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Thanks, yes it's all RX7. Here's another one:
http://soundcloud.com/disconnected/yama … ng-laminat


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schmoltz wrote:

hmm, a guy locally is looking to sell juno-106 for $650.00. did I miss something and they went up in price like that recently? on the other hand, it's a very rare chance to come by a juno locally, and no paypal thus no ebay easily available here..

I would go for it! My personal limit for a Juno 106 would be 550 EUR when it is in a good condition. Yours is about 480 EUR, so i think it's not a bad price. Another plus is that you can check it for dead voices.


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Brian Chinetti wrote:

A more common Juno 60 problem you see popping up on forums from time to time is that it seems like after the last note gets released, it gets stuck playing in the background. You can hear it faintly continue endlessly until you play another note, which then gets stuck. This is probably a VCA problem.

Oh, my JX8P has this from time to time. It doesn't disappeared after cleaning the keyboard contacts, so you're probably right that it has something to do with the VCA. I just hope it doesn't get worse.

Anyway, thank you guys for the clues.
I share the opinion of getting both Junos (that would be Juno heaven cool), but for now i'm just too afraid of dead voices, so i think i'll go for a Juno 60 first (if i can find one).


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The arpeggiator does indeed speak for the Juno 60, especially the option to use it with other synths.
Don't know how i could forget about this. tongue

What i don't like about the dtronics is not that it only sends note on/off, but that the original DCB plug has to be soldered out. I want alter the Juno as little as possible, so maybe it's better to get a CHD if i still have the choice.
But still, if i would find a 60 with the dtronics already build in i would buy it anyway.

Is the Juno 60 more reliable in the matter of dead voice chips?


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Juno 60 or 106?
The 106 has midi but often has problems with dead voices.
It is said the 60 does sound better but i have to get a DCB to midi interface and i want one that is cheap and where i don't have to open the Juno.


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Song i programmed on my Yamaha RX7.

On Youtube (horrible quality, but with nice pics).

Because my younger brother recently got a cheap (quite wrecked) RX5 from ebay i dug out my RX7 again and after listening to the cool factory songs again i was inspired to make a song on it myself.
Another one in another style is in the making.


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Alpha Juno 2 has aftertouch, but like with other Roland synths it sometimes isn't working that good anymore today.
Cleaning might help. In my case the small aftertouch-plug inside the synth was loose, but i still have to press very hard for the aftertouch to respond.


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Haha, i like how he keeps running.

The REX50 is a fun little box. Just pulled mine out again.

Download is working now... but this bassdrum. Way to brutal for my taste.

File is not available...


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I hate it too. WTF is wrong with such people?


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It has midi, but only note on/off and clock (for the internal seq), no velocity.
The MkI sometimes have the "midi-bug". An error in the firmware that erase all or some sounds when connecting to an ext. seq.


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Multitracked Korg Poly 800 + Yamaha RY30 Jam.
I think the little Korg does not sound too bad in this one.


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When you go to a club on new year's eve and the asshole of a doorman doesn't let you in for no fuckin reason but your brother gets in.


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Want a free hug?



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Weird flash gamewhere you are an onearmed robot that has to shoot pills at humans to save them from depression.


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If you like old C64 and Amiga demos, why don't you DL them and view them on an emulator?

Here are tons of classic cracktros re-done in flash: http://www.docsnyderspage.de/_page/flash1.htm


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Track i made with some of my junk equipment: http://soundcloud.com/disconnected/regrets
More crap is here: http://www.myspace.com/macurious
Soon coming: tracks starring Poly 800. ;D


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Ooh, i heart it!!!


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I entered my name earlier in another conversation with cleverbot and accidentally spelled it with two capitals.
This thing is more of a spybot than a cleverbot.