jerklin wrote:

Nice thread! I started out repairing old gear (kind of necessary when you like old synths) then moved in to more DiY stuff and I've done a handful of things at this point. I'm in no way an expert but here's some advice based on my experience:

  • Don't skimp on the iron. Get a station with variable heat control. I have a Hakko FX-888.

  • Learn how to clean and tin your tips (watch videos on youtube).

  • Don't skimp on solder. I bought a lb of Kester 44 Rosin Core Solder 63/37 for my last project and it made a huge difference in the quality of joints. I much prefer it to lead-free. I just make sure to wash my hands before I eat smile

  • Get a flux pen.

  • Desoldering sucks. Use the measure twice, cut once method and make sure your components are correct before you solder them on.

  • Take breaks if you get bored or strained. If you solder something wrong it can set you back big time.

  • You may not need it at first for simple projects but a good meter can be very helpful for calibrating components and diagnosing problems when things go wrong. I have a low-end fluke meter and it's more than I could ever need.

That's excellent advice. If I were to suggest one more thing, it would be to take an electronics class; at some point anyway. It's one thing to poke around and do the exploratory DIY thing and its another to really know what you're really looking at. The knowledge you'll gain will be exponential which will allow you to do larger projects efficiently and safely.


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That's the jam  wink


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Technicolor wrote:

lol These are great


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I'll check that out. The clips look pretty good actually


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I actually have a tough time now trying to find decent comedies after that show.


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man, I miss Chappelle so much...

lol so did I

That's definitely the weirdest film I've seen. I mean 7th level weird. It did put me on Din of Celestial Birds though, which I kinda like. 


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Great mention. I'm really digging Burtynsky's work.

Miscellaneous Chernobyl and urban decay photos from Matthew Merrett


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Technicolor wrote:

I like that, Orbweaver! Checking out the album now!

awesome smile

I love Skelton's work


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miravalles wrote:

All these were detected by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. … stery.html

So, I was reading about these unidentified sounds, like the mysterious sonic booms.

More here:

Interesting stuff. Been checking these out also … sound_like

Tracklist looks great...



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AdiDaSkiller wrote: … stpopular3

Skrillex wrote:

There will come a time when it will be watered down and sensationalized like everything else.

So this guy isn't the absolute bottom of the barrel? It can get get worse?

Probably ought to correct myself here, because I did this maybe a year or so ago and kinda forgot how I set it up...

I had the trimmer on the input side amp and then had a volume pot on the output. I don't remember the values, but they were common (might have to play around with those).

Also, that tone control supposedly creates some volume drop, so that may eliminate that trimmer altogether. Never tried that but that's what I'm thinking...


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lixa-6 wrote:

Been looking at that stuff yep its expensive, just got some deoxit contact cleaner on ebay for some stuff, phewee for such a small tube but if you have too you have too. Gonna get some fader lube and cleaner now.

The contact cleaner will accelerate the deterioration of the carbon track in the potentiometer or slider. You're better off using the fader lube and cleaner vs. using the contact cleaner.


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