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great stuff.


Desert Acid (Musiccargo version)
Desert Acid (original)
Desert Acid (Sombrero Galaxy version)
We Are It

samples on our website

Killer EP.

Dez wrote:
olivier8 wrote:
Erroraudio wrote:

That looks so cool... Can you upload some sounds from it???

sure ..been having a little fun with the disco & samba presets … %20Jam.mp3

those presets sound great!

very very cool. i am officialy jealous.

Cray wrote:

automa> to me Godfather isnt a trilogy since a 3rd good movie was never made.

I cant possibly see how you find Dogville watchable but that is whats so funny with these threads, that people actually disagree on these simple things and just dont say they do just to make it funnier.

I've always found it pretty useless to try to convince people on the opposite of what they think so i'll give it a rest even before it starts to annoying me.

And here comes todays sacriliege i guess.
I have only watched 7-8 episodes of Sopranos before i found it pretty boring and decided not to give it a fair chance. But i started watching the first episodes when it had ran for several years so i guess i think my expectations killed it.

I would never try to convince anybody on here otherwise regarding their taste in movies.

But I find it quite interesting how differently movies can affect somebody on an emotional and intellectual level. The topic of the thread is movies that found critical acclaim but are considered rubbish by individual posters on here. I am wondering what critical acclaim actually is. Is there a secret circle of film experts that give it a quality stamp? Is it awards?

Said that I'd like to add my own personal heresy of the day: Eraserhead is a crapper of a film. That I found unwatchable. I might give it another try someday but my first attempt failed miserably.

Cray wrote:
ramos wrote:

Swallow My Squirt 3 - No where near as good as 2, not much character development and some obviously fake squirting scenes.

Anyone taken a piece of Godfather yet?
I still love and praise that movie, would be interresting to hear someone sh*t all over it.

As much as i love the Godfather trilogy I should have never re-watched it after 6 seasons of Sopranos. Made it look like a fucking joke full of cliches.

I'd disagree about Dogville. I liked it. Dancer In The Dark on the other hand drove me up the wall and I wanted to leave early...

heifetz wrote:

Full Metal Jacket

it isn't rubbish but over-hyped imo. it's too theatrical and relies too much on shock-value. and i'm pretty certain soldiers irl actually aim while shooting.

sure. Stanley Kubrick is such a mediocre director, isn't he.

'A beautiful mind'. If i am not wrong it even won an Oscar. Seeing Russel Crowe play a genius math professor is beyond miscasting a character, boy did that suck. I really wanted to slash the silverscreen...


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zip wrote:

cool sculptures, can anybody id them?

quote from the youtube post: the bizarre sculptures featured in the video were part of the Ruta de la Amistad public sculpture project at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, and that this clip came from Raquel's eponymous 1970 television special.

zip wrote:

don't know the track btw, sounds like incredible bongo band in outer space

that was my first thought but i couldn't recall any IBB trck like that...


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is this thread serious? rude66 is right. homecutting is not gonna do the trick. if the vinyl is soft enough for a needle to cut a groove it is going to be too soft to be durable. even bias is actually right this one time: you're better off burning a CD than cutting your own vinyl. it's always going to sound shite... cutting an acetate to produce the metalworks for pressing vinyl is an art, leave it to the pros.


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jayoverdose wrote:

no idea, but pretty cool.
it might be something new, from some breakdance crew or something.

looking at the video it's def from that time. dancing is pretty in sync with the music:


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i lifted this audio from the Raquel Welch 1968 Olympics Mexican TV Trailer i posted earlier in the youtube thread.
can anybody ID this please? spacegirl_dance_youtube


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@ minimalrome: wicked looking Giulia. i think a got a little aroused seeing it.
@ pauli: of course, i know what you mean. i sometimes wish the oldies would be more flexible but for me the bottomline is always the basic sound of a synth. i'll be waiting with my eyebrows ready to raise wink until then i'll regret selling my nord2.

Squadra Smackos wrote:
rude66 wrote:

actually the 6 and 8 are totally different machines, you can't really even compare them. the 8 is like a hummer or a caddillac: pretty limited in what it does, but it does that extremely well. the 6 is more like a surgical tool: a

Naaaah I can't go with the hummer or caddillac comparison. A hummer is too rough, the JP8 is pretty sophisticated in a new agey kind of way too...maybe the cadillac but can we go with this (since its Japanese probably): … entury.jpg

that is a very cool car. i can totally see government officials stepping out of it at a 1988 visit to Toyko.

