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@aic: now that you mention it, it's been quiet this year from the islands.. tongue

@s.t.e.n.t.e.c.: ah yes, lets pull the discussion in that direction. let's include jews too. or children in the hands of the church..

i think the queen and i have touched a sensitive subject here.. cool


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i'm with the queen. i'm sorry for john and hope he gets his stuff back, but its not that hard to keep track of your records on a train. in the hectic environment of a club, maybe its a different story...

it's time to let this thing go, it's been sitting in my rack for a long time and i desperately need the space..

Kawai XD5 percussion synth. in good condition, everything works. i don't have the original power supply wall wart with it, but any 12V DC will do. i do have the manual somewhere.  i think.
great for gritty, dirty digital percussion sounds. i used it on a lot of my early electro records: some things on the early bunker series, machine des duivels, wraak der wegpiraten, etc. apparantly it's even circuit bendable..;-)
lots of info on the web about this one. great editable sounds, and a total of 8 outputs.

75 euro ex shipping. i'll happily ship anywhere in the world.

no trades, only cash, unless you have ways of getting a deal on one of the new Sony Nex camera's.. tongue

we play in dresden tonight, and in leipzig tomorrow night..





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the rerun is tonight!

hear all about weird polish music, the mick wills russian secret agent brainwash connection, zora's secret love for american pop rappers, why mick gets kicked out of stands at the utrecht fair, scarface's non profit center, and of course the already infamous 'house music' stand.

21-23 on ifm1

what i've found as someone who also does quite a lot of mastering bthese days is this simple rule:

-if something is mostly made with software, it really benefits from mastering witrh hardware
-if something is made with mostly hardware, it needs good hardware for mastering, or software

most only-computer stuff sounds thin and too split-up compared to real hardware recordings. even a lofi hardware limiter or compressor or tape recorder can act as the glue between tracks (mastering is not only about volume!) and give it some punch and grit.

since most hardware recordings already have this, you need really good hardware mastering tools to get it to the next level. and in a lot of cases, the close to surgical precision of software eq's or a gentle nudge on something like the oxford limiter will really focus your sound.

for example, i did some of baz rznik's dyfr records and they really benefitted from a pass through the low speed setting on the studer a80. the same treatment totally didn't work for things like the agent side grinder lp's on enfant terrible which were already totally analog recordings..


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from april 2011..;-)


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ha ha, "nudging skills".. big_smile

its meant for manipulation of the record independent of how the platter spins, no matter what you do, scratch or nudge..also if you would manipulate the actual platter too much (especially on cheaper turntables) you could burn out the motor..


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yeah basically if you nudge the platter, you work against the system that tries to keep it at a steady speed and probably the next time the coil comes by, it troes to get it back to position.

but aehm.. isn't this what slipmats were invented for? so you nudge the record on vit mat but the platter still spins?

Lex Rude a.k.a. 'Doctor 66' approves.. cool


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nice, i love the takahasahi album.. what me worry is very cool as well.

here is my last purchase:


usually these kind of problems point to the switch itself (or bank of switches, i don't remember offhand how exactly this is organized on the j4) the weird sounds can be caused by the switches not making good contact, and when one is pressed, bingo, it works again..

copies arrived today!

probably whatever is the free mix cd in one of the few dance magazines left, or a podcast he downloaded somewhere.. with some luck he'll play 'mixed up in the hague'.. ;-)

as a bass player, the guy was and is my hero. as a dj, he's an embarrassment..

i took my six string bass from the US to holland last year as a musical instrument, and it wasn't charged as 'extra'.. we were full to the max, but that thing is not included in any luggage you have, at least with british airways it wasn't..

dude, it doesn't matter what kind of fuse you have in there, if it says 110V you DON'T put it into a 230V socket.. you very likely blew up the power supply inside, and if you're unlucky parts of the synth board itself...


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i saw them here this summer and they were great!

yeah, i loved that detail too.. big_smile

isn't that vince's studio here in amsterdam in the mid 90's?

lixa-6 wrote:

Ello there, i got a little dilema or a big one, I got a sequential six trak recently, In the manual it sais a 1/4 A 230V slow blow fuse is needed for europe, 1/8 A for the US. I opened the fuse holder at the back and a 1/4 A fuse was in it, bit strange i thought as i bought it from the US, but i plugged it in, i was a bit reluctant but i did it, and errr there was a loud hum, led was on for 2 seconds then dead, so i quickly turned it off, checked the fuse, it had blown.
The plug is american 3 pin, if that was indeed the right fuse, would the plug be the problem? And more importantly have i fried my six-trak now, shiiit! i have now bought a step down transformer on ebay but now i also need a fuse, been looking on ebay but i dont know what one i should buy, is confusing i cant find 1/4 amp or 1/8 amp slow blow.

you're not making much sense. are you trying to say that you plugged the sixtrak in the 1st time without a step down transformer?? if you';re in europe, that will blow the pants off your sixtrak, as youre feeding 230v into a 110v psu. otherwise, a wrong fuse itself will not do any damage (within limits), the amperage is only the 'limit' at which it will blow. the only bad thing that can happen is that with a wrong fuse, if something shorts inside it damages other parts of the synth too. the fuse is a safety feature to stop damage happening to other things in case of a short.

ha ha, they sound super shitty this way! ;-)

but yes, these are most of the sounds anyway. tune them downnnnnn...

the original sounds quite nice, but slightly tame. there is a jazz rom, and the 'industrial' one (which i have, i bought it separate on ebay) which is easily distinguished because of the orchestral hit and bass guitar samples. on a really fancy r100, there is an optional multi-rom with a  switch outside which can go from one ROM to the other. i love that machine though..

new gear? how about a free watkins copicat tape echo?  cool

great, new shemale tracks are always a treat!

yup, usually 10V will do it to trigger early sh series rolands..

lol, i remember those..

no, this set is vinyl only (and maybe 1 or 2 unreleased things from cd) though some of the possibilities of digital dj-ing would be very helpful when you play industrial, minimal synth, etc..

good to see the discussion still alive..;-)

infiltrator: while there is a different approach to dance music than to, say, krautrock, what you say is nonsense. you sound like my 80 year old father in law..;-) "Dance music is not artistic and cultural enough to sustain"..
and most pop music isn't made as throw-away trash just for the moment? come on, all genres have 95% trash and 5% gems. and if what you say is true, then why do people pay hundreds of euros for original italo, disco, and even early house records?

in general though, of course its hard to start a new label. not only now, but also in 1961, 1971, 1981, 1991, 2001 and 2011. no one knows you and the industry isn't exactly jumping up and down for another new label. it takes years to build a name and following. clone, bunker, etc also didn't get there in one year..