@Dumb Bot  Scottish Cola is the best Cola, heheheh
@Placid outnext week, but available at SOM's website now...

I am glad i play better Acid than pool, hahaha


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So some of you may know i do live-gigs now. I did a Live-set podcast for my Booking Agency.. Listen and enjoy!

or directly on Soundcloud:
http://soundcloud.com/hadagroove/had-a- … -at-485224


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yeah keep the acid coming... me like!


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btw the "?" between armando and lory d is
Trajical Bitch - Gang War (Elec Pt.1's A.C.III.DDDD Mix)   big_smile


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afaik nuthing new on the recordshop line....
for touristik things you'll find all here

for party u came on wrong time. the last 3 weeks derrick may, laurent garnier and carl craig been in cologne, in november underground resistance pres. timeline. dunno this weekend...


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lol @the hawtin loco dice things... did u guys know in 1996 loco dice hated techno (i know this for sure) and planned a career as rapper?


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http://www.discogs.com/release/3178954   <- please note... the capitals are like on the release!
http://www.discogs.com/Various-Wire-11- … se/3104169 <- please note... the capitals are like on the release!

http://www.discogs.com/Lausward-Im-A-Mi … se/3097984

thank you.


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ps. what makes him the king?


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think ive got the winner. because he's the king, lol



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i thought excatly the same. he wanted our money at least. aple sucks btw.


if ever one of my records makes it 2 a 3pages discussion , but about the music not the amount of pressed records i'm going to  lol  and  tongue

ok, i got the feeling i have to write my 2cents as artist as well.
1st: of course i want my music be heard and would be happy of a bigger pressing, no question.
Deixis ask me fo a limited edition of 50copies for the above statet reasons and i agreed. why?
i spend almost all my spare time (and some of you know its not that much when you have a stressful 9-5job to pay the rent) with making music. i dont do it for money, because then i do the wrong music. i want my tracks on vinyl. fortunaly all the labels i released on, bunker, mathematics, creme, psycho thrill, of course abstract acid, and also snuff trax are vinyl fans. the result of the main focus on vinyl is, most of the labels, that are run by freaks like us, have to check for money to pay the very next release. dont forget: i am a very small artist. only a few people cares if i do vinyls or not (thats also the reason why i never been asked for interviews, statements, and remixes (beside from friends)
deixis was if i remember right, beside snuff trax (i know those guys for 10years) only the 2nd labelowner ever who ask me to release. that means on the other hand, the connection to labels like mathematics comes always per demos. what you guys dont know is: if you hear as reply of your demos (beside the typical: its good, but not what we are looking for at the moment blabla) more than 3 times: we want to release it, but we quit vinyl releases, so we can do an mp3 release only)(have you just realise for example that marco's nature stop releasing records)
so i have to get every chance to put my releases out. and i like to work with abstract acid as i like with all other labels i work with, as i need it uncomlicated. again: of course 100 or 150 +x would make me happy, as i hate to say "sorry no way" when people ask me for my records, and i hope my upcoming releases will have a bigger amount of records.
(what not always help, for example, afaik my trajical bitch release http://www.discogs.com/Trajical-Bitch-C … se/2156187 sold only a VERY small amount of records, ive been told the reason: the distributor had no idea under which music style they should file it, so the let it almost be to promote it)

i am always glad for the people that like my music, thank u all if you do. so good news are that my 2 panzerkreuz lps will be rereleased withing the next few month.

another kool release sander... me like!


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heres steppes video aagin, with sound
http://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/1644611 … chtig.html

30000euro for a dj gig... on the other hand it seems he is it worth. he can mix without headphones. he can even mix without beign at the mixer. hes magic.lol


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the truth is.. these pads are really delicious!


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i purchased on totalt reacall years ago.. was all ok, but ordered not much as they was to expensive. i was a bit suprised some times ago when i found out that total recall was invented from the guy that made in the late 80s that "ok -okay" record, and further that total recall purchased  a few years ago the rights of the label "mille plateux" (and maybe force inc too?)


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