http://40porcentofodabarramaneirissimo. … de-direita

http://40porcentofodabarramaneirissimo. … a-sorocaba


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An assemblage of textures, drones, soundscapes, noises, futurisms and ambiences. … t-one.html

John Robinson Pierce - variations in timbre and attack
Christopher Preissing - still point
Capricorni Pneumatici - cavità
David Lewin - study no. 1
Massimo Croce - dinamismo di un'automobile
Lichens - kopernik tripnote
Gimu - the loop called xia, reworked
Xopher Davidson - pool of memory
Scanner - That's Okay
Keroøàcidu Suäväk - provisões espaciais
The Sun God - further dialouge & discussion (part 2)
Whitehouse - dedicated to denis andrew nilsen
Whitehouse - bloodfucking
Casadolcecasa - dal bagno
David Lewin - study no. 2


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Very cool! Thanks for the mix. I had lots of fun listening to it.


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A new mix, with the participation of Andy Warhol.

1. Andy Warhol interview
2. Duane Pitre - Music for Microtonal Guitars and Mallets
3. Rapoon - Glacial Danube
4. MM/KM - MM KM End to Funk
5. Milyoo - Games
6. Marvin Dash - Untitled
7. DJ Qu - Mud the Congo
8. Jenifa Mayanja - Breathless
9. Aybee - A Kiss

I hope you enjoy it.



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this is a video I made for one of my track. these scenes are taken from the movie let the right one in.

I hope you enjoy it. Cheers


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It's part of this incredible compilation of spanish electronic sounds from 80 to 87, released by this very good spanish label, Domestica. Lots of good stuff.


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I uploaded some more stuff. It's just bits and pieces of sounds. For this project, I'll follow this idea.



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I just created this page to store the stuff I make under the name Ácido Úrico.

Thanks and cheers!


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I just created an account there. I'm still figuring out how it works. Let's see. They all look the same, but this, I guess, gives more space for free.


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Ron Hardly.


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Unfortunately, I don't know anybody there,but since I moved here to Skopje, I wanna visit. It's very close, just 85 km. Maybe I'll go in August. We could meet for a beer.
And I'll ask around if my friends here have good tips and if they know somebody to host you.


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The Orb's UFOrb turned 20 this year. This is an album that I listened a lot, but a lot. I got back to it these days. Still, an amazing album. I'll never get tired of it.


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So, my buddy Vinicius Brazil is making some really impressive job.

This is a video showing his oscillator. The video's kinda long and I'm not sure if all its content is solely about this specific oscillator, but there you are. If you wanna see more, I'll post them here later.



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Yeah, very good! Beautiful work.
This chord sounds monstrous. Very metal indeed  smile
The Variation II is great! Congrats on your music, man. I really dig it.


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So, this is another one from my forthcoming album. … riant-aria

Thanks for listening


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Thanx AudaxPowder! All the sounds are sampled from Bach's Variation 2. a 1.
I took the original from here:
Incredible project!


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So, I just created a Bandcamp page for my Juno's Dead Voice project. It's gonna be more different stuff than I usually make. For now, there's just one track there, a preview of a project idea I'm working on.

I'd be happy to hear from you.



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This is a new sound. I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback is more than welcome. I'd appreciate a lot.

Thanks a lot.



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From Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives. Brilliant movie from Thailand with a sound design that is really amazing.


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Asimov's 3 laws of robotics maybe fits this, I don't know. In The Naked Sun, the robots suffer a great deal of damage when they, unwillingly, harm a human being. It's the thing about the interpretation of the laws. A robot could indeed harm a human being, not knowing so. But once the robot's aware that he was the responsible for such an act, he "breaks". The interesting thing is that the robot doesn't actually shuts down, but starts behaving in an odd way, more like a traumatized person, in shock, then a defective machine.


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Thanks Zubeldia!
And here's the direct link to the file, for download:
Apparently, this Mixcloud doesn't allow downloads. Or I didn't find how to enable them.