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hey, I'm looking for a flat in berlin from may 1st until october 31st. maybe someone here has a tip or something...

so, anyone going to this and up for some drinks before the party?

sent you a pm!

alright, I think I can make it this time! big_smile

ah damn, can't make it. sad



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rude66 wrote:

these days, whatever comes out of the US in that genre is infinitely more exciting to me than 99% of detroit and chicago ripoffs..

yeah I have to agree there. it's also cool that IFM3 seems to be playing more and more of that stuff.

damn, right before exams sad

good to hear!
I think helena also played after you left at the morphosis/nwaq/legowelt party, nice dj indeed.

works here. thanks!

had a good time too. nice to see some robots even in hamburg.
but I really thought that more people would come...shame.

see you there!


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black shape wrote:

but this is way way way better than anything from scandanvia/europe at the moment!

...and who is it?


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nice! same price?

check http://www.residentadvisor.net/events.aspx
the big parties are listed there.


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that artwork is awesome. but I like the track as well.

we were also disappointed by the sound system at panorama bar. the funktion one at the berghain floor was nice though. shame. I still had a good time but that club is just so exhausting. I missed most of vunks set but what ive heard was rocking. anyway, it was nice meeting some robots again, see you next time!

just saw this by chance:

A new orchestral incursion with Detroit Legend Carl Craig, Berlin Master Moritz von Oswald and Barcelona-based pianist & producer Francesco Tristano... Hamburg be there!

Thursday, 10.03. 2011      |      19.30      |      Laeiszhalle, Großer Saal


http://hamburgersymphoniker.de/artikel- … ls-284.htm


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rude66 wrote:

weekend- sports 2x12" on splattered coloured vinyl (great neo-shoegaze from SF)

thanks for the tip...do you have any other recommendations which go in the same direction?


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can't wait...will be the first time for ages that I buy some records.   yikes


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pre-ordered too....any infos about the release date?




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Fitzgerald wrote:

rip Horst Günter Ludolf

really sad...also just read about Casco...sucks.