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should I watch cannibal holocaust?

Yes. It's a good movie. It's not pleasant though.

Broken Arrows are the powerhouse duo of London’s Bill Ambrose and Spruxx. United over an envy inducing collection of vintage and modern synths and drum machines. Broken Arrows are the sound of a slime coated pansexual Club D’Amore as populated by malfunctioning ED-209s getting real freaky. Taking cues from classic EBM, Minimal Synth, these three dark-fucking-wave destroyers are complimented by a remix from the one-man-brutalist-factory known as Drvg Cvltvre, taking the title track and twisting it into a reimagined 8-bit NES grinder / grindr. Mastered by Phelan Kane. Art by Eric Lee. Always limited.

A1 - So Few Truths
A2 - Pressure
B1 - Wolf Of Balcorne Street
B2 - So Few Truths (Drvg Cvltvre Remix)


Vinyl EU: … 566284-01/ … few-truths

Vinyl US:

Garofano Rosso is the latest project by Italian producer Giorgio Luceri, perhaps better known for his work on Jamal Moss’ Mathematics label. This new work eschews the house stylings of previous releases in favour of a more classic Cosmic approach. Echoes of Tangerine Dream’s Thief OST mixed with what could perhaps be the imaginary soundtrack to Miami Vice if it had infact been set in Rimini and starred Maurizio Merli as Sonny Crockett. These are not however just mere mood pieces, but take the sun, the sea and the body-count straight to the dancefloor. Not to be missed. Mastered by Alek Stark. Artwork by Eric Lee. Always Limited.

A1 - Buio
A2 - La Strada Sbagliata
A3 - La Polizia Ha Aperto Il Fuoco
B1 - La Vera Storia di Steve Suaro Dionigi
B2 - Rosso all'occhiello


Vinyl EU: … 566264-01/ … fano-rosso

Vinyl US:


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it's not a burzum shirt, a friend of mine designed it. The B is from Bambo, it has Bambi on it. wink


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With great pleasure, you can now order your copies of GDLP001 - Vercetti Technicolor - Black September and DKMD - Sacrificio EP direct from the bordello shop -

To our US customers, who might be scared regarding the postage from Europe, please hold on while we finalise distribution on your side of the ocean...

With great pleasure, you can now order your copies of GDLP001 - Vercetti Technicolor - Black September and DKMD - Sacrificio EP direct from the bordello shop -

To our US customers, who might be scared regarding the postage from Europe, please hold on while we finalise distribution on your side of the ocean...


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Direct Digital:

Direct 12" EU: … sacrificio … 559380-01/

Direct 12" USA: (coming soon)

DKMD is the unholy union of the legendary David Kristian (Psyche / Francesco Clemente / Créme Org) and composer, singer and poet Marie Davidson. The Sacrificio EP is a cosmic soundtrack to vampire rituals, stalker fantasies and abandoned mansions. Heavy disco grooves are matched with Marie Davidson's ghostly voice, speaking from (the crawl)space to your paranoid mind. Remixes come from Giallo Disco's Vercetti Technicolor and Antoni Maiovvi. Artwork by Eric A. Lee an Mastered by Alek Stark at Fundamental Audio. … ep-preview

Direct Digital:

Direct 12" EU: … 559379-01/ … ptember-lp

Direct 12" USA: (coming soon)

Vercetti Technicolor's ficticious soundtrack to the 1972 Munich Massacre, is a bleak, cold and somber work. Partly inspired by the 1999 Documentary by Kevin Macdonald, Vercetti creates a tense and brooding approach to this, the most darkest of subject matter. This is far from dancefloor material, this is doom-electronics at it's most frightening. Giallo Disco is proud to present our first LP, Vercetti Technicolor's Black September, closer to minimal wave than moroder and all the better for it. Remixes come from Mexico's PLAYTONTO and Creme Organisation signing's Francesco Clemente. … er-preview


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I can totally relate, about 6 years ago I went through a particularly messy breakup and I couldn't write for months, for me this is weird, I normally write a lot, but I couldn't even get the energy to open the sequencer. All I did was drink whiskey and watch movies, and in the end, even though I wouldn't recommend it, was at least some therapy.

What I will say is don't be afraid of being alone, being alone is great, not all the time, but learning to be comfortable by yourself is a great skill and very rewarding.

Keep going, the way out is through.


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Anything regarding French Cold / Minimal Wave - always mail these guys:

Say Maiovvi sent you. wink … n-music/2/

this is pretty interesting to look at from the perspective of a "vintage" market, as it has prices. It's interesting to see which have gone up dramatically (CS80) and which have fallen just as dramatically (DX7).

