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2 booming electro-like tracks with a Poly 800 for the bassline and some other sounds. I know, it's weird.
Have a good friday evening laugh.



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Clockwork wrote:


@ 1:12 smile


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Should i buy a Moog Rogue with Synhouse Midi for 680 EUR?
The seller says that the first key on the keyboard has no function. He said that this is a side effect of the midi installation because of too less space inside the Rogue, but i know that this is complete bullshit.
On the other hand this seems to be the only issue. He send an MP3 and i think it sounds as it should and it sounds good. smile
I really need some opinions on this one.


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Track i made with an half dead Arp Axxe (2310) from ebay before i gave it back.
That one pad-like sound is Akai AX73 and drums are Akai XR10.



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If this dickhead shit is possibly meant to go into my direction than you got me totally wrong.
I love the Poly 800, the guy and the song and cheesy 80s performances like this in general.
It's just a funny video, so calm down.


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Check out the guy with the Korg Poly 800 on stage and how the camera always captures the little Korg. Just cute. lol
The best is, it's not even switched on. Also notice how he's working on it at the end, haha! Some people in the audience seems to have noticed that he's playing a switched off Korg Poly 800, or why are they laughing during his solo? Hilarious!

I just imagine how it would sound if there really was a Poly 800 in the song. big_smile


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No tracks, but here a some sounds: http://www.synthmania.com/ms6.htm


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Do you ship outside of UK too?


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I want it! How much? cool

Edit: Oh, just saw the price. Well, i'll give you 210 GBP.

Yea, i know. I already called for backup. wink

I don't know, but i've heard from cases where the contacts inside the battery box caused weird behavior.
You could try to clean them.

Thanks all, that really helped to understand.
I already have the service manual and will do it this weekend.
Still have respect for the procedure as it's the first time i do it.
But a man's got to do what a man's got to do, right? tongue

Got a Roland SH-2. It's my first CV/Gate synth so i tried to control it with my Doepfer MS404 since it has a build in Midi-CV interface. Problem is that it's not really in tune when using with the MS404. Especially over the octaves it's slighty detuned.
Everything is fine when playing over the keyboard without the Doepfer.

I want to order a proper Midi-CV interface anyway (Doepfer MCV4), but i'm a bit afraid that it also will not be in tune.
Does someone maybe has a SH-2 using with some Midi-CV interface or is it maybe possible that something is wrong with the CV/Gate jacks on the SH-2?

Here's something i've multitrack-recorded on the first day with my monotron.

And here's a more serious try, but it was very difficult to play the different parts in sync so it's all very bumpy.
Whatever. There's coming up some Acid near the end. wink

This thing looks more like it belongs into a kitchen or bathroom.


Got mine yesterday. Amazing what comes out of this little box, especially when plugged into the mixer.
Very sad you can't sync the LFO somehow. Next thing to do is to play with the aux.

This looks like a fun machine but would be even better with the possiblity of external control.
But it's all about the filter input, LFO madness and pissing people off wherever you go. :-)
Normally i'm not really a fan of such toys but i think im going to get this one too.

Yes, it's huge with the 73 keys.
It's my first synth with VCO's (the MB33's doesn't count) and as far as i know the AX73 is one of the few polys with VCO's that has midi. OK, my Juno 60 still sounds more classy but the AX has this raw VCO power, especially in dual- and unison mode.
Already love this thing.


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In a forest. Alone. At night.
http://soundcloud.com/macurious/the-for … n-the-dark

Akai AX73. Underrated 6 voice VCO synth with midi.
Maybe sounds a little bit thin in poly mode, but can make huge basses in unison mode.



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Cool! I really like the sound(s) and the mood and nice Cowboy Bebop vid btw.

I miss the SID feeling!
The great Mono/Poly Last Ninja tune you've posted a while ago sounded more SID than this. wink


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Roland SDE-2000 Delay
What would you pay for it?


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Say Hi to Crabzilla!



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Yes, awesome track!