Haven't you been cunty and passive aggressive enough?.. Oh right, ofcourse not, ingrained into dna.. Excuse me, carry on.

You might wanna take a look at http://www.empiricallabs.com/fatdes.html

.. I got the UBK version: http://www.kushaudio.com/kush/ubk_fatso/warmth.html

where the hell did bias go?

you dont like the ebbe?


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vynil + digital

mushaden wrote:

I want to start producing analog, but I know nothing about anything!  My buddy recommends I get a Roland TR-505 and a Yamaha DX (he says a cheap DX27 will do) or a MickroKorg (which might be too expensive). 

Maybe I should have made a thread for this, but what say you guys?

Make a thread for it


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slackno http://tinyurl.com/coth4gx


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What defines good furniture? I bet 95% of all furniture i have is Ikea and I have not had any problems with any of it that would not apply to something else i.e mayebe tore some paper lamp or so. I think people overstack their Ikea Expedit with records and then cry cause it breaks.


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Technicolor wrote:


hehe.. this guy likes john k forsure

Single Avantone Mixcube for 'second opinion' on mixes


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I find Stay on my Feet very relaxing with some scented candles and mayebe a popper or two


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yeah, ultra hott.. id dig the lyrics too, its hard to keep from singing along made up lyrics


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hit 95 k's today.. i think last time that was on the docket was mid nineties

also, fabfilter q is such a super nice eq surgery wise

take a look at the fab filter stuff.. i really like that they are k-system centric

i'd still be on the lookout for a tape delay of some sort..

new stuff; Check out the Vermona Filter Lancet, seems awesome.. The filters in the Mono Lancet are ace imo!.. Also the moog mf101 is a super nice lp filter with a supernice drive knob on it (thanks septic).  The RNLA aka Really Nice Leveling Amp is.. A meganice compressor, ultra cheap (200e) http://www.fmraudio.com/rnla.htm .. Dont get the RNC tho, its more sterile i hear. Thats what i can think of off the top of my head

computerdisco wrote:

Ah reading it backwards... Doh! Not that Insane..

hehe, i read it that way too.. iwaslikewhut

also this is a very nice way to get the other companies crackin' .. 425 bux, thats nothing!

Feels like this is a buy unless its way shitty build

(.. dont forget about the mono lancet btw, its awesume)


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Honey.. I love you.. But you's so uggy!.. <3

You are beautiful on the inside!


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R.I.P Jimmy Castor.. Ahwww..

You have to do this chit big_smile