@freek: i do that all the time, especially with ebay germany.

@roland: the only problem i still have with GH is that it doesn't accept limitations or conditions. for instance if i look for an 808 but don't want shirts, coffee mugs or condoms with an 808 print on it but just the real thing, i should be able to use the - sign, so not just "808" but "808 -shirt -mug -condom". but it doesn't do that.. or am i doing womething wrong?


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warping like that is usually caused by the pressing plant. what happens is they don't give the vinyl enough time to cool off after pressing it, and put it in the sleeve and take it away too soon. so otto, you may be able to complain to your pressing plant..


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nice clips! suis-je normale? was on my want list for a looong time..

and damn, jacno has some nice equipment..that is one beast of a studio setup!


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you were not the only ones feeling tired. i was pretty dead sunday night..

personally, i absolutely loved the led er est show. noise, chaos on stage, and some great songs in between.

my finds:
Beatnigs- Beatnigs LP
Coil- horse rotorvator LP
Controlled bleeding- Trudge LP
Controlled bleeding- Fodder song 12"
Controlled Bleeding- Songs from the grinding wall 12"
chambre Jaune- Hugging the Head LP
Data Bank A- Salad Days LP
fehlfarben- Glut und Asche LP
Jacno- Rectangle 7"
Klaus doldinger- Constellation LP
Nini Raviolette- Suis-Je normale 12"
mathematiques Modernes- a+b=c 12"
Shockabilly- Earth vs Shockabilly LP
Stern Combo Meissen- same LP
Telescopes- Higher n higher LP

nice to see everybody again, and my thanks to mr. scarface for providing transport!  smile


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yeah, i'll probably be there again too.. it's been a year.

big tip: the night of the 24th Led Er Est and Mushy are playing in a very small venue in Amsterdam..



there is still an alesis service tech/ center in germany that does andromeda's..

andromeda more reliable than an xpander? you've got to be kidding. its the modern synth i've heard by far the most problems with..


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they sound allright, but the same problem as with the rest: they're not 808 or 909's, even though they have more sound options than the original..


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local heroes SW9- drip dry zone LP- a great lost punk/wave classic.

looking for it for a while, finally found it in a box of records from an older gentleman with a grey beard on a local flea market/ car boot sale.. big_smile


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saw on FB that Ed DMX is selling his for  £1290, seems a pretty resaonable price.. and you'll have one with some history too..

taking the battery out or replacing it is always a good idea. its like a factory reset. can you download the factory presets somewhere? or are they maybe stored in ROM? another thing to look for if none of the buttons are jammed or making contact all the time.. this can precvent the others from working.. but you got sound, thats something!


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nothing comes close to a 909 if thats the sound you want. the x-base is a decent drum machine, but its laughable as a 909 clone.
the drumstation is a joke that has the character a bit, but lacks the balls.

i'll tell you a drumstation story. first time i met mick wills, he was using a drumstation for his bassdrums. he had to use the drumstation, a sample from his s-2000 sampler and an other bassdrum (possibly the 808 bassdrum from the drumstation) to get a decent kick sound and still wasn't happy. next time i visited him, i brought my 909. that single bassdrum was infinitaly more powerful than the 3 samples combined.. a few weeks later he had his own 909 and the drumstation has been unemployed since..

if you want a 909, buy a 909. it's a sound investment and you won't regret it..

good choice, i picked up a VFX (no SD) a few months ago. if you want to hear what it can do, listen to late 80's/ early 90's front 242, they used it all over..

if all buttons are unresponsive, corrosion is unlikely, then at least you'd get some response from a few of them. bad ribbon or ribbon contact.. but it could also be further up the chain, i.e. the driver ic could be bad (are the ic's socketed?reseat them), a bad cap in the chain, could also be a bad solder joint somewhere. if you like soldering, resolder the board. it has gotten rid of many problems like this i've had with synths over the years..


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Sunn O))) a few weeks ago. one of the best concerts i've seen in the last 20 or so years. the amps, the smoke, the robes..and above all the sound and amazing volume. i'm still trying to think of a metaphore that describes the feeling of being completely absorbed in sound with every fibre of your body.


Erroraudio wrote:

Oh nice... I wouldn't know what to do with it but sure why not.

you have 2 outputs, so send both to a completely different fx chain for example..

the 2nd output on the guitar was already there, its a mod that gives the bridge pickup its own output. rather cool!

1960's Klira Kentucky german Jazzmaster clone:


why not thomann? they have the new rmg's..

otherwise ebay. it also depends on what your deck is adjusted for.

avoid: ampex. they can shed like c razy..


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very cool, sir!  big_smile

why a one trick pony? it's a delay.. cant even compare it to the duo..

yes, it sure is noisy, like all monotrons. cut back the filter a bit, and loose some treble on your mixer, and you're good.


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you can do 2 single lp's instead of one double. or do one lp, and a tape with extra tracks. tape is definitely on the rise again, the last year 've seen and recieved more of them than in the 20 years before.

downloads.. on one hand yes, include them in the release. on the other hand, i'm starting to like the idea of 'vinyl only' more and more...


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old men like us release vinyl, vince. its a law of nature.

and 500 copies is not impossible. but have you thought about less? 200 or 300?