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Mix for Mind Over Matter featuring alot of upcoming/unreleased tracks from the usual suspects, check it out here:

mushaden wrote:

Am I the only one who thinks Fake - Brick sounds like it is sung by Indians and not Swedes?

They are all a bunch of Jehovas witnesses at any rate


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https://soundcloud.com/cliff-lothar/tapedum_4-wav obtuse

I think you mean detuned.. I dont find it out of tune anyway (it is on the border).. but this is an individual thing, some people get almost nauseous from even the slightest detune

edit: this sucks but atleast reference it http://www.fluther.com/81253/why-do-peo … when-they/

Me and LLCoolKm atleast


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That last one feels very Cowboy Henk

So what did you end up buying Maiovvi


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Atleast you got some exercise

Great sleeve too


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No idea.. Sounds like Kid Machine or something


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its just as retarded as any try to make shit go viral


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i was a douche way before that


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cebteq: im getting multiple complaints about you. get your shit together. consider this a warning.


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i hereby declare this non spam


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Love the action of this thread!


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Uueee.. I dunno, its probably gonna be great but alot of these clips looks ps3 at best

Old MS-20s is gonna get super hyped by these no doubt so take out your wallets and buy as many 1200 euro MS-20 as possible if you wanna make a dollar and a dime. Even if the new ones are better than the original (zero chance of that) they will hype up the classic ones in the end.

Hope it has PWM

Woha, never even saw that DS-330 before.. Do want!

Why in the name of god

http://imgur.com/unxux < i am both funny AND clever, thankyouverymuch


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diamond in the night


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Never heard this before, really cool


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Howzabout somebody puttin this on Soundcloud  cool