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automatique wrote:

Out now. The Nukubus Edit is the shit! Can't stop hearing it. … kubus-edit


SD Radio 81 - Syncom Data - Signals


Mount Kimbie    Before I Move Off
Terrence Dixon    Room 310
Africa Hitech    How Does It Make You Feel
Roots Manuva meets Wrongtom    Jah Warriors
Dadawah    Run Come Rally
Dead Fader    Mud
Nils Frahm    Corn
Rick Wilhite    Playcism (Mike Huckaby Reconstruction)
Jamie Principle    It's A Cold World
Mount Kimbie    Field
Korallreven    The Truest Faith (CFCF Remix)

Thursday July 29nd:

SD Radio 81: Syncom Data - Signals

with a broad selection of new electronic music

20:00 - 21:00 CET IFM1: The Westcoast Sound of Holland

Thursday July 22nd:

SD Radio 80: Syncom Data - Signals

First episode of the new Syncom Data show: Signals, with a selection of new electronic music

20:00 - 21:00 CET IFM1: The Westcoast Sound of Holland

Autechre    y7
Actress    Purrple Splazsh
Actress    I Can't Forgive You
Black Chow    Wonderland
Disrupt    Selassi I Continually
Clubroot    Whistles Horns
Mark du Mosch    Bareknuckle
Peter van Hoesen    Closing The Distance / Toy Universe
Born Ruffians    Milkman - To Cure A Weakling Child Originals by Aphex Twin
Altered Natives    Crop Duster
Harmony Funk    Can't Let You Go (Ovatow Reshape)

downloading every episode right now, will be driving a lot this weekend, so that will be one straight dub trip...

new Mark du Mosch EP will be released in June 2010

check soundclips here: … uckle-sd18

il mafioso wrote:
Nukubot wrote:

also included will be a DVD with the editors cut of the experimental documentary Roadworkers, that features music by Roswell Return

any news ?

yes, I'm working on a complete new edit of the film, so everything is delayed, but it will get released

the next SD release will be Mark du Mosch his new Bareknuckle EP...


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new, but limited stock of the official SD Records t-shirts now available

get it while you can...


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maybe we should post some shows here every now and then to add some confusion


Detlef and Philipp rocked like hell the last time we were there

in fact, that night made me realize that nothing beats playing real vinyl records back to back with friends, so hell yeah, we're gonna rock Düsseldorf this Saturday!

I had too much drinks...

so a double post

oh shit, it was already posted...

SAMSTAG 17. APRIL - ab 22 Uhr
PHILIPP OTTERBACH (substance) & Syncom Data (SD Records)

crucify him!

music was way better in the old days

wink met zulke vrienden heb je geen vijanden meer nodig

ach ja, was sich liebt das neckt sich

it's all about exploring

Basic Channel led me to Rhythm & Sound
Rhythm & Sound to Wackies
Wackies to Lee Perry, Sly & Robbie, Agrovators
meanwhile exploring new stuff like Burial, Jahtarian Dubbers, Disrupt, Kode 9
and then back to Augustus Pablo, Horace Andy, Mickey Dread, Wayne Jarrett

and that's only the dub part...

and it goes on and on

"new music" as in: "produced in the last couple of months" is a totally outdated principle, the only "new music" I am interested in is the new stuff I discover for myself

it doesn't matter if that music is produced 5 days, 3 months, 6 years or half a century ago

I still feel like a kid in a candyshop when I discover something new, which happens a lot actually


there's so much good music out there, it's crazy