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thanks for your replies, these Capitalist episodes are an absolute bitch to mix so it's nice to know someone is listening  cool


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after a long break, I've returned to this series.
Maybe someone is still interested?

DJ is Capitalist IV



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anyone else found some good lists lately?
I discovered a lot of excellent and strange music from this: http://www.discogs.com/lists/Different- … nes/157154
not everything is for my taste (a couple I found almost un-listenable lol), but interesting all the way.


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Scarface wrote:

I got the Live For Each Moment LP which I really like and wondered if the box would add anything. What do you think?


Since you said "totally awesome" I guess yes. smile

Even better if you wait for one in your own country... outrageous shipping prices are half the battle with these boxsets.
I hope to add this one next: http://www.discogs.com/John-Bender-Memo … ter/418909
From the tracks I have heard this collection is really something.


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Polyphonic Size boxset on VOD
totally awesome  cool


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Strange and really deja-vu top 100, you guys said just about everything already.

Makes me wonder if the people voting don't bother to dig any further than the usual well-known italo hits, which would be a real shame because there is SO much more out there!!
And same with the synth/wave stuff also!

But if it's the case that they're new listeners only discovering this stuff now then I guess we should be happy (?)


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I'm guilty


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DumbBot wrote:

Perhaps im being naive and idealistic, but this cycle of people buying ltd releases only to re-sell on discogs minutes later is nauseating and depressing. sad

you'd better get used to it because it's happening in every genre now. It's nothing exclusive to Bordello releases and the label owner shouldn't have to make any explanation for that.
People see an opportunity to make fast money and they take it.. only way to stop it is not buy from them.
Record store day releases are the perfect example. RSD exclusives appear on discogs the same day as released at jacked up prices.

also have to confess I sold a Hot Girls on discogs...

/sorry for off topic!


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sold 400+ techno records for $1 each and bought Camomilla - Queen of the Night  big_smile


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you drove a truck to the record fair?  wink


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streppe wrote:

http://www.discogs.com/Dansk-Fl%C3%B8de … se/2329125
this one got even sandpaper on the inside! you have to be carefull!

added, thanks

streppe wrote:

and there is also a punk album with sandpaper, with the only purpose to ruin the other records in your collection. (forgot the name of the record/band...)

this one? http://www.discogs.com/Durutti-Column-T … ase/807151
The sleeves were assembled by Joy Division, A Certain Ratio and others. While Ian Curtis did the glueing, the other members of Joy Division watched a porn movie in the same room.   big_smile


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good additions, thanks  cool
I'm sure there's still some obvious ones I'm missing...

Scarface wrote:

The one with the "vinylkiller car" is awesome. smile

yeah, i was lucky to find this from a guy in Australia, it's really a work of art!

thanks for bumping this one Bender, I too had totally missed it but got the last copy from discogs  cool

track from Lo Lo (who is that?) is indeed awesome and totally original, also like the Black September track very much.
But these are just the highlights, rest is nice also... strong release!


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new list (work in progress) about one of my obsessions - bizarre and decadent packaging:
http://www.discogs.com/lists/Remarkable … 601?page=1
maybe someone can recommend some items I've missed?

which is the song used by I-F here? https://intergalacticfm.com/content/aud … amp;i=2727
a new re-made version or ?? sounds too clean for a movie rip.. and i'm pretty sure the OST was never released.
edit: it plays at 1hr 26 min



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a long time since I was REALLY challenged by an album, but I'm slowly warming to this:


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wow, didn't see this yet! thanks for the heads up.


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I still need this, anyone has one for me?

I can trade a copy of HOT GIRLS or something else...

EDIT: solved!  smile thanks for your attention


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I've made these 2 mini-mixes to promote the recent Mothball Record / Bordello A Parigi whirlwind tour of Europe
Probably good for those with short attention spans or ADD wink

https://soundcloud.com/hysteric/a-tour- … e-mothball

https://soundcloud.com/bordelloaparigi/ … a-memories

greetings to all those we met along with way, inc. some members of R4R


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nice version  smile
total x-file for me, where did you hear it?


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I ordered the record thinking it was the full length version (no instr but still worth having, not now I guess)
I have the Married to the Mob twice already  mad

cover design sucks also


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Scarface wrote:
cloud9 wrote:
Scarface wrote:

Because I'm quite a fan Daft Punk (have all their albums). Liked "Get Lucky" and was curious about this album so I gave it a chance. Have listened about three times and never again since so I guess I wasn't that impressed (or maybe I simply don't have enough time). Can't understand though all the very negative commenting on this album like yeah let's all give (the major and mighty?) Daft Punk some bashing or they didn't get what they were expecting or something...

Yeah but not EVERYBODY is bashing just because they are major and mighty. Some actually don't like it because it really does sound like garbage to them.

Not for them then.

Recently had to play a bar gig for "normal" people (ie with mainstream music taste) and thought I should have this new Daft Punk just in case.
Have to say the album is not nearly so bad as I was expecting.. there is much worse out there (just look in the charts)


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Paudical wrote:

Space Cat kills. I also love Raindows from the kraftjerkz EP

I have to admit that this is fantastic.

In the meantime, does anyone have the files please? link from discogs is long dead.


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the fact it's out of tune is the whole appeal of the song smile
perfection is boring

you can try this also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzNb0jPz_QM


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Scarface wrote:

One more for the road! smile

Ah, just couldn't find out that Jane Hill - Radio-track but that's officially (on Eyes-label and from Italy) italo but when you play it in a Hi-NRG mix it might be just as well be Hi-NRG just like Alex C...prooves again it's not all black/white.

Yesss, I sneaked a few italos in there too wink guilty as charged!
I always loved Jane Hill but because it's much faster than almost all other italo records, I could never use it in a "pure" italo mix.
Same with Lidia Tarnowska (my favorite discovery of this year), Italian production, but really HiNRG (influence from Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy)