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Going to be in Berlin August 31st-September 4th, anything cool happening? Italo parties? Also, which flea markets have a lot of records? Thanks for any tips.




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took a while, but I got a new post up on Walk the Night. This one is about Detroit's Club Heaven where Ken Collier was the legendary resident DJ. This was actually a pretty tough one to research so if there are any inaccuracies someone notices or anyone has any more info about this club, please point it out to me!



I am planning on doing the next one about Fac51, which has the opposite problem of too much info. Trying to sift through it and distill into a blog post.

I think this video is pretty amazing:


Interdimensional Transmissions and The Bunker present
Too Far Gone ... No Way Back

Too Far Gone ...
Sal Principato (Liquid Liquid, 99, DFA | Detroit)
Carlos Souffront (IT, WCBN | Ann Arbor)
Scott Zacharias (Macho City, Secret Mixes/Fixes | Detroit)

No Way Back
Derek Plaslaiko (The Bunker, Perc Trax, Spectral | Berlin)
Cheap & Deep LIVE (Jay Ahearn of Hauntologists, Add Noise | Boulder)
BMG (Ectomorph, IT | Detroit)
Patrick Russell (Mentalux, Circus Company | Brooklyn)
Spinoza (The Bunker, Beyond | Brooklyn)

Sunday May 29 at Bohemian National Home
3009 Tilman, Detroit MI 48216
$10 before 12:30 (TFG), $15 after (NWB)

Tonight! smile

Beyond Booking and Interdimensional Transmissions present:

***NO WAY BACK: Brooklyn***

Time: Friday, November 5 at 10:00pm - November 6 at 6:00am
Location:    Public Assembly, 70 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY
$10 before midnight/$20 after
Advance $10 tix available: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/133983


Derek Plaslaiko (The Bunker, Perc Trax, Spectral | Berlin)
BMG (Ectomorph, IT | Detroit)
Mike Servito (Ghostly, Kiss & Tell | Brooklyn)
Spinoza (The Bunker | Brooklyn)


Keith Fullerton Whitman (Kranky | Cambridge) LIVE
Robert A.A. Lowe / Lichens (Kranky, Thrill Jockey | Brooklyn) LIVE
Geoff Mullen (Type | Providence) LIVE
Zero Gravity Thinkers (Brooklyn)
Carlos Souffront (IT, WCBN | Ann Arbor)
Erika (Ectomorph, IT, erika.net | Detroit)

The Detroit version of this party rules every Memorial Day weekend during the demf. I've personally been going to IT parties since 2005 and they're basically my favorite parties in the world. Music is out of this world, vibe is dark like it should be and drinks are cheap. If you know, then you know not to miss this one. If you don't know...here's where you can start to get educated:



Looks sweet.

This mix is from the same party that the BMG mix came from.
It's #70 in the bunker podcast series, can be downloaded from this page:

Started on a tracklist, would love help filling in the gaps. There are some more easy ones on the tip of my brain, but I can't recall them at the moment.

3:37 Work Your Big Booty -Playground Productions
5:45 Shake Your Body -Jeannette Thomas
28:09 Time Warp -Eddy Grant
30:00 Do You Like This Beat? -Auto Bahn
33:30 The Night Calls -Bizzy B.
37:00 Love Train -Hard Corey & Wray
41:00 Bostich -Yello
4:30 Ani - Love Is The Message (For Those Who Didn't Hear It)
1:01 The Wanderer (Dixon Edit?) -Romanthony
1:03 Terrence Parker -Tribute (for Kan Collier)
1:09 Let me Show You Love (Dub) -Romanthony
1:12 Don't Take It -Armando
1:16 Dance You Mutha -Mike Dunn
1:19 Tell Jack -Denise Motto
1:22 Dream Girl -Pierre's Pfantasy Club

Thanks for the new ID, Auton Love. smile

I think we are still missing a few. I will try to go through tomorrow and put some timestamps with ??'s.

Hey Prussell,,
Thanks for the ID's! They are very much appreciated.

We did meet a few bunker's ago, very briefly, but I was far out in outer space wink
I'm sure I'll see you when you're a neighbor--we know a lot of people in common. Good luck with your move.

