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How is that thing?


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umm it is so cold I can't even go outside, I am going to have to wait a month before I do this Chernobyl tour I think.. I have been trying to find minimal wave or goth parties so far, and found one venue called Art Club and another called Killer Kiev that seems to have regular goth stuff, a little on the metal side for me but I am going to check it out and report back..


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Ah shit. Sorry, I been away myself and stuff. Ya flying back thru Madrid?

Im not sure, not sure where I am going but if I come through to madrid I will hit you up


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I like it but it is just kinda too expensive … ckjam-2018


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Technicolor wrote:

Went with these guys for Chernobyl:
They were really friendly and relaxed. Even let us go in to the buildings, even though it's forbidden these days due to the fact that they are falling apart. We went with the one day tour, it had everything you'd want to see. Even a nice proper communist lunch in the Chernobyl canteen  big_smile

hey thanks a lot! I am going to go with your recommendation.. Any other things to check out while I am there? techno clubs? food? do you know if they speak russian or ukrainian cuz I know some russian but nothing in ukrainian


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Technicolor wrote:

I've just visited last summer. Absolutely loved Ukraine! Don't miss Chernobyl. So worth it smile

Can you recommend a good tour company? I will be in Kiev..


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Anyone from Kiev? I am going there for a month, in two weeks... It isn't cold is it?


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lol I left days ago, now in Granada


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Guyver 303 wrote:

Sorry for being useless in getting back. I'm away this weekend but could catch ya the weekend after. Where ya staying?

Im on Paseo de las Delicias

here is my whatsapp +52 1 55 32 cinco 8 tres dos zero 6


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Guyver 303 wrote:

What dates? Asking as there's good stuff on this weekend here.

hey I will be there all of February!

man forum has been around so long


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I realize this post is like 10 years old, but I am heading to Madrid in a week. Would be great to meet up with fellow robots! hablo esp tamb

I got an OP1 for the THIRD time... I keep thinking I like it, and now I live in Colombia and can't sell it.. I love it but I just can't make the kind of tracks I want to make on it.. It is just for like... quick ideas.. Could maybe make some minimal wave pretty alright..


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Just got some of those pocket operators.. The robot, arcade, and the factory drum one.. pretty fun little toys, like little crappy  grooveboxes


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New trip hop song


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@ Dade_Elderon When your done with your Castilian campaign... Novgorod

man thats some powerful bass!


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into it


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just dumping some new tracks..
download w this

just trying to get the hang of Reggaeton production before I move to Colombia


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this is pretty cool


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ronin wrote:

I recall one of the demo contest entrants was from Medellin. Had a track called "Mariposa" I believe.
Found it: .
Cool trip-hop vibez. Maybe he still hangs there.

guy seems cool, but his Souncloud says he lives in Mexico City now.. Going to try and find some reggaeton producers in Colombia on uhhh.. myspace


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Can I still buy space?