I was talking with a friend who is doing quite well doing synth soundtracks and he said he's sworn off new synths entirely because he feels the components they use these days (especially the outputs) don't sound nearly as good.  Now I don't know if what he said is true, but it's one way which I guess the prices hold.

I would say there is a noticeable difference between my older synths and the newer ones, but I wouldn't say it's bad (I have a Waldorf Rocket sitting here with me and I totally love it, it's clean as fuck). It will be interesting to see what happens to some of the newer things released now in 20 years.

Digital was released today, vinyl will be along in the new year! … t-first-ep

Just leave a TOOL album CD case or something nearby and they'll think it's metal or something or whatever.

Nice guy that BBBlood, haven't seen him in years. (VIVA NOISE!)

Not Not Fun released my new album AVROKOSM Digitally and for Vinyl Pre-Order yesterday (expected early Jan). I had been working on this for quite some time and I guess it's a little different from my earlier stuff, but it's this kind/of afro-infused space techno thing I've become obsessed with and I'm pretty happy with it.

Fact Mag have kindly hosted a video for the track 'Temple'

...and you can stream closing track 'Afternoon Youth' over on Not Not Fun's Soundcloud: … noon-youth

Hope you enjoy it!

Starry Eyes
Fucking fantastic.

I think that Jake Gylenennthnneelaaalllll is a good actor, and seemed to be channeling his inner James Woods a bit on this one, but I just fucking hated the character so much that in the end I just felt like I'd wasted my time.

Just waiting confirmation of the release date, but I'm told it's soon. … peculative

Parisian duo The Hunt stalk the night with their armory of analog hardware. Neon, night drive soundtracks for the capital's dangerous streets.

Stylishly blending a powerhouse mix of EBM Machismo, New Beat Sleaze and Space Disco's hot synth solos, REVENGERS OF THE DARKNESS throbs like a robot post-the singularity on a quest for alien sewer sex.

Giallo Disco are more than honored to present the debut EP from this fantastic group. Five cinematic dancefloor bombs for the discerning listener. Comes in a black disco bag with colour labels designed by Eric A. Lee. Mastered by Alek Stark. … ep-preview

Very good

Pretty funny, I didn't like it as much as Timecrimes but it wasn't awful by any stretch of the imagination

Silent Hill -
I was kind of expecting this to be awful, but in the end I thought it was pretty good, the atmosphere was right. I forgot how much time I lost to those games. I should play them again. Not bad at all.

Silent Hill: Revelations -
Shit Hill.

Still sick, marathon ensues:

It's the story of Napster. It was pretty interesting if you like documentaries.

Still pretty strong, I don't know why I didn't watch these before, I guess I assumed they were awful, but no. A lot more gore than before, pretty strong performances. Worth a watch.

Two simple folk get mistaken for cannibal hillbillies. I liked it a lot, it's pretty funny and sweet in places and you should watch it if you haven't already.

then began the William Friedkin blitz...

I can't believe Friedkin thinks this is one of his best, and I'm pretty sure it's ONLY ruined by the dude from CSI Miami. He's not very good in this at all.

Really good serial killer court room drama.

Killer Joe -
This was amazing, it can turn between very funny and super disturbing within a scene. You can see why Matthew McConaheyheyhey got True Detective. Definitely one of Friedkin's best movies to date. Up there with The Exorcist and To Live And Die In LA

Rules Of Engagement -
Pretty good performances but kind of simple court room drama thing about the army. It's not bad, but it didn't really grip me.

The Hunted -
This was Friedkin's Rambo. Which leads to an eventual long punch up and I didn't really care. It's not bad. It's fine if you're sick I guess, not too complex for my bad brain, but not one of his best

To Live And Die In LA -
Thought it was worth a rewatch because the last time I saw this someone gave me a white powder that made me go funny (i thought it was something else, it was shit and made me feel sick) I think it holds up still, the cast is good, the characters have some depth and that ending is great.

They all had car chases in them. Please don't make me choose between Friedkin and Verhoeven.

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no offence meant smile

none taken. I'm in bed sick.

I am not an anonymous hacker type by the way. I like whiskey and disco, whisco.

I liked Primer a lot. I think it's the tie they are wearing. You can follow which person is which by the tie. Watch it again. wink

Apparently this opened in 1983 to terrible reviews, it was the last film by the guy who made Cabaret (which I remember liking, I haven't seen it in a long time)
This concerns the real life rise and murder of a playboy playmate in the late 70s. It is pure disco sleaze, Eric Roberts is fantastic as the loser husband. It's not an easy watch but I would certainly recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it.