The return of M1 Q : very cool news !  cool

New Gladio on LIES !


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yeah world needs more VCS2600 tunes smile


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Thanks for the tip, DumbBot, wantlisted !

Where can i see this ?


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DumbBot wrote:

Elektrobopacek - Nocturnal Wizardry … l-wizardry

Yeah i love his music, so 2000's Legoweltish wink


I'm doing some "advertising" to our good friend (and long time contributor on the CBS forum) Mr Aratkilo / Makina Girgir.

- OPPENHEIMER MKII Line Of Sight EP (FIR008) … -mkii-line

- MODE IN GLIANY - Kanevedenn EP (FIR009)

- ZANIA MORGAN - Shapeshifter mLP (FIR010) … 10_snippet

- BETA EVERS - Walking The Labyrinth mLP (FIR011) … p-snippets

I bought the 4 records some months ago, and i must say it's high quality music, especially Beta Evers with Dante, you can't be wrong with these 2 artists wink

Will have a look of course wink
Where will it be available ?

As i must do an order @ Juno (i see it's on pre-order) : 100% sure that it will be available there ?
I would save some shipping fees, so please tell me wink

I used to buy them (n°1-4) at Clone shop, will number 5 and 6 be available here ?

He did 3 super records with another guy, the group is called "Noo" :

Cliff lothar on 7777 records : very happy to see the Electro technology track finally released (but it's not a Cliff track, it's a BMX one tongue )


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Have a good Christmas !


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Thanks for the answer.

mekonin wrote:

Does it necessarily have to be one dog?

Yeah one dog because the theme i would like to work is Laïka wink

@ coae : will look this soundsnap website, but a first look shows me some very short barking (few seconds from 2-3 min).


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I'm working on an ambient/field recording/experimental project, and i need a sound with a dog barking.
What i'm searching, it's a 60-80 min recording of one dog, without noisy environment sounds, so that i can work on the textures (slow some parts, reverb others, etc...). Will put some bleeps and synth lines here and there too  wink
Someone please ?


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Victor Ramos wrote:

Only via band camp.

Not at Juno shop ?


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When will it be available ?

Cliff Lothar on 7777 records

yeah, will be on it !

i hope so too, and it seems his old records will be repressed too, that's really nice !

yeah i love Elektrobopacek music, very "wolfers-ish" circa 2002-2004 ! Full support smile


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What a nice track, thanks for the tip !
Btw is it on Discogs (besides a cassette compilation … se/5666818 )


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oh no, i'm so sad...
R.I.P. Andreas, thanks for the super music you did


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Christiano Ronalduck