

yeah, 1 week to go... looking forward to meet you guys again (will call you as always when we touched down, herr oz). already talked to herr 66, seems we are doing a live bbq fress & sauf transmission from the 666 lounge again on saturday after the fair. will provide the german würstchens... so get prepared (especially you, narcisco ;-)).

looking forward  smile


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Is Jenny totally sold out or does Clone (i.e.) get some copies as well?


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Found the album( actually found a second copy some weeks later in a kringloopwinkel smile ) and the 7".


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Nice track from this compilation:
http://www.discogs.com/Various-Viele-Gr … se/2032860


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Getting excited already!
Found that Renee record some months agoog on the Waterlooplein.


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Ultravox - Dancing with tears in my eyes?


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rossokha81 wrote:
narcisco wrote:

"Nowa Aleksandria" - one of the most interesting polish 80s albums.

I like it a lot, surprisingly found it in a thrift store here in Amsterdam.


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Bizarre prices indeed, I'll check this song out later, don't have sound now.


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This song is quit nice I think, most tracks on the album are covers though, which are ok, but not really better than the original versions.
NOt sure if it's viewable, so here's a link:


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Warning (2) - Journey To The Other Side (Vertigo ) 7"    
Max Him - No Escape (CBS ) 7"
Pop-Corn Makers - Pepperbox (Metronome ) 7"    
Suzi Lane - Harmony (Oasis ) 7"
Arabesque - Take Me Don't Break Me (Metronome) 7"         
Kiki Del Casino - Dance Down (Hansa) 7"
Valerie Dore - Lancelot (EMI) 7"
David Lyme - Bye, Bye Mi Amor / Music (Max Music) 7"        
Panarama - Video Fever / Dry Ice (Jupiter Records ) 7"         
Mick Rowley - I'm A Man / Lightning Lies (Lollipop Records )     7"         
Stammer The Hammer - Mah-Ná-Mah-Ná (Ariola ) 7"          
Mike Mareen - Sunshine Of Your Smile (Philips) 7"          
Disco Circus - Over And Over (Lollipop) 7"           
Charlie - Spacer Woman (Mr. Disc Organization) 12"     
Front 242 - No Comment (Animalized) LP         
Red Point Orchestra - Blue Light (Polydor) 12"         
Loft  - Disco Death (TELDEC) 12"         
Easy Going - Casanova (Banana Records ) LP         
Synergy (3) - Semi-Conductor (Passport Records ) 2LP    
Script - Electronic And Spatial (Milan)     LP        
Vangelis - Antarctica (Polydor  ) LP
C-Bank - One More Shot (Bronze Records) 12"    
Mystery  - Hold On To This Moment (Bump) 12"             
Loverde - Backstreet Romance (Moby Dick ) 12"         
Silver Convention - Spend The Night With Me / Mission To Venus (Midsong) 12"         
Space - My Love Is Music (Pye) 12"
ORS - Indian Reservation (Ariola) 12"         
ORS- Body To Body Boogie (Ariola) 12"              
The Warlord  - The Ultimate Warlord (CBS) 7"          
G.G. Tonet - Mechanical Dream / We Want To Be Men (It Why ) 7"         
Magical Ring - More And More / Sight On The Sea (Derby) 7"    
Golden Reunion - Annie (Baby Records (2) - BR 038) 7"     
Laban - Hvor Ska' Vi Sove I Nat? / Hvad Er Galt Med Mig? (EMI ) 7"         
Rocky M.- Disco Lady (Arrow Records)     7"    
Arabesque - Marigot Bay (Metronome) 7"         
Lipstique - Venus / Mah-Nah-Mah-Nah (Lollipop Records ) 7"    
Spinach - America America / Rhythm Of Love (Liberty) 7"          
Tom Hooker - Looking For Love (Baby Records) 7"    
Mathématiques Modernes - Disco Rough (Celluloid) 12"    
Françoise Hardy - Françoise Hardy In Deutschland (Bellaphon) LP        
Kirlian Camera - Blue Room (ZYX) 12"
Kirlian Camera - Edges (ZYX) 12"         
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental - The Bridge (Celluloid) LP         
Milkways - Milkways (Barclay) LP
Telex - Rock Around The Clock (Sonet ) 7"    
Space - Just Blue (CBS) 7"
Dead Or Alive - It's Been Hours Now (Black Eyes Records) 12",     
Diabolic Man - Diabolic Man (EMI) 7"    
Daddy Dewdrop - The Real Thing (CNR Records) 12" thanks to Scarface

