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Hey Robots 'n' Robettes,

just try out my latest mix... https://soundcloud.com/bender101-1/le-f … isco-radio

Some nice tunes in there, including the lovely but unmixable yikes  "Femme Fa Tale"...

Put some effort in it -> happy about any feedback... big_smile

Have FunFun! tongue

Hey FRIIIEENDS!! ("how many of us have them?")

As promised, here is the beginning part of my latest live-mix... https://soundcloud.com/bender101-1/live … 01018-pt-i

It's a lot slower & deeper and not soooo much the usual hit-throwing, I guess/hope...
I almost feel, to say "sorry" for that "iconic" and obvious start, cause it was still used in some other mix, in the past. hmm But I play these songs to an live-audience who were no italo-heads like us and probably not know 99% of "our" tracks... tongue

So I hope u have...

...Fun Fun!

Hello robots,

it doesn't really have a name. It's just a live set, I played last week @my hometown.

https://soundcloud.com/bender101-1/live … 018-pt-iii

Italo hits galore... roughly mixed. big_smile

It's the ending part... I will also post the beginning, next week. It'll be a bit slower and "deeper".

Speaking about beginning and ending: Funnily I played this set on maybe the last nice 'n' warm summerly day, while a few months ago, I somehow opened this past monster-summer with another set @the same location:

https://soundcloud.com/bender101-1/bend … g-23052018

So, what do we learn? Every ending is also a new beginning........... or so... tongue

Have Fun Fun!


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Nice one! Kostas Tournas is the hit!! cool


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@Stalker & Ronin: Thanks very much. Great!! smile


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Hey guys!

Anybody knows "the 4th" different version of Waiting on my Angel? It sounds a bit like a rough demo tape, but very cool...
And NO it's not Jessie Saunder's Waiting... It's also not the original and it's of course not the Bob Heckman Remix on ZYX!

What is it? Where can I buy? big_smile

I-G played it here https://soundcloud.com/intergalactic_ga … viv-100115 @1h29mins

Thx! smile

The tracklist btw.:

    01 New Sin – Black Fantasy (Holly Records 1985)
    02 D. Carred – You’ll Be A Winner (RE on Bordello A Parigi 2011 / DEM Records 1985)
    03 Primadonna – Flashing On The Floor (ZYX 1984)
    04 Frank Tavaglione – Tumidanda ♥ (Market Records 1984)
    05 Klapto – Queen Of The Night (Durium 1984)
    06 Kermesse – Mrs Moon (Fingers 1983)
    07 Wax – Wax Dance (Dupe Edit) (Bordello A Parigi 2013)
    08 Angie Care – Your Mind (Instrumental) ♥ (Merak Music 1984)
    09 Govindo – Ou Ka Vini Moin (Il Bosco & Kid Machine Edit) (Red Laser Records 2015)
    10 A. Avenue – Golden Queen ♥ (Flemming Dalum Rework) (Opilec Music 2016)
    11 DJ Bert & Eagle – Import (Spacelex Extended Drum Edit) (Mond Musik 2016)
    12 J.D. Jaber – Don’t Stop Lovin’ ♥ (Memory Records (1983)
    13 B. Rose – Hey D.J. (Give Me A Lot Of Music) (American Disco 1983)
    14 Cleo – Eyes (TNR 1984)
    15 Klapto – Mr. Game (Durium 1983)
    16 Kid Frost – Rough Cut ♥ (Electrobeat Records 1984)
    17 Neon – My Blues Is You (KinderGarten Records 1983)
    18 Knight Action – Single Girl ♥ (RE on Clone Records 2007 / Let’s Dance 1984)
    19 The Hasbeens – Keep Fooling Yourself (Clone Records 2008)
    20 Scotch – Penguin’s Invasion (ZYX 1983)
    21 Mr. Flagio – Take A Chance (Squish 1983)

Hey, thx for your feedback! smile

What exactly do you mean with "eject!eject!" for rescueing a transition? How does this "technique" appear?

Not only Kermesse is a bastard... B.Rose is a lil' bitch, also... big_smile (and so are many other italos) In the beginning of B.Rose, the drumbeat is somehow "schief und krumm" (=no "even" beats). I consider this track as almost impossible to mix, without little beat stuttering and manual correction. I really wonder how Intergalactic Gary achieves it, to mix sooo perfectly, everytime. Even live, even with vinyl and even with the old "non-quantized" and un-even cutted italo-vinyls. It's just flawless, everytime... not the tiniest mistake or even correction is audible. Yeah, I know: "practise, pratisce and even more practise..."  tongue Anyways... sometimes, you can beatmatch yourself to dead and 2 tracks won't really work together, anyway.

But of course, most wonky (nice word big_smile ) transitions are resulting from a lack of preparing time & also lack of hearing.

Heyhey Guys...

No much words:


Mixed with love & vinyl in one take... therefor, no perfect transitions... tongue  Maybe too much (or less?) drinks, while doing... big_smile
But, it's still fun listening, I guess...

Can post a tracklist later.

Have funfun!

"Sharing & clicking is caring"?


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Edit: Ok, I found it via lyrics typing on google: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfoKoF4o6tU

But still want to know, the house classic, coming afterwards. big_smile


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baz wrote:

And another one: https://youtu.be/RM5OvYrXWDs?t=1h6m45s

Nice one! smile

What's the track @1h19mins? And the housy one, after? big_smile


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Anybody could help out with the song @15min, which is "kept as a secret"... mad  mad  mad
https://soundcloud.com/bordelloaparigi/ … -peet-need



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Ok, Attaca, when I god my hangover on January 1st, I write you "the story"... wink

? Especially @ Joe Maran - Give me a break & Danny Keith - Love me again?

