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Doepfer have a new power supply out whihc is more powerful and has 5V without the need for an adaptor

The doepfer cases have always been good value for money.  Have you been on the Muffwiggler forum and looked through the for sale section?

S.T.E.N.T.E.C. wrote:

A bunch of Eurorack modules to build a small modular :-)

Welcom to the money pit  smile


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cebteq wrote:


"a man who saunters around observing society"

I like this.  Being able to observe but not get involved is very appealing.


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Enjoying the WHi-NRG.  Bronski Beat into Cabaret Voltaire. Excellent


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Happy birthday Coae, I hope you had a good day.


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Delian Mode.  Beautiful.  Upsetting and uplifting at the same time.


Wrong thread?  Shouldn't this have been posted in Stupid Products over at Random Media  smile


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I love this thread. Thanks for making me smile Technicolour  smile

I use Cubase to control all of my hardware via midi and only record the audio tracks when I'm happy with the composition of the track.  Cubase has drop down channels beneath each sequence of midi notes where you can record automation, I don't know the maximum limit as I only tend to use 1 or 2 levels of midi automation.  I've tried several times to use Ableton but I just can't get into it.  Perhaps it's because I'm an old git whose first computerised sequencer was Cubase on an Atari and I feel comfortable with it.

Anyone used the DSI tempest?  How does it handle electro?

Just sold my Alesis Andromeda and decided to buy the Warm Audio TB12, Warm Audio WA76, and an Arturia Beatstep.  I've never used a good hardware compressor before and I'm interested to see how it compares to software.  I'm hoping the CV and gate on the beatstep will make controlling the modular a bit easier when playing live and it can also double as a sequencer.  I'm not too sure how useful it'll be for sequencing live as it means relying on Midi for tempo control.

This guy used to post over at Muffwiggler a lot and seems to know his stuff:


I'm really hoping Roland get back in the game.  They can't be blind to the success that Korg have had with the MS20 and the Volca's but looking at their previous product disasters I can't quite decide if they're arrogant or just ignorant.

Just got the CHD midi kit fitted to my Monopoly  big_smile

I'll second Sneakthief and say that the Braids by Mutable Instruments is an amazing module, wavetables, vowel synthesis, FM, all in one module.  Change the trigger input to WOMP mode and it comes alive.

Have you tried posting on the Muffwiggler Forum to see if there are any modular users in New Orleans who would be willing to give you a demo?  It's a big initial investment as you'll have to buy a case with a power supply and the huge amount of modules to choose form can be a bit overwhelming.

If you've already got the Little Phatty then you've got your bread and butter conventional "East Coast" analogue synth stuff covered.  Why not go for a Makenoise DPO, Optomix, Maths, & Wogglebug and possibly a Rene for sequencing.  Lots of "West Coast" weird FM/LPG sounds there that you'd never come across with a standard monosynth.  It's not a cheap solution but there's more than enough there to keep you busy for a very long time.

Where are you based?

Maiovvi wrote:

YES! (it does)

Definitely a good price. I paid £200 for mine

Finally picked up a polysix

Have you contacted MFB to ask if it can be modified?  It might be cheaper to get it modded than buy another piece of equipment.

Phaedra for the iPhone

Expensive piece of shit is broken again.  I changed the power supply and it worked fine but I plugged in a memory card a few weeks ago and now it's not working again.  I've got no idea how plugging in a memory card can mess around with the power supply but I've given it to someone with more electronics knowledge to have a look at it.

When it was working I really liked it.  The editing's quite deep but the ability to offset the LFO's made it seem more like a modular.  Definitely more fun than the Xpander but the reliability seems a bit flakey.

It's a big heavy keyboard so good luck getting it home in one piece.