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Greetings Robots & Robettes!

After several years, I've begun to unravel the mysterious art of finishing(ish) tracks that I started

I have completed 4 this year and hope to finish more and better ones next year

Would like to improve as much as possible so please if you can offer feedback it would be helpful

Wishing you all a happy festive season with peaceful hangovers




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Greetings Melbots, Im in town for the next 10 days wondering if any nice parties going on or suggestions of record stores i can find flyers in?? Cheers





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i dont know when. they only refered to it the scarlett murder or something like that. since it made a lot of noise in international media they didn't want it to affect tourism so they started cracking down on parties / drugs. and of course its the locals who paid the price. even now we went to one place that was russian owned and they treated my friend who was local like scum so we made noise and got kicked out .. onto a beautiful beach :0/

i heard about the airport and for sure its gonna commercialize things even more. it seems to be moving towards an indian ibiza blow your whistle . but theres always gonna be the other side. i heard about one place that also starts with a go cant remember but apparently thats where the whole movement started before shifting to goa? my friend wanted to take me there but not enough time

i heard a lot of talk about how it used to be and how the good old days and this and that but i was 300% satisfied. its a beautiful place. but there are so many places in india i heard about that are also .

have you been to nepal? i went to a festival last year somewhere in the hills of kathmandhu . i couldn't even speak when i saw the sun come up. this year i was gonna play there but the main organizer died a month before and festival got cancelled

one thing though i learned was don't drink the local water!! i was good about it the whole trip but on the bus ride back from goa we stopped somewhere for food and i washed it down with a cup of water. i figured if i lasted this long with the food i'm super man . 6 days later i'm still pissing out my ass :0


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just came back from india 2 weeks. stayed mostly in panvel at a friends farm house. pure decompression nature jungle mountains .

went to goa for few days stayed in ashwem most then we went up a bit outside goa past arambol and kerry crossed a ferry to a place they called paradise beach . no tourists no hippies only fishermen in the morning and only 1 hotel way down on the other side. scene was amazing, perfect beach in front forest behind, full coconut tree fueling our fire through the night . i never released so much as there.

i was told best time to go to goa is feb / march, rates and tourists/police tension are 4 times less . seems last years murder has put a major clamp on things this season as far as parties go. still the nature trip did it for me big time


i got this a few months ago no problems, but its mainly for office use as a back up server. its not a big brand so it was much cheaper than others and allows up to 4 hard drives inside. http://mrtcommunication.trustpass.aliba … y_Nas.html

also we have WD world edition. they have a connect with mionet for remote access.  but again i dont know about streaming or web hosting. as RAID and remote access to files, it works good. once in two years a drive failed but it was easy to replace and nothing was lost


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nice one ! butterfly's have punks too, most go to flowers plus this one even has a mohawk

i crapped my pants once . decided to get in a taxi cause home was few kilometers away and i was uncomfortable. when i got in the driver smelled it (was a toxic one) but thought it was from outside so he closed the windows and started complaining about how dirty and disrespectful the college kids where in the area we passed. i agreed with him and casually opened the window again and lit a cigarette.  he was quiet the rest of the trip. i felt like a piece of shit. when i reached he turned around and gave me the most disgusted look i've ever seen . i think he realized . haha


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its napoleon from animal farm


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meanwhile , accross the pond


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Great show and as always nice to meet some bots away from computer in full force. back home now time to sleep . till next time


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just got a last minute opportunity to go to london first time . leaving now. nice to see this is going on, will try to make it


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ha! thats great ratsnake


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RIP sad news
isn't this second geneva bot (MixMax) ?

i hope cern is not a conspiracy to wipe us all out
stupid joke

may the force be with family and friends


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anyboty know what these two are?



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sucks to be the car in front too . that was me last week

a month ago i flicked a guy off and he slammed on his brakes and i hit him . bastard


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cloud9 wrote:

not trying to stir argument just conversation but what do you think about 95% of black americans  voting for obama?

i think it canceled out 30% of the votes for mccain cause he's white


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what happened? they didn't re-legalize drinking in public?

work sucks. just gotta find the job that sucks least as per your priorities .


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im just a dick stuffing a cunt . but i'll take a bitch slap from you anyway


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dirtieblonde wrote:
Obi1r wrote:

Come on Dirtieblonde... on your knees already, beggin' for more?

but I can't bitch slap you from my knees...

sure you can, hes on his knees too taking it from his woman

SUY wrote:

But now they ask Me to proof that the last 5 years I didnt have any damage on My name

tell them to prove you do . even if you give proof they must have some way to check if its valid proof.
it sounds like they are just tripping humans once again making robots do all their work


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disco is gay (happy) music, not all gays are homosexual and not all homosexuals are gay


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is there lesbian disco?

no, in between oman/uae