Y'all may remember this one from the Demo contest a few years back. Official vinyl release at the end of February with remix support from DJ Stingray, Auxon, and ATOM TM.  smile

+++ SHK06: Factory Aire - B.O.Y. including remixes by DJ Stingray, Auxon and the mighty ATOM TM to be released on Feb 21 +++

Our sixth outing features the young talented L.A. based artist Jeremy Berman aka Factory Aire, including remixes by two longtime companions DJ Stingray and Atom™ as well as the ominous Auxon.

Following Tin Man’s and J.T.C’s raw house excursions Shaddock takes a sharp left. The original title - B.O.Y is an epic-futuristic track, rich in complexity and varied melodic levels subtley playing with heavy, stomping beats.

Not other than expected DJ Stingray delivers a stunning rework with his unique, fast paced blend blurring the borders between Jungle, Electro and Bass Music while Atom™, returns to his old Acid House heights dropping a 120 bpm house killer. Auxon's high-energy rerub puts a more modern touch to this disco-spacey crusade adding some vital sparks of trance.

http://soundcloud.com/shaddockrecords/s … aire-b-o-y


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Thanks you all!


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Awesome man! Thanks for the feedback, it's really appreciated. I hope this project comes to fruition . The dudes working on it are very talented and understand the needs of people like you and I  smile


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Sup y'all,

A buddy of mine is embarking on a project to design, build and manufacture the best home listening/DJ'ing/storage unit for those of us out there that prefer a step up from the standard Expedit.

If you have a second and care to help out, hit up this short survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5BY7XQJ



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ugh, I wish I didn't have to post in this thread so much.

http://www.tmz.com/2011/09/07/paris-hil … mjgxebOVwZ


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Sneak, do you use the AN1X as a MIDI controller? I was thinking about ditching my current Edirol controller and just using my AN1X.

You like it?


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Argh, next time I'll try to be in town tongue


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Today I enter the last year of my 20's...sigh


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I'd have to say the Matrix 6r at the moment, with the MKS-70 a close second.

cupcake2000 wrote:


I've already got a JX3P and an ESQ-1, would i find it particularly unique in such company to warrant spending the cash? Though, money isn't the issue, i'm pressed for space.

Maybe look at the MKS-70 then...JX8P/MKS-70 are great.


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lol @ techni...i was just about to post that  big_smile


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nice one homey

Did a mix for the Kiss & Tell podcast. Has a few of my productions on it. Hope you likey

Jeremy Berman - K&T Mix (60 Minutes)

1. Popol Vuh - Hosianna - Mantra - Pilz 1972
2. Factory Aire - Tracers - Unreleased 2010
3. Matzo & Pauli - Kommaah! - Cyber Dance 2009
4. Costas Charitodiplomenos - Lost In The Night - Many 1984
5. Victrola - Maritime Tatami - Electric Eye 1983
6. Liaisons Dangereuses - Los Ninos Del Parque 1981
7. I.M.S. - An English '93 - Emergency 1983
8. The Party Boy - Never Let You Go - Westbrook 1989
9. J.F. Burma - Careless - Unreleased 2011
10. Jungle Wonz - Time Marches On - Trax 1987
11. William Onyeabor - Something You'll Never Forget - 1977
12. African Disco Power (Sofrito Edit)
13. Beryl Cunningham - Why-O - Barclay 1978
14. Neftali's Beast - Land Of The Drums - Capitol 1980
15. Curare - To Have And Have Not - Westside 1985
16. SPK - Metal Dance - Polydor 1983
17. Amin Peck - Suicidal - Best 1983



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kill it with fire


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sneakthief wrote:
Dez wrote:
sneakthief wrote:

Let me up the ante:


power electronics...not industrial per se



Those guys are fucking imbeciles of the highest order. Live explosives (no pyro!) at gigs is insane:

http://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewto … mp;start=0

ha totally. that thread on muffs was the inspiration behind this post


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sneakthief wrote:

Let me up the ante:


power electronics...not industrial per se