check out that new monotron delay.. its insane! and absolutely amazing for that price..


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you wanna see horror stuff used for sleeves? … ase/719009

this crap sticks everything together.. the record labels, inserts and this yellow pvc stuff all leave one big printed mess. parts of the insert are on the cover, part of the cover is on the label.. but luckily the quality of the recording is so bad that you wont hear is the vinyl itself is affected. top tracks though..


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nice to see everyone at least did some decent scores. that new order lp certainly isn't worth 150 euro but you don't see it much on vinyl. i don't even think i have it.

@queen: i have the max and specs on 12", i think the whole story is longer there. it runs on side a and b.


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@ray: tons of good stuff there, but from sellers who know their prices, or go far beyond into 'rediculous' territory. some double anything that reeks of 'industrial' in price.

hopefully next time we're there again, we had a good time in charleroi, though we froze our asses off in the big hall we played.. i was glad i could warm my hands on the psu's of my equipment!

2200 for an 808? have i missed something?

@stalker: why not pick up a real tape delay instead of the Capistan?


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thats the best one, freek. i built my own copy of the loricraft/monk machine for less than 20 euro, and it works like a charm..

mono: not yet, but it's going to get the mod one of these months.

automatique: well, i got that arp super cheap, so for me it was a nice deal. and i didn't find it that special.. the super neat thing about the polivoks is apart from the filter bla bla, for me that it has looping envelopes on both the filter and vca, completely seperate. you can set up these insane polyrhytmic loops with these that, unlike when you use something like sample & hold, are not completely random but form a repeating pattern. this thing would be an experimental minimal wave artists' dream..

i had an alpha 2 with pg300, but i'm glad its gone. unlike most people here, i was never too impressed with it. i don't like juno's in general, but this was the weakest sounding one by far. i was very glad some gabber guy paid me big money for it because he saw it in some video.. big_smile chord memory is cool, but lots of other synths have that..

automatique: no idea, i traded it for my arp axxe.. but probably between 500 and 800 euro, something like that..

oh, and whoever asked about the tapes for the revox g36: i use it with sm-911, but thats overkill.. but i have nothing else.. cool

it'll run on anything simple that its set up for..


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the jagdstaffel 66 ep is now available via godspill, i'm sure other distributors/ shops too.

the kill was a bonus track with the digital version of Sadistic Tendencies.. no plans for a vinyl release, but one never knows.. tongue

hmm.. to me there's nothing futuristic about what they do.. its not bad at all, but it's been done since about 1970, and a lot better too...

almost everybody here loves those sounds.. but also i think almost everybody agrees that the prices for old analogue synths are nuts right now. in my book, a satellite would be worth not much more than maybe 200 euro, restored or not. its a pretty limited thing that sounds nice, but still.. then again, uits easy for me to say as i have quite a few old machines. but with 99% of them, i wouldn't buy them for todays market prices because i don't think they're worth it..

so you use logic? the thing to check for is the emagic amt8. i dont know whether this still works with the newer apple machines, but it works together with logic in a way no other interface does for rock solid midi timing. i have the same setup from steinberg (cubase into a midex 8) and the difference with other interfaces is dramatic. especially if you use a lot of clock to sync drum machines, something like that solves all your potential problems.
mackie onyx? mwah. i use it as my live mixer, but it can't touch my d&r. try to get an older, bigger mixer, they have a much warmer sound, use better components, and yes, they may have some issues too.. its all part of the game.
you could record back into logic but if you waqnt a real  vintage sound, pick up a reel to reel recorder. doesn't necessarily have to be a revox or studer, as long as it does 15 ips you'll be good. or be really lucky and find something like a revox g36 valve recorder, i just picked one up for not much and sounds amazing at 7,5 ips..

Revox G-36 valve tape recorder. it even makes distorted 128kb mp3's sound good!  roll
this is what it looks like, not mine..

creme eclipse 11: Jagdstaffel 66- Starfighter EP
release in february
Limited edition EP pressed on clear vinyl with poster insert/F-104 construction kit

i did the audio restoration and final mix of the original version of this mysterious vintage track, which came to me as seperate audio tracks.. … lease=2967

just finished, release one of these months:

almost finished, release soon:
here's the original:


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that statement alone tells me they have no idea what they are talking about. depending on the material, DMM can be far superior to normal 'classic' laquers. at record industry, a few months back we did some testing on 7" singles and on some material DMM was so much better it even surprised the engineer there.

Teac 144 portastudio
electric sound s-1024 19" delay

all for 30 euro..

delay works perfect, the teac needs some new belts.

good to hear that!

sounds good!

very interesting, thanks!

return it if you can. i bought a nuo3 years ago from someone here with crackling pots (and i knew it) and tried everything to fix them, but they are unfixable and should be replaced (which is another huge pain in the ass to do as they are soldered to the board with like 10 points) i took the chance with mine but if you bought one that should be in good condition, return it asap..


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wrong or right, thats completely academic here. yes, maybe in an ideal world nobody would even think of stealing something that doesn't belong to him/her, but that world has never existed or will never exist.


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i dont think anyone disagrees with that. i certainly don't mean to blame the owner in these cases. my only point was that sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of your stuff: i travel all over the world with my gear and once it's up on a stage somewhere and we're not there to keep an eye on it, its out of my hands. but when i travel with it, i never let it out of my eyesight, and nothing has ever been stolen from us (knock on wood!)

sneak's concept of neglect is indeed a true one. if i sit on a train, fall asleep, wake up and my shit is gone, is that my fault? personally, i think partly it is..