yeah the sound was sick. party was way awesome.


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Oppenheimer Analysis on Minimal Wave
Mr. Pauli - JapFab Promo
Cybotron - R9 Single


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listening to 7-21 right now. another great episode.


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speculator wrote:

i think it is where all of the dead heads ended up after the jerry died..

totally true.
dude a lot of kids around from where i am from are really into this stuff and i've actually been 'dragged' into seeing them (infected mushroom) before. it's just really funny like all these nu hippies festival traveling kids or whatever tripped out dancing and shit...kinda fun i guess.


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Sonny Crockett wrote:

That reminds me Rockwell's hit: "I got this feeling, somebody's watching meeeee..."

haha. great song.


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Absolute Body Control - I Wasn't There (Live)


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no radio station = no top 100


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does anyone have the tracklist mixed up at 25 04 08? want to know what the track right before Blackway -  New Life is.

sometimes i have to try a couple of times but can usually find most anything


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got this mix some time ago and still listen to it all the time. it kicks ass.