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jayoverdose wrote:

and continues to suck

well that's like just your OPINION mannn

m009 now available for sale

i guess you don't see that you marked your tr606 as 50.000 europas

dont sell 606..you probably only have 1...

its cool for Polygon Window sesssionss

cooooooool. make some VT-1 recordings i love that thingy


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uhhhhhh get back on Six Sky!

big_smile "If you dont know what it is, what is listed, you prolly dont need it"

kapotte kachel rocks!

love "mood"

great job!


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yeah i hope he sounds like that at parties!


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thanks for tracklist

yeah it has maybe 5 options or something checking live8 demo



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fantastic thanks a lot

but also your imperfections such as time stretched traktor loops are something you think is ok to keep in a mix for a competition?

Nothing personal, but if you find Ableton so easy, why not use your talent to avoid making time stretching

nice.. Ah yes..you  use Traktor with Pitch Retain button and slow bpm..

continued rant....
the Technics CD player and I think Vestax also have this terrible algorythm for pitchretain + slow bpm. I advise everyone to avoid these products

great trackchoices wink . but i can not enjoy it too much as there is nasty time stretching/digital distortion on almost every single track. maybe you SHOULD look into ableton next time..or get some Denon digital turntables I dunno...

easy my left nut..


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mafia man mafia man everbodys waiting for a mafia man


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Imadownloaddis!! Thx Broyaheard


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thanks guys!


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here it is