Looking very promising!


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Enjoyed the late night decompression!


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Here's a collected listing of the active robot streams right now. It is meant for quick reference, detailed info and programming should be sought from the respective forum topics.


U B E R M E N S C H by MenschMaschine
Port80: http://s8.viastreaming.net/cgi-bin/listen.pls?7870
96Kbps / 25 slots

roRbot FM by Bas roR
128kbps / mp3 / 14 slots

Pitchounet Radio by X-Bobo
64Kbps / AAC+ / 30 slots
LIVE transmissions during late evenings!

Radio 1972 by alex_d_steak

ROBOTDJ.net radio by RobotDJ.net
128Kbps / mp3

Kybernetisk Kringkasting by Robot Monster
128kbps / mp3 / 25 slots
"40 hours of Italian soundtracks from the 60-80s. Tons of Goblin."

PKPN by Full_Brain
80 Kbps

Radio Free Robotron by biotek
http://www.punainen.org/~biotek/radio_f … /robot.m3u
56 Kbps
Accepting requests via #CBS on Ircnet.

MSat Robot Radio by Mr. Satellite

Download the client:

Radio 1972 by alex_d_steak


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Indeed good moody atmospheres, nice addition to the network.

cloud9 wrote:

I've been reading the manual from the beginning and i've set all knobs to original configuration.

Are you referring to this configuration?


Owners manual: "This diagram illustrates control positions for the Normal Setting. In this setting, all modulation functions are disconnected, producing a basic, unmodulated tone."

I don't have my MS-20 at my new flat yet, so I can't confirm this but the above settings should produce a tone, like the manual says.

edit: I'm talking out of my ass... but it sounds like familiar behaviour.

Tuned in, stream is working on VLC, and the tracks are rocking. Sound is maybe bit compressed, a feature of Live365?

There are advertisments, but the kosher beef hotdog ad that was on second ago was just hilarious big_smile


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Been blasting the stream on the speakers for about an hour now as I'm wrapping up the days work, glad to hear your voice and the blasting tracks also!

I experienced some small buffering kind of glitches, and a slight wait at one point when connecting to stream but no major malfunctions. Maybe the glitches were part of the track, as the selection is very eclectic big_smile


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I'll put up topic with a collected list of addresses for convenience.


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So you would still be able to connect to separate streams? The servers/users that would be transmitting wouldn't be relaying at the same time? So who or what would be relaying the signal? I'm sorry this is still a bit hazy to me but sounds like an exciting approach smile

Jingles definately, we can distribute those to the network to make it appear more of a community. Should we think up a name for the network, or would it be called just "Robots for Robots"? I think it backs up the p2p idea nicely... or should I say "R4R"?


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RPGs: I can not recommend Ultima V enough! As close as playing a game ever came to being grasped and immersed in reading a classic fantasy novel such as Tolkien.

If you can put up with graphics and the UI, you're in for a really CHALLENGING adventure!


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Quantum Calculator


Installed the Peercast client (on OS X it requires restart, beware), copied the link to VLC and listening in now: hearing Radio 1972 loud and clear! smile

I will look into setting up and relaying streams this way as soon as I have time.


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I'm playing Nexuiz as it is the only FPS that runs on my G4 laptop: http://www.alientrap.org/nexuiz/

It's open source and runs on Linux, OS X and Windows!


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Starborough wrote:

Bias replied with the current amount of listeners to the stream, being 43 at the time. (Too bad it wasn't 42)

Rdjx said that he didn't check the amount of listeners any longer cause if he did he felt like pulling the plug..

It's friggin' SUMMER! Who's sitting online indoors when sun is shining and you're on holidays?!


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I asked S.T.E.N.T.E.C. for an area called "Streaming" or "Radio" under the "Music" forum, let's see what happens. That would be ideal for organizing the infos and publicising the streams of the swarm.


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Could we have a "Streaming" section under the "Music" for organizing the robot streaming and broadcasting?


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Even better, I'll put up a new topic for this.


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"roRbots FM" stream


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Working great w/ 128 Kbps stream Henri!


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Bas roR: Confirmed, I hear you.


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At the moment we have at least two refugee-streams running as far as I know:

X-Bobo Pitchounet:


U B E R M E N S C H [THE LOST CHANNEL] for freaks and droids:

We can try to organize more during this week by giving simple instructions on how to do it, then by setting up a topic for the listing of the addresses. Let's see if publishing as a playlist file or a RSS feed could be an option too.

I hope to be able to set the streaming software on my laptop so that I could broadcast from line-in at any location with internet connection such as parties and the afterparties wink - mixing in the ambience with internal microphone should be fun...

For live broadcasts from bigger parties relaying could be needed so let's look into that too!


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Alex: I was actually thinking that each transmitting robot would create their own programming instead of there being one master stream. Bring out your rare mp3s! And nothing prevents you from hooking up the decks and a mixer into the computer. Or generating your own jingles...


Opening words by Riku Korhonen: [i]Mihin t


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Alex: That's why we should try to set up a swarm of streams, with maybe connection caps as low as 4-5 you mentioned, but so many robots streaming that there would always be something on.

X-bobo: VLC