With thanks to scarface and Rude, some nonfair BBQ trades/non-profit additions
Soul Motion - Saw (Things Are Supposed To Happen...)     12"    
No More - Suicide Commando (Roof Records) 12"
Magika - I Know Magica (Eddie Barclay) 12"
Secession - Sneakyville (Siren Records ) 12"         
Nicolas Courtin - Les Yeux Fermés (Ciel Sonore)


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It was fun again! I'll type a complete list later because i'm not at home now. That italian seller had some expensive stuff but he made a fair deal in the end i think. I  bought charlie - spacer woman 12", golden reunion - annie 7", gg tonet - mechanical dream 7" and magical ring - more ander more for 50 euro there. Not that bad I think.


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Scarface wrote:

After soooooooo long:
Fantasy Life - Over And Over (Thick Records) cool

Great one, still avery special record.

Some new stuff:
Laserdance - Shotgun (Into The Night) 12" (Hot Sound)
Young Marble Giants - Colossal Youth lp (Base record)
Spoons - Stick Figure Neighbourhood lp (Ready Records)
Die Kapazität - Leichte Stimmen lp (Konkurrenz)
v/a - Miniatures  lp (Pipe)
Martin Rev - Martin Rev lp (Infidelity)
State (2) - No Illusions 7" (Reagan Era HC)    
Spirit Of Youth - The Abyss (Crucial Response)
Metallica - Ride The Lightning lp (Roadrunner)
Donna Summer - I Feel Love  (Atlantic)
Berlin - The Metro to collection 7" (Mercury)   
Twice A Man - Across The Ocean   12" (Xenophone International)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Thousand Knives Of  lp (Plexus)
Hypnotic Samba - Hypnotic Samba / Stop Watch  12" (ZYX)   
Fred Ventura - Memories Of The Future 12" (Bordello a Parigi)
Rousers -  The Jump 7" (Ariola)


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Bender wrote:
hysteric wrote:

I bought almost no new music released in 2012, but I can really recommend this one:
Lebanon Hanover – "The World Is Getting Colder"

Hey, that's pretty good, indeed! Thx! smile

Why do I never get intouch with these stuff, immediatly when it's released?? hmm

It kinda sucks nowadays that if you don't immediately buy something you miss out on things. their second album which was released in October is also sold out already. Prices have really gone up on discogs. I was also too late due to laziness.

On this comiplation there's a song by them and other good stuff (i.e Linea Aspera). All tracks can ne heard an it's pretty good I think:
http://desirerecords.bigcartel.com/prod … 300-copies


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It's nice, didn't know it yet.


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Mushy - Breathless lp (Mannequin)
Trevor Bastow / Alan Hawkshaw - Kinetics / Vision lp (Bruton)
Ballad 'Erlkönig' / 5 Canons  lp (Composers' Voice)
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Yellow Magic Orchestra (Alfa)
Q65 - Greatest Hits lp (Decca)
Whitehouse – Erector lp (Very Friendly)
Jabberwocky - Finger Poppin'  lp Time (Incognito)
Carter Tutti Void - Transverse lp (Mute)
The Reds - The Reds 10" (A&M)
Poesie Noire – Love Is Colder Than Death  12" (Antler - Subway)
Tent – Without Shelter mlp (Wereld Rekord)
Hot Gossip – Criminal World 7" (Dindisc)
Mythos - Grand Prix lp (Sky)
Rockets - Galactica 7" (Rockland)
Add N To (X) - Revenge Of The Black Regent 7" (Mute)
Landverraad - No Love For A Nation 7" (Mosh Potattoes etc.)


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Ray Van Mechelen wrote:
narcisco wrote:

bought some records at Grauzone festival in de Melkweg in Amsterdam:
v/a - Radionome lp (Blowpipe)
@Scarface it's pretty good
http://www.discogs.com/Various-RadioNom … se/4119091
Eleven Pond - Watching Trees 12" (Angular)
Nine Circles - The Early Days lp (Genetic)
Ende Shneafliet - Synthimental Love Songs lp (Enfant terrible)
MTL Express - Dance All Night / Disco City 7" (Ibach)

looks like you bought them from Wool-e  smile

Indeed.:) He was at this Grauzone festival, he had some stuff I wanted for some time, so now I didn't need to order it anymore, which was nice/ By the way I only found out of the repress of the RadioNome lp because of your post here. Did you also buy it at Wool-e? I must say it crossed my mind when I saw he had it for sale an I found out he was from Ghent. smile