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full lenght tracks now on soundcloud also


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Out now!


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Muhk are proud to present their debut EP as a small label specializing in hardware made electronic music. The Elokuu EP produced by Finland's Matti Turunen; one half of the Morphology electro duo, is Matti's 2nd solo EP and within these 3 hypnotic techno/house/electro analogue jams, Matti shows us the beauty of producing electronic music the old skool way with glowing synths and clattering drum machines. This is electronic music showing its real roots.

Soundclips etc.

yes indeed looks nice! we should have jam sessions some day henri!


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couple slacks..


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cheers mate!


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http://soundcloud.com/nakoradiomies/qua … on-pattern


ekranoplan wrote:

Boss DR 110 - great simple little drum box and I love the silver flap cover thing.
Its standard at the moment but whats the preferred way to sync these things. midi mod or din sync?  any links/kits/diy to recommend?  or just leave it stock?

acidlab has supersmall dinsync kit for it, quite easy install also..i just added one for my dr-110 recently

i think it´s not even possible to get proper midi->sync24 conversion, there will be always little delay on it..
it´s nice that you can toggle the midisync delays in ableton to make it right, if you have multiple midi outputs from the computer..

but i have no other answer for the hardware sequencer nor gettig away from the screen than just close your eyes and play the damn keys.

i got myself an TR-909 at last, been hunting one for long time  smile

it seems korg´s contemplation crew is just bunch of retards..2011 and no midi/usb whatever basic control for it.. roll
pretty stupid from company who has made a shitloads of analog stuff in the past..

i still hope these small toys are just bridge to something better..something like minikorg sized monosynth with ms-series sound on them and the bloody MIDI control

alesis picoverb is cheap, small and it has great room reverb presets..


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yeah we havent done dubstep yet, sorry


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get yours from:



for 50euros smile

well if you can find mono/poly in decent shape, don´t think twice mate.. after you get into it, there is absolutely nothing what you can´t do that synth.

and what you can´t do with it, you don´t need it smile

you can play mono/poly´s chordmemory with cv-gate, if i can remember right..

and you can also use the 303´s cv to control the juno-6/60 filter also, just hook the cv to the pedal input on juno..


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dynacord pdd-14 for 120euro?

has anyone used this digital delay?


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cheers mate!


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http://soundcloud.com/nakoradiomies/n-k … ies-elokuu

some analog synth jam with roland juno-6 and sh-101
drums from korg esx-1 sampler..



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some nice beats there!

SSM v3 wrote:

My tech did cv filter control for my CS10 when he put in the sub osc mod (highly recommended btw, gives it a lot more grunt: http://yusynth.net/MyOldGear.html).

I haven't actually used it but I think from what I remember it was pretty straightforward, though on mine the resonance is reverse, ie more is less. If you like I can ask him for the details...

if you can do it.. !

yeah it is nice, but i have thinked about adding a filter cv input for it..but after googling for it it seems that no one has made one before?

yamaha cs-10  smile

hey, we all can´t like same things..that´s a fact..

morphology´s philosophy has always been quite different than what i do just by myself..
i don´t want to put them on the same line and i see it quite stupid to do so.

but there is coming some new moprhology stuff soon and gigs too smile