Not much to tell atm - I'm slowly starting a new project and eventually will be working with a performance artist from the UK called Rajni Shah in July. Then working with a postgrad dancer on her solo and the graduating dancers on one of their pieces. I'm pretty nervous after taking a year off, I hope I can still do it. O'Horo, the show above was the last one I worked on in 2010 and it almost killed me haha. I had one assistant, was writing half the score as well as making the sound design stuff, doing all the technical work and I mixed & played some stuff live. I was sleeping in the theatre basically whoops.

Have you graduated now? What are you doing this year? xx

Hey cool Oliver8! They have one of those at the shop I'm looking at for $275 AUD - good price? AUD is slightly higher than USD atm.

Thanks for your input - I want to get a small Mackie desk and that would mean eventually I could get a PA - apparently the new Mackie Thump PA's are good - we just got some at uni but I haven't heard them yet. But yea not enough cash atm - I applied for a $20 000 scholarship at uni to use for a new studio -  amazing if I get it!

mekonin wrote:

Soundcraft 1624, 24ch 16 groups, good cosmetic condition, factory P&G faders, built in patchbay, seller had replaced sometime in the past all the capacitors and op-amps to a better spec'd ones. Haven't been turned on for about three years, EDAC cables are not coming with it but seller is giving the connectors and necessary schemes. Asking price: 1700 eur.

Milan, I think that Soundcraft is the same model we have in the main theatre I work in at uni - definitely one of the best boards if not the best we have in the school. Ran a live show with mics, radio mics, a quadrophonic system & a stereo system, delays all that crap through it. We use it for the dance seasons which generally have the biggest system design. Sorry this is probably of no use to you now haha

Yea I'm thinking for jamming/practise which will likely be someone's loungeroom and nowhere near a PA lol. Do you think a Trace Elliot Boxer 30 is too small?

I need to get an amp for my synth - I don't want to spend a huge amount of money and will probably go second hand. Is a bass amp the best way to go do you think? Thanking you for adding your two cents in advance smile


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Yay! I love mail! big_smile


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Hi Seb! How you doin over there? smile


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Thought I'd just hijack Jay's thread to say hi too smile Hope you've all been well x


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rude66 wrote:

ugh guys.. this is NOT what i was talking about! this overproduced trash..

here's some good stuff.. tongue

Haha yep smile

Here's some other good stuff

Ex Sleater-Kinney

And two Melbourne acts - Sex On Toast get a special mention because they're only 20 something and awesome musos

Sweet thanks!

Ugh I just posted a huge response and my cookies locked me out. I haven't read it all myself yet. Basically it's the history of rhythm, and he's following changes in society / popular culture through this history and the effect social media has had on these changes. I think lol

"Movement: Journey of the Beat addresses the trajectory and transition of popular culture through the modality of rhythm. It configures fresh narratives and new histories necessary to understand why auditory cultures have become increasingly significant in the digital age. Atomised and mobile technologies, which utilise sonic media through streaming, on-line radio and podcasts, have become ubiquitous in a post-work environment. These sonic media provide not merely the mechanisms of connection but also the contexts for understanding changing formations of both identity and community."

Movement: Journey of the Beat PhD by Stephen Mallinder of Cabaret Voltaire. Makes for some interesting reading.


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Hey all, hope you are well!

I haven't been around for a while as I've been in and out of hospital for most of the year.

Anyway, this is a new track I'm working on so I thought I'd get some feedback. Not finished yet, vox need to be recorded properly etc etc. It's nice just to have the energy to work on some music again. Hope you enjoy and doesn't make you wanna vomit or anything haha x


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He's a fairly kinky man Ray  wink


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I'm happy because tonight I saw Swans and Michael Gira licked my hand. That is all


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I start my intern-ship with Robin Fox and Oren Ambarchi next week on this show Connected!

Sweet thanks I'll drop in! I got a message from a girlfriend in London who said her MS2000 is collecting dust at her folks place in WA so sounds like she might sell to me, I'll see how much she wants for it. Means I'll probably be able to afford some other equipment too...otherwise I'm looking at this also … ts_id=4036
I need to be able to use it on the fly in rehearsals so portability, keyboard, and good patches would help (damn marco) and my budget is a grand (oz)

Going to invest in my first hardware, am thinking of a Korg MS2000. Is this a good first synth?


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Meta dream - dreamt I woke up after sleeping on the floor having a weird psychedelic dream and thought my eye wouldn't open then but then looked in the mirror and realised I just couldn't see through it. Then I woke up for real. Creepy.

The flooding in Queensland is out of control, Brisbane city now flooded, 12 dead, 70 people missing, the main train station has disappeared under water. Thoughts going out to Matty and any other Queensland robots  sad


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Chilli Perez wrote:

But another media hyped genres this year. some of this stuff reminds me of old wave synth stuff mixed with screwed and chopped. definitely feeling that whole darkness vibe.

Well, I'm oblivious to whatever was in the media about this, but I don't have a tv and sometimes live in my own little world.
Only listened to the Balam Acab track so far and I think it's gorgeous. Nice thread Chilli  smile


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I think I first came across him a couple of years ago on The Last Supper compilation … se/1186983 and really liked his stuff.
Thanks for the recommendations I will be getting more of his work smile


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Can't remember the last time I had one (probably last summer) but it was GOOD!  big_smile