Bankie Phones wrote:

There's a Liasons Dangereus track around the 40 minute mark.  I don't remember the name off the top of my head....

Oh, I think it's Avant Apres Mars. Thanks!

Ok, track list attempts. This is a tough one though.

2:15 Moodymann -2 Late 4 me and u
5:00 Horizontal Ground - Ghosts On Acid
9:00 Nagual - Feel The Rhythm
10:15 First Choice -Love Thang
16:10 Daniel Wang -Not Feeling It
17:00 Ani - Love Is The Message
19:20 The Dells -No Way Back
22:30 Farley Jackmaster Funk - The Acid Life
25:00 Mike Dunn - Snare Your Ass Off
27:00 Savas Pascalidis - Deep Inside Ur Eyes (Abe Duque remix)
39:00 Liaisons Dangereuses -Avant Apres Mars
42:30 Derek Plaslaiko -Is Your Mother Home? (Unreleased)
49:00 Marcel Dettmann - Viscous
52:00 Hauntologists - EP1B1
54:00 Marcellus Pittmann - Somebody's Out There
57:00 Anthony Shakir - Frenchie
58:40 dj sprinkles - grand central part 1 ( mcde mix ).
1:02 Remote - Sam  (release forthcoming on Kill the DJ Records)
1.04:29 Hott City -Feelin' Love
1.12:00  Superlife -Bananas
1.25:03  I-f - Secret Desire
1.29:41  Bronx Irish Catholics - Ulster Defence

It's podcast #69

This is seriously the shit guys. It just gets better and better. BMG recordings are pretty rare, so go grab it!

I was at this party and it was just ridiculous.



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Wow, so this topic of nightlife is freaking endless, the more research I do the more I find. Oy vey  big_smile

Latest post is on The Funhouse. Thanks for pointing it out to me Cupcake2000.

Going to try to do The Batcave next I think....


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Thanks guys! Great suggestions smile

Was thinking of doing the paradise garage next actually.

I'm trying not to make music the focus so I can show all the different ways that nightlife has lots of impact on other aspects of culture.


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Yeah! Good to see you guys. Dez's set was awesome!
I am totally hyping my friends but if the music wasn't good I wouldn't be saying shit. tongue


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Hey cupcake2000, I don't know much about the funhouse. Some preliminary googling shows it was a late-70's club in Manhattan?
Do you have any cool pictures or more info about it? Jellybean Benitez spun there?



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Suggestions of subjects to cover are welcome smile So far I have The Blitz Kids, Nelson Sullivan, Leigh Bowery, Danceteria and a few other things up there. Plan on improving the design, etc.

The address is:

If you have a tumblr blog too, post it so I can follow you!

Metro Area was awesome! They played vinyl and seemed to be making edits on the fly? I'm not sure, was dancing too much. They really surprised me, considering they hadn't played out in so long. Overall, they sounded fresh and exciting smile
Huck was deep and housey and the room was too packed to dance during his set. I'm looking forward to his return to Kiss and Tell on Wednesday night. Dude has a reel-to-reel full of his disco edits at the ready!

The Caretaker had some technical difficulties with a video feed he was going to use during his performance, so that was a bummer and his music was trippy, dark and ambient. I'm not sure how much I liked it or maybe I wasn't in the mood for it. I'd check him out again though. Demdike Stare was awesome, really interesting and dark weird shit--I can't wait to see what these guys come up with in future. MLZ played a varied set of heavy jams and is a top dude who knows a lot about music. People danced their pants off to his set.

And, of course, Plaslaiko at 4am kept me there for another two hours. Derek is a pretty heavy dude and his late night sets often have many unidentifiable (to me) midwest rave freak style acid tracks, not to mention classics like Bobby Konders 'Nervous Acid' and Adonis 'No Way Back'. It was the latter that made me think again about what a great dj he is. Some dj's throw a recognizable and popular classic into a set to pep up a lagging crowd but when Derek plays that kind of track it's just right and the actual meaning of the song becomes clear. Derek handed the decks over to Huckaby about 20 minutes before close, the reverb kicked in again for a rather gentler close of the night.


$10 before midnight/$20 after

this was so beyond sick.

anytime IT throws a party--GO!

thanks to all who made it. See you at the next one.