Well done!

About the short-lived trend you mentioned, i especially like this one.


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I win LOL

jerklin wrote:

The volume knob crackles a little bit while adjusting

Same here. Seems to be normal too for most 60's. tongue

I was very excited really when i got my Alpha Juno 2.
Spend days making all kinds of cool sounds using the virtual programmer, made a nice juno-only track, loved the compact look of the synth and even the alpha dial.
After some time though i also thought it sounded kinda dull, even had the feeling that it did not fit into my music anymore.
Thought about selling it, but instead packed it in it's case letting it alone for a while. This synth deserves a second chance.

Sure you haven't had the crackle before?
The VCA tends to distort very easily when at full volume, especially when the chorus is on. It's normal.

My Yamaha CS5 collapsed while i was recording a track. sad
I'm not an expert but i'm pretty sure it's the filter chip.
The synth sounds really quiet now. Cutoff, resonance and the multimode switch doesn't work as they should.
I read that the CS series has rare custom filter chips (IG00156). So, how rare are these chips really? Any ideas where i can get one? I had a lot of fun with my little CS and doesn't want it to die!  sad

Goes in my personal top ten of sci-fi movies.

Looks like a babys toy... probably is.



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Great demo, nice atmospheric sound and the SH-2 is such a bass monster... the walls are shaking here! big_smile
Jupiter 4 is on top of my wish list for a long time.

I suggest the Roland JX-8P too. Wide and warm strings and pads is what it does best, it has nice sync and xmod options and it's dirt cheap. Very good value for money imo. Ok, it also doesn't have knobs, but unlike the JX-3P it supports sysex and there are very good PG800 software emus around or you could use something like the Behringer BCR2000 as replacement for the PG800.

For those who're interested, today opened a monotron group on soundcloud.


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...a friend of you is an alcoholic.
He was dry for quite some time now. It seemed that it goes uphill for him .
He has a good job, just moved to a very nice home and now risks all that by having another backfall on new years eve.
Also his family moves to the US soon, so they can't really support him anymore. Alcohol is one hell of a drug!


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What annoys me is that you immediately get the status of some odd freak just because you don't feel the need to follow the "Zeitgeist". I know exactly one guy who feels the way i feel but after reading this thread i know there are more. Thx.


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Hey, that's great! Double Thanks! smile


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I love her!


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Please, can somebody ID this track? I don't have a clue.


Hmm, i wonder why your Poly 800 went out of tune anyway because this normally only happens to VCO Synths.
Must be something else. Sometimes a worn pitch bender joystick causes this kind of problems.


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http://soundcloud.com/macurious/multitr … -cs-5-tune

P.S.: There should be a synthdemo thread

In case you still need an DX7 editor. I came across this one while surfing. But it's not free.


606 for 303 Euro! LOL
It's only missing the battery lid. Using the drumstation to sync it, works great.


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Some raw test-tune i made a while ago when i got my Roland SH2.
Used the Doepfer MS404 as midi/cv interface but it hasn't worked very well so the SH2 is slighty out of tune.
Other machines involved are Akai AX73 and Kawai R100 for drums.

afaik there simply isn't a working one for windows but i heard there are some good ones for Atari ST.
You could try to use them on windows with an Atari ST emulator.

Hm, i don't think that you can calibrate a digital synth like the CZ101.
It's something that normally only applies to the analog domain.


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The C64 still amazes.