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this one just aired again on IFM2 - excellent!


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excellent show guys!
I loved that ofra haza track.


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excellent show for the past couple of hours -- first time i'm catching it, i think wink


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oh man, "Live in Zurich Monster Disco" is such a great mix!


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"BTM51 Blast From The Past - TLR - Falling (Extended)"

Great mix - is it's available anywhere? Couldn't find it at robotdj...


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very nice, currently playing on IFM2!


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thanks JamesTRubotnik! I had looked at robotdj.net but the c & f section was empty hmm


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COSMO & FABER - Night Boys Vol.5!!

so many great melodies, is there anywhere we can get it from?


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DAVID VUNK - Mixed Up @ Gay Palace (IFM Disco Fetish Party 22.02.09)

such a great mix!! too bad i can't seem to find it on robotdj.net.


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the SF show was around 1h15m, so I guess we win or something? =)

hey smac, next time i see you in person i'll introduce myself now that i recognize you!

ramos, sorry, my point-and-shoot camera fails to capture details of the underwear :P the dress was actually becoming semi see-through at times, depending on the lighting.


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here are my pictures. the last 3 were taken after the show had ended and into the last dj set. Only those without flash can represent how dark it was.

There was also a girl taking some interesting shots throughout the night and I asked her to mail them to me but it looks like she's not gonna bother...















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were there any cds on sale at the show? i only noticed 2-3 copies of SLR027 on the the table with all the music gear. When i left around 2:15am I noticed 3 (relatively young?) people right outside the club, each holding something like 3-6 copies of that cd and i thought that maybe they were free or something. I guess they weren't...

I don't know what's up with the crowd at that venue, the night before Auralism Records had their monthly techno party at the same place and coats/jackets/cameras were stolen from behind the DJ booth, which is very unusual within the (smallish) SF techno scene. The problem seems to be with the neighborhood though, rather than the club itself.


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the stream is down...

too bad i missed this.
any chance of making it available for download through robotdj.net or elsewhere?


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Hey, that's my hand in the picture smile I took a number of shots, i'll post a few soon, but the gear was right next to the smoke machine and many didn't come out great because of the flash and the smoke. There was absolutely no light in that corner, so flash couldn't be avoided. Legowelt even had to use a cellphone as his only lightsource to see what he was doing during the entire show!


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oh man, this has been my favorite stream for a while now. been listening to it for hours from work.

keep it up!


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i haven't been able to connect to Bas roR's roRbot FM for the past few days. Any URL change?


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looks great - grabbed!


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Amarok on ubuntu 8.04 also drops the connection between tracks.

all I can say is that even though I've been enjoying the stream a lot and was tuning in most days of the week, I didn't realize that it was part of my mission to recruit others. I didn't realize that the success of the stream really depended on increasing numbers of listeners. I had setup a monthly donation and that was it. Making clear the needs and expectations of the people who run the show would have helped. I didn't participate in the forums a lot but I was on the stream regularly.


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wow, where are all the californian robots?!


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alright, my first!