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JayStarbo wrote:

Only the real freestyle afficionado would rant about it on an abandoned forum.. Hats of to you, sir.  cool
Btw, are that Sasha Grey and Xosar in your profile pic?  big_smile



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man you guys are retards the roland tr8 or whatever it the best it even has that egyptian lover thin where you output the something something to the other thing and you get a weird feedback... but really if you are a real man just sample the 808


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hey whats up I am the only poster left on the board, (okay maybe like 3 other guys).. I am staying here for a year or so,.. anyone got any tips, doubt it, I like funk music.. I am looking for Funk Melody, or general funk parties.. If it helps I speak Portuguese


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coae wrote:

never heard of it. looks cool. a bit like xcom...

Damn how not..

I bought it on GoG but it doesnt work on my computer.. it is a lot like xcom but more cool

I got the roland boutique tr8, been trying to get rid of the thing for years


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And on that note I uploaded (still uploading) all my mixes from the 2010's on youtube..

If you dont use youtube-dl I recommend you do !


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Thats right.. Freestyle Music, yeah I know  lol ..

also some of my new 2020 Latin Freestyle Tracks shoehorned in..

set list:
& More - You'll Never Find Another Love (Extended Edition)
Lydia Lee Love - Don't Take Your Love Away
DK Domino - Want From You (feat. Gloria Hernandez)(segment)
Eye II Eye - Could This Be Love
Chrissy I-Eece ft. Marc A. - You Should Know By Now(Club/DK Domino Edit)
Jaya - If You Leave Me Now(Funk Freestyle Remix)(DK Domino edit)
Sharyn Maceren - Tears I Cry (JW Club Mix)
Michael Anthony - Express Your Feelings (Miami Mix)
DK Domino - Funk Solitario 2020 Hardware Megamix
Tamacy - If You Should Ever Be Lonely
Trinity 3 - Tears are Falling
Steven Paul Perry - Backseat Lover
Class - Find Another Puppet
Monique - Sonhando
Angelina - Release Me
Ashley Quit All Those Games (Remix)
The Latino Posse - Water Bass


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Sup Sup...

latest mix.. includes many remixes, edits, and original tracks..

Welcome to my Freestyle Prison ("lock em' up")

Only hit songs, I let the tracks play, none of that fake stufff

https://www.mixcloud.com/DKDomino/dk-do … le-prison/

video preview trailer:

Only freestyle fans, old school IFM fans only..


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Technicolor wrote:

Ah! I've heard of them from a friend who thought I'd appreciate them! Still haven't taken the time to try them out though smile

its good, i especially like the Zines that come with it


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Y'all like Zachtronics games?

They are mostly programming puzzles, but the newest one is about being a 90s hacker..

I been playing it a bit, I like all the other zachtronics games about hacking/programming.. Exapunks has got to be my favorite tho


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https://soundcloud.com/dk_domino/dk-dom … ished-demo
https://soundcloud.com/dk_domino/dk-dom … ished-demo
https://soundcloud.com/dk_domino/dk-dom … ished-demo
https://soundcloud.com/dk_domino/dk-dom … ished-demo
https://soundcloud.com/dk_domino/dk-dom … ished-demo
https://soundcloud.com/dk_domino/dk-dom … ished-demo

Quick electro demo track I made sampling Woman in the Dunes



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Electro Freestyle

https://www.mixcloud.com/DKDomino/dk-do … no-effect/
https://www.mixcloud.com/DKDomino/dk-do … no-effect/
https://www.mixcloud.com/DKDomino/dk-do … no-effect/
https://www.mixcloud.com/DKDomino/dk-do … no-effect/

Whats up, I am going to visit Tokyo next month, mid april.. Going to stay at some AirBnB's...

Anyone got the lowdown on parties or interesting and cheap/inexpensive places to visit? need a robots perspective..



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score100 wrote:

Started Hyper Light Drifter. Finally bought it and now have a better upgraded version than the old pirated version.

This game is so hard! Been playing for 1,5 years now  mad

I played it too, very tought, you would probably like Into The Breach, which just came out

score100 wrote:


How is that thing?


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umm it is so cold I can't even go outside, I am going to have to wait a month before I do this Chernobyl tour I think.. I have been trying to find minimal wave or goth parties so far, and found one venue called Art Club and another called Killer Kiev that seems to have regular goth stuff, a little on the metal side for me but I am going to check it out and report back..


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Guyver 303 wrote:

Ah shit. Sorry, I been away myself and stuff. Ya flying back thru Madrid?

Im not sure, not sure where I am going but if I come through to madrid I will hit you up


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I like it but it is just kinda too expensive

https://soundcloud.com/dk_domino/mace-o … ckjam-2018


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Technicolor wrote:

Went with these guys for Chernobyl: https://chernobyl-tour.com/
They were really friendly and relaxed. Even let us go in to the buildings, even though it's forbidden these days due to the fact that they are falling apart. We went with the one day tour, it had everything you'd want to see. Even a nice proper communist lunch in the Chernobyl canteen  big_smile

hey thanks a lot! I am going to go with your recommendation.. Any other things to check out while I am there? techno clubs? food? do you know if they speak russian or ukrainian cuz I know some russian but nothing in ukrainian