I am asking, because I love the certain kickdrum-sound of those tracks... Especially when listening very loud on a good sound system or in a club, it's very different to most of the usual techno kickdrums... which used to sound really "hard, deep & wide"... The kickdrum here @those crash record tracks has a lot more "flat" sound... It's also really "smooth/soft" and it's "colour" tongue  is brighter than those other "dark" techno kickdrums...
Well, I think it's sound is so special, cause it lacks some deeper frequencies like the "techno" kickdrums (at least, some of them)?!?!

(the end of the track is only drummachine kick and snare sounds... wink)

(after 8sec you'll hear the nice kick, very well smile)

Anyways, if someone could tell me, which drum machine it is, I even have another request: big_smile
Please, recommend, some nice deep techno tracks, which use this nice&smooth kick drum... Maybe from the 90s?? Produced with real machines and without softsynths, at best... smile

Kinda weird topic, isn't it?

Btw: Will there be a ifm top100, this year?


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attacca wrote:

Btw where to go if the most beautiful German city gets a böring west-german style, too?!?

May I answer in german? Too lazy for english... cause long story... wink

Thx for the embedding help, also @Technica...Technica *singaround* wink


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It's more beautiful, but still a bit sad, because it reminds me so much on my childhood... smile

Btw. How the hell could I emded youtube videos, properly??


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S.T.E.N.T.E.C. wrote:

90s mix

These tracks sound much too slow for typical 90s music, imo...

THIS is 90s! big_smile (click @3mins)

Unfortunately, my hometown isn't that (musically) energetic, anymore... hmm (it becomes more and more a typical boring west-german-like "village-town") yikes


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S.T.E.N.T.E.C. wrote:

90s mix

These tracks sound much too slow for typical 90s music, imo...

THIS is 90s! big_smile (click @3mins)

Unfortunately, my hometown isn't that (musically) energetic, anymore... hmm (it becomes more and more a typical boring west-german-like "village-town") yikes

Ok, it's the bald one...  wink
Of course, he also has a discogs account.
Discogs dot com slash user slash colbourne. wink
Yesterday, I checked out a bulk of his collection, 'cause I noticed, that a lot of his stuff, really sounds alot like his mixes. But I didn't found "my" song...  hmm It took me about 3 hours!! mad

If he don't answer to questions, maybe I should just buy somethin from him, ask him about my song and cancel the order afterwards, haha! tongue

Btw: Here, you can some mixes from him: http://djjosephcolbourne.podomatic.com/

ronin wrote:

if you have a farcebook account, search for joseph colbourne. he's wearing a smashing jumper.

Sorry, but what is a "smashing jumper"? Is he the bald guy @facebook?

Oh man... At the moment, there is another really nice mix of him running @ifm. COLBOURNE-Compulsion Completely unknown tracks to me. Especially, the 2nd one was really nice... Sounding a bit disco-freestylish... But in a very nice way. Not too cheesy. More like "Femme Fa Tale - Felmme Fa Tale" or somethin... The only vocal parts of this song, I can name is "dreaming", hahaha... wink

Anybody have some ideas? tongue


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Re-upping alert!!!!!!!!! yikes tongue big_smile 

01 Jewel - Jewel's Groove (instrumental version from this 12" https://www.discogs.com/Jewel-Jewels-Gr … se/837013)

I GUESS - Drexciya - Grava4 Repress
Anybody knows, if Alden Tyrell, will mess up the original tapes with his "mastering skills" again like on those Drexciya Clone Best-Of-Series?? mad
"Clone Aqualang Series" sounds dangerous... hmm


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Anybody knows the very 1st ambientish track of this dj set?
It's approx. from 0-6minutes...
Maybe anybody can try with a mobile-song-findout-app?? big_smile (I don't have stuff like that tongue)


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Nice & interessting topic! Let's continue the discussion...

Well, I am still a beginner in DJing and also because of my mixer, which is predestined for "smooth house transitions" I tend to do rather long transitions. I almost never touch the cross fader. There are just two problems:
Often, the two tracks drift apart during the transition (my correction skills are only "soso" - especially when I put down the headphones!!! hmm) 2nd problem: The music I like to play most (disco, italo (!!!), electro etc.) often only have very short breaks. Too short for long transitions. But as mentioned before, I think it depends on my mixer, which is not suitable for the usual "bass exchange" mixing method. I HAVE to change all frequencies very smooth, otherwise, they tend to overlap each others, which sometimes sounds horrible wink U know what I mean!?

Ok, here is a mix made by me, which shows my way of mixing and also the problems mentioned above: https://soundcloud.com/bender101-1/shor … -appetizer

And this is my mixer: http://www.soundland.de/catalog/gallery.php?p=213138 wink
I bought him, cause I LOVE my High-Fi-produced italo, electro, disco etc. records (especially from the late 70s and early 80s have almost everytime GORGEOUS highfi sound). And I don't want to ruin the sound with the preamps of a bad mixer... For expample, I don't like the kinda "grey" and almost a bit "dirty" coloured sound of all ecler mixers. And of course I don't like the cheapy plastic sound of Pioneer mad Rodec and Rane, I didn't like the design. Alan&Heath? Hm, no opinion (although I used in a club several times). Formula Sound and Datec XTC are also interessting, but too expensive. And here in germany NOBODY uses Datec XTC, so I couldn't do a free trial and don't wanted to buy it "blind".... wink