Around 30°


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Yeah "Global warming" pff, finally some justice for us living up north big_smile The Birch trees here are getting yellow leafs because of the lack of water, quite strange to see in middle of summer. no need to cut any grass. 23° water temperature today.

Charles Bukowski - Notes of a Dirty Old Man

Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None
(ten little ... boys)

Robert Musil - The Man Without Qualities (Part 1)


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looks good! smile

thereabout suggestions:
i was gone recommend ytz "this is not a dream" mixes, but couldn't find them online
anyway part 1
and the Space at eight/ nine by Moguh


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started to learn crusader kings 2, lots of fun!


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never heard of it. looks cool. a bit like xcom...


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yeah great channel! after x years in school i was thought to believe that mathematics was boring.
math music


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even bigger...



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nice roll … lowed-down


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(Don't think there's a English translation of the word?) Google translate: Pekoral is a text that is seriously intended, but by means of style violations or the use of incorrect words and expressions, inadvertently has a comic effect.
According to poet (NN) the characteristic of a pectoralist: "... The expression and communication needs are far greater than the ability to formulate. The emotional and intellectual capacity is not enough for the great ambitions".

(Tried to find a funny pekoral poem to post, but Google translate somehow "fixed" most of them.)

The cat is bohemian
he does not belong to this world,
on the charm only he lives
he shines shining in the frivolity.

But Misse donates company
in many loneliness
he has a lot to learn:
about peace and quiet.

An old kiss I remember
from my young years
she taught me about the calm
as in nature lives.

good stuff smile

Chuck Wendig / Star Wars: Life Debt

Chris Kraus / I Love Dick
one of the most over-hyped books i ever read...


Chris and boyfriend Sylvere have dinner with a guy named Dick, once...
Chris perceived that Dick was flirting.
Chris gets obsessed and becomes short of a stalker (Goal: sleep with Dick).
Chris gets bored with poor Sylvere and dumps him only after see has striped him of all dignity.

Yada yada yada... the end.

Chris Kraus write I love Dick (real story) and gets celebrated/ hyped by lots of women.
"a rebellion against patriarchal oppression" a critic writes.
I love Dick becomes a feminist cult classic.


A creepy guy perceive a flirt from some random girl he never meet (lets call her Vic.)
Creepy guy becomes a stalker with only one thing on his mind: sex with Vic.
Creepy guy treats his girlfriend like shit and throws her out like she was an object
(no time for gf, being a creepy sexstalker guy is fulltime thing).

Yada yada yada... the end.

Creepy stalker guy write I love Vic (real story) and Gets celebrated/ hyped by the same women.
"one of the most important book about men and women the last century" a critic writes.
"I love Vic" becomes a feminist cult classic.


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what! cebteq has left, that sucks...
the forum will be more boring now, he was a big contributor.
(funkbox maybe remove the colors outside the lines?)


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video doesn't work roll


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Susumu Yokota - Weave