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rude66 wrote:

who cares if it adds character to your tracks? people do the same thing with d&r mixers (and they can be noisy!) but thats part of the character of the mixer..

From this point of view you are right. The Roland chorus is noisy too but sounds great nonetheless.

But what about the price of the mixer? Anyone?


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I love the cover with the Mr. Commodore robot. big_smile


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Need a mixer with more channels. A guy offered me his old Studiomaster Serie 5 with 24 channels.
He asks for 450€ but i have the feeling it's a little bit much. Also i heard rumours that the Studiomasters are kinda noisy.
It seems that some people call them Noisemaster. smile Others say it's great. Somebody have experience with those boards?


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Thanks all for your feedback.
The part before the pad kicks in could indeed use some more variation. But the drums, in this track i liked them straight. smile
But i'm still not really satisfied with the mixing. Now that i have the sub i think i maybe have to lower the low freqs a bit. tongue
Anyway, thanks again for your words. I'm glad you guys like it.

automatique wrote:

It's a multitrack production, right? Is the LFO controlled via CHF interface?

Yes, it's multitracked, but in this case the LFO is not controlled from the CHD.
Only the arp is midi synced with the interface. I did LFO control in another track using the many internal LFO waveforms of the interface, it's a great feature.


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Come on, can't be that bad. I need some feedback on this, just say something.

Here's some test shit i made before i had the CHD interface.
Arp triggered by Korg DDD-1 http://home.arcor.de/macolling/juno60arptriggerjam.mp3
Thru Nanoverb Rotary Speaker Simulation http://home.arcor.de/macolling/juno60th … rotary.mp3
The Juno already has become indispensable. The Juno is magic. wink


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A flight through time and space using Roland Juno 60 and Roland R8. Hope you like it.



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speculator wrote:

anybody got the factory patch wav for the poly 800? i looked around on the internet (i found it for 5 pounds, but eh) and even tried that youtube video.

all help is appreciated.

I also had problems loading the sounds in from most mp3s and wavs. This one has finally worked for me.

Kenzaburo wrote:

Pop/commercial music has always been crap, the motives of the music business have always been poor, there's nothing new here.

What about e.g. Michael Jackson? Was the Thriller album crap? Or Human League, Depeche Mode, the whole synthpop thing and countless other commercial successful and imo great music? Heck, even the early Madonna stuff was cool!


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I like my R8M, although i only have one poor card. The cards can get very expensive, especially the most sought after Electronic (808) and Dance (909). But the R8 is cool even w/o the cards and for that price i would take it.

rude66 wrote:

the 80's in the US was shit like huey lewis & the news. big haired ladies singing power ballads. crappy glam metal from LA by idiots in spandex trousers. billy joel. hall & oates. there was as much trash then as there was now..

I say even big haired ladies singing power ballads and idiots in spandex are way cooler than the autotune crap and stupid "superstar" girls shit we have to deal with today. At least the lame stuff in the 80's still was funny!
Like it was said before, in the 80's even commercial music was sometimes good. Something that is very rare nowadays.

Some good music i recently came across is Little Dragon (Album: Machine Dreams).

Silly me! I've just seen that i forgot to post the link to my oh so great recommendation. smile
Well, here it is in case you want to check it out: http://the-all.org/tx81z/programmer.html

I've tested the ctrlr Alpha Juno Editor some months ago and it was horrible.
Unusable because of bugs, maybe it was an very early version.

Anyway! I'll give this one a try.

electrictalk wrote:

Yamaha tx81z. Now the challenge is to learn how to program the damn thing to get something interesting out of it  tongue

Lately Bass ftw! smile

I can recommend a very good editor/librarian for the TX81Z. It's not for free, but it's very affordable. I won't miss it anymore.

Back in the days even commercial music was good sometimes.

The good stuff is there, but it's not on the surface and i'm sometimes just tired to dig through loads of crap to find one pearl.
E.g. i read about something that sounds promising, when i then check it out on Youtube it usually is crap.

Also i don't like the overproduced sound of most of todays music.
I can live without that lifeless, compressed to death and all character squeezed out sound, it gives me nothing.

Might be, i don't remember exactly. I would have to hook it up but at the moment there's other gear that needs my attention. smile
Anyway, if you find a factory reset (if there really is one) it would be great if you would post it here.

gn wrote:
MACurious wrote:

What exactly do you want to reset? I remember that the internal patterns and sound settings can not be overwritten, so no need for something like a factory reset.

Your memory serves you right on the pattern part, but all sounds can be changed and that's what I'd like to reset. As you know there's a whole bunch of them. They can -- and in my case have been along the years -- edited quite heavily. I'd like to hear what it "should sound like" again, but am way too lazy to go thru every single parameter and reset one by one.

Edited sounds can only be saved in the provided user slots. All sounds in those slots are just changed versions from the internal sounds. The original sounds can not be overwritten, so all available sounds are still there in un-edited form.


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Zubeldia wrote:
Maiovvi wrote:
MACurious wrote:

but what girl would listen to Italo anyway?

I've met a few girls who said "Italo hmm? Everyone who likes that is weird"

Are there still (adult) people who reason that way? Come on.. that's just sad...

Admit it, Italo IS something that's weird for "generic" people. I experienced that myself.
It's always the same, if you differ from the norm, people think you are fuckin weird.

Congratulations to everyone who is in an evironment where you can met girls that don't stereotype or judge somthing that they don't even know.

Oh, a user of the rare Akai XR-10, that's seldom. wink
It's been a while i last used my XR-10, but i think there is nothing like a factory reset.
What exactly do you want to reset? I remember that the internal patterns and sound settings can not be overwritten,
so no need for something like a factory reset. There is a specific user area for own patterns and sound changes.


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I really enjoyed this!! smile
Heard that tune countless times and this is a very well done, very close conversion in both, sounds and notes.
Great that you managed to get the arpeggios so close. Are the drums also done with the Mono/Poly?

Brian Chinetti wrote:
MACurious wrote:

What's the first thing i should check the synth for?

It's instant awesomeness.

Haha, well, if i`m sure about one thing, it's this one.

What i meant was, what should i check the synth first for that it's ok?
What about teh test program? I`ve read in the service manual that it will erase the saved user patches.


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Next week i will get my Juno 60! I`m very excited!
It will be delivered to my work place, so i can receive the synth personally.
Maybe i will open the package at work so that my workmates see what a beauty the Juno is. big_smile
What's the first thing i should check the synth for?


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After a hard week at work just having a relaxing friday evening, drinking some sparkling wine i snatched at work and listening to IFM2 Casionova - Italo Summer Of Love Mix. Great classics and also some tunes i didn't knew yet.
Only downside is i'm alone as always, but what girl would listen to Italo anyway?


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You really want to see me painstakingly edit the drumset and program the patterns?
I think that would be a quite boring video. wink


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As a kid i saw this one at a friends place in his fathers record box and it gave me the creeps.
At the same time i was totally impressed by the artwork.