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I bought both. Just to have em back in the collection. The Starter rerelease surprised me, because nobody of the few nerds liked it that much as I found it back then in the 90s. It is still a joy to listen to.
Thanks mate. ;-)


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Oye Records at Oderberger Str.


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sneakthief is right, you have to pay now for parking everywhere around this area. you also can try to find some free parking behind Mauerpark (Wedding), because it`s very close to Oderberger Str.


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Samstag 19..03.2011
Maria am Ostbahnhof

23:00  \\ GOBLIN (italy)
           \\ TURZI (paris)  - erste und einzige Deutschlandshow!!!
           \\ NIGHT TERRORS (melbourne)
          \\ WARM DIGITS (newcastle-upon-tyne)
           \\ Antoni Maiovvi (bristol / uk)
           \\ Emil Delikolder (emil bange)
          \\ Pedro Papel (pedro vasquez / madrid)
           \\ Mohair Sam (berlin)
          \\ VJ Kaundown (harry klein / münchen)
           \\ mit Unterstützung von Spex, radioeins & taz


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I am sure it all sounds very nice for the TÜV CD wink nice artwork.

Ray Van Mechelen wrote:

Freaky dark stuff guys, you can clearly hear the influences of Ian  smile Massive release, all tracks sound great seperately but all together they sound very coherent. Solid job Ian and Roberto!


it is. I still remember the first meeting with auser at noizehub and with ian at one of the IFM parties in NL. It was just a drunken thought to bring out some music somewhere in the future. But then we heard the demos and (esp. I for myself - as I am focused on soundtrack/library music - since Mr. Overdose infected me) we`ve been fascinated as well. it took a little while to organize everything with the record, but in the end it is out now and it is a very satisfying product.

I think it is our most `wide-stereo` electronic sounding production so far. Simply a pleasure to hear it on good headphones or loud on the speakers. Yes, they (martin/auser) made an interesting job. I am very glad about the release.


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Maiovvi wrote:

yeah that's steve moore. I like his Gianni Rossi / Lovelock / Solo stuff, he's a fucking god in my house.

same here.

btw, you also make nice sound in this direction if I`m right. still looking for your fright one.


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I really like their music since long. will give it a listen for sure.

not long ago the one guy made an awsome new solo album again: Gianni Rossi - Star Vehicle LP on Permanent Vacation. Lovely
(Am I wrong? But I think he was from Zombi)

pai wrote:

Received and playing non stop since then, awesome stuff !

nice feedback. happy you like it as much as we do. thank you.  smile

(@ hyboid: sorry for taking the record back home, weil die Tüte dann irgendwie bei zora war,...menno)  roll


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Stefano wrote:
deutschmark wrote:


damn i have to sell my originals quickly (just kidding).  so an official john bender rerelease after the recent bootlegs! it was said he did not want to get his music rereleased.

I sold mine already - not kidding. but I am still not sure if I need a 6 LP Box... hehe.


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Stan, the story really sucks.
I really had a nice eve at Sneak-Thiefs b-day party yesterday, but then left to go to bed, because I was so tired from the night before (and a working day after a few hours of sleep). Was so nice to meet all the lovely ppl again, Lotty, Frigid, Johnnty, Yas... King Kong Klub was also nice with Mick, Queen, Hyboid (man - I forgot to give you the record - sorry) and esp. the drive home with Zora, her friend and Gabbo (nice experience at the Club on Alexanderplatz big_smile )

Michel, I give you a call this week.

some Kaval records are in my house now. will bring some to King Kong Klub tonight. wink I am prepared! big_smile


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Gabor and I will be there soon....

und ja, Frau KöniginnenBlut, ich freu mich auch...lang is her. Bis später!


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hoffe Ihr kommt nicht so spät in den KKK (geht an Mick und Isabella) - muss Samstag arbeiten  roll

aber schön, dass Ihr kommt... Was n WE...

mono-poly wrote:

Can i pick one up Thomas?
I am at the Panoramabar thingy and a few days more in Berlin.

hey mono, sure - we will meet then. Are you going also to King Kong Club on Friday? I thought I could bring some copies there, because Pannebar is difficult to handle with the records then. But if you stay some more days we also could meet somewhere else then, after work. wink


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yes, finally a new record on dd.
I have my copy and I am very, very happy with it. I would say (without shameless self promo) the guys made a fantastic job. proud captain here.


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deutschmark wrote:

dark entries is really good for all of us who don't want to spend a fortune on well-respected classics
but hey.. i miss those labels who were able to put out stuff that was completely unknown yet sounded absolutely amazing...

happy Lieven (f.e.) is opening his tape archives for our pleasure, that`s why I keep my eyes/ears open for further releases. I am with you dm, those re-issues are nice, but Walhalla (and others too) dig a little deeper for those who want to listen to all the unheard old shit.


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I should stay at home...

http://www.aube-prod.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Philo-Cover-FRONT-Kopie-300x286.jpg http://www.aube-prod.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/2010-11-27_Philo-Cover-BACK-300x286.jpg

finally out on aube records germany.

Alba is: Roland Sebastian Faber, Keen K and Label Owner Michael Künzer! a project of diverse styles. Cosmic synth, laid back electronics and a analogue soundtrack piece. Three highly talented artists coming together for three tracks. If that isn’t exciting for the world of electronics what is?

Limited Vinyl edition, high quality 180 gram vinyl. Artwork by the legendary Charles Bals.

snippets here

order at Clone, das drehmoment and so on... smile

also watch out for the next aube release:

Alba feat. Fred Ventura ‘Without you’ aube011



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Nils is simply great with artwork, fantastic. Will check the sound def.!   greetings from B

btw, there were also 200 pieces pressed in black vinyl.  just let you know...


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pai wrote:

Zombie Zombie plays John Carpenter (Versatile) out Sept 20th !!!
Previews @ http://zombie-zombie.believeband.com/