In '67 it might have been difficult (which synth would that be? maybe a Juno 106?):

rude66 wrote:

and tell some more about that second oscillator on the sh2.. i've always wondered if it was worth it to upgrade to 09 to a 2..

when you use the sub OSC and both OSC you can get three octaves to play simultanously. I love it. also you can exclude OSC 1 from the pitchbend which gives you very cool playing options. otherwise the sound is very similar to the SH09. being a longtime fan of the 09 imho the upgrade was worth it. another neat feature is the wide/narrow switch regarding the tuning of the 2nd OSC. you get a nice detuning behaviour from it. only little downer was that they omitted the external input slider (in favor of the OSC 2 level). you still have an ext in but no mixing options other than determining how much you send in.

Squadra Smackos wrote:
automa wrote:

I don't get the whole fuss around the Prophet 08. Sounds like crap to my ears. For that kind of money you can get a Jupiter 6 that s#+ts all over it.

I think the Jupiter 6 is a very "static" synthesizer compared to the Prophet 08 from what I heard and played.
What kind of sounds do you like/make with the Jupiter 6 or make a little bit more in depth analysis where it is better then prophet 08? I am very curious about that, I had a jupiter 6 for a few months but I didn't have the chance to play it that me it sounded static compared to (even a) JX10 (but that is mainly because of the keyboard action) and ofcourse the big 8.

I guess my favourite features on the JP6 where the cross modulation (for metallic sounding stuff) and the wide function on the pitchbend (for crazy over the top pitchbend stuff). I managed to make some pretty weird acid-ey sounds with it that i haven't pulled out of any other synth (only the FM on the Nordleads gave me a similar buzz). I agree that it has a tendency to sound static but i always liked the way it cuts through even in a dense mix. I'd also agree it doesn't have the balls of a JP8, that's why i sold mine and will be saving up for the big brother.

here's an example of JP6 sounds. stabs, bass and the weird noisey sounds in the middle section are made with it. … 20fnl).mp3

mr pauli wrote:

@ automa: nobody can make you like the sound of a synth with arguments,
   but have you checked out the 4 LFO's , 4 sequencers and all the places you can send them to ?
   And have you really sat down with the machine for a few hours ?
   I mean the sound might not tickle your G-spot, but 'sounds like crap ' ??

I did give it a good try and I appreciate all the features (like the LFOs and the sequencer) but bottom line is
i don't like the sound of it's OSC. I find the Polyevolver much more interesting because of the digital waveforms you can add to it, it's a more unique sounding synth i find. But I also wouldn't get an Evolver. When it comes to modern synths I prefer Clavia's NordLeads as they have a very strong own character (i know a lot of people dislike that character) without trying to be something they are not. But hey, I'd be the first one to eat my word if someone plays me a sound i like that turns out to be a Prophet 8 patch. As I said: I didn't want to rain on Victor's parade, just sharing opinions.
And the price you paid is indeed a good one.

As we are sharing new booty here's my latest additions to the studio:
Roland SH2 - arrived safely. unit from Japan, like new. i couldn't believe the mint state of it. as i love
my SH09 I'd been wanting to try how it is to have a second OSC to work with. wicked.

Roland SH7 - on the way by post. I tried one at Frankfurt Musikmesse this year (at the synthmuseum booth)
and loved it very much.

and an Ibanez IMG2010 Midi Guitar Controller (with MC1 Interface) - still sitting at customs

I don't get the whole fuss around the Prophet 08. Sounds like crap to my ears. For that kind of money you can get a Jupiter 6 that s#+ts all over it. That is IMHO. Sorry to rain on your parade Victor, but anyway tastes do differ so maybe I am missing something about the Prophet 08 that everybody else hears in it. Enlighten me...

looks pretty mint. nice.

i finally decided to start a DIY project: i thought this should be easy enough to get a taste: Thingamakit
I ordered it with enclosure but i want to find something more unique to put it in. If i tackle that i might dare to tackle a x0xb0x...


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i'd like to be robota

digital bootleg edits by gigolo work best.

Roland SH2. Niiiiiice. Like out of the box from Japan.