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yes, thank you ronin!


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https://soundcloud.com/donparadise/the- … y-20161209

anybody know this disco slammer?


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way to go Iceland!  Ronaldo is so selfish... that guy really irritates me



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Thanks everybody.


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Have one for me today robots.  28 years and still no idea what I'm doing on this planet  tongue


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You got it!  Thanks Juan smile


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No.  Thanks though, didn't know the name of that Malcolm and Leo.  Really good track.   It's also not Limit Eccitation - In the Dark


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I heard this italo song today (yesterday) on the ifm mix at 6.  The mix didn't show up in the playlist so I don't know what it was.

The song I want to know about seemed to have a chorus that went "somewhere in the dark" but I don't see any tracks with that title


very artsy fartsy but I really enjoyed it


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I just have a folder for wave and a folder for italo (looks like we got a badass  tongue )

It's never felt worth the trouble to sort much more.  I have a solid state harddrive so I can search for tracks very fast, but I guess I'm limited in space.  Only got 216 gigs and I need most of that for movies, games, and the viewlexx flacs I've purchased


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Age of decadence is pretty cool for rpg robots


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Thanks DumbBot, I like to drink too... and that doesn't couple well with being inactive and the meds I take.

I love food, but hate cooking more.  The taste is very bland... at first I thought it was gross but now it's just neutral.  I started drinking it to cut down on fast food and lose some weight.  I have lost weight but my cholesterol and liver are still pretty bad.  I wouldn't recommend just drinking Soylent, but as long as I have one meal a day with it I feel ok.


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Anyone use meal replacement drinks?  Maybe it's different in Europe, but I drink Soylent.  Can anyone reassure me that this stuff is actually healthy and safe?  My liver is fucked up and it could be for multiple different reasons.

Can someone id the movie that the sample that plays on IFM is from?

"hit me. hit me chump, cmon move chump, hit me... muscle man bones!"


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credit Zoloft for me hearing this


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I'm with you guys!  facebook sucks.  Keep the fire burning


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pisses me off that they don't give credit

Anybody watching mr. Robot?  Just saw the second episode.  It's interesting but I'm not hooked yet.


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awesome il mafioso


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Errol Brown


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Nice new find!

I will.  Saw The Man From Deep River and will next watch The Last Cannibal World.  The animal killing bothers me but these movies are so fascinating to me that I will accept it