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Finally going through The Handmaid's Tale



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Going through all (3) of my new favourite poet's books:





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That is awesome yikes


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Oh wow, I remember that one. Think I might even have it somewhere too big_smile


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Ah! I've heard of them from a friend who thought I'd appreciate them! Still haven't taken the time to try them out though smile


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Ugh. A warning about a discogs seller called super.soul.records, located in Florida.

Ordered 8 records. He removed two from the order that were missing. Poor start, but ok, it happens.
Total for the 6 records was $47.26. For this he wanted $55 for shipping. By his own terms for shipping, it should have been $35.99 when I did the math. He claims the postal service had increased the rates, but that he will try to get the six records sent to me for $40. Fine. I pay the shipping, the records arrive - and one is completely missing. The rest are generally overgraded, one is supposed to be Mint condition but is more like a VG, with a big scratch on the b-side that crackles and pops all through the song. He refunds me $4, refuses any more. Terrible. Avoid at all costs.


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Reviving this old thread of mine with a newly acquired interpretation of the ol' Düsseldorfers smile


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dequalsrxt wrote:

RIP Perttu Häkkinen from Imatran Voima

Damn, that's so sad sad


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Just finished this graphic novel:



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Here's a personal favourite from a few years back:


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Just got my oil wheel projector up and running. SO HAPPY!



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Nooooo!!!  sad


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Big fan of Numberphile, been a subscriber to their channel for ages. Glad to see I'm not the only one here smile


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Back again doing a set at Folk in Gothenburg on friday 27 April.

Free entrance


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Dade_Elderon wrote:

umm it is so cold I can't even go outside ...

That seems to be a general problem all over Europe right now. Freezing my ass off every day on my way to work now  sad


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No souvenirs from Chernobyl, it's strictly forbidden to bring anything out of the zone, and you get screened twice on your way out. About the dangers of radiation there it's really not bad. It's twice the background radiation of Kiev. You actually get more irradiated just flying there from the cosmic background radiation! smile


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I really liked the giant stalinist memorial park east of the city centre, with the Motherland monument. Worth a stroll there if the weather is nice. Seeing the Maidan square and reading about the revolution that happened there just a few years ago really made an impression too. There was a pretty decent art museum called Mystetskyi Arsenal National Art and Culture Museum. Huge place. They showed a lot of contemporary Ukrainian and Polish art, some of which was really fantastic.

Have some pelmeni and okroshka soup! I enjoy eastern European food, and was only disappointed once - in the most expensive place we ate at, called Kanapa. Not worth the money. Also, several people told me that the best food there is actually Georgian, but we actually never made it to any of the Georgian restaurants.

In total I was just in Kiev two days or so, then on to Chernobyl, Odessa and Lviv. But I definitely want to go back! Never made it out to any clubs, so I don't have any recommendations in that area, but I hear the nightlife is great with a lot of techno parties.

Kiev is bilingual, so they speak both Russian and Ukrainan there. I think you'll make your way if you know some Russian, no problem, but as you know there is a war going on the Russian border right now, so be careful what you say to people.


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Went with these guys for Chernobyl: https://chernobyl-tour.com/
They were really friendly and relaxed. Even let us go in to the buildings, even though it's forbidden these days due to the fact that they are falling apart. We went with the one day tour, it had everything you'd want to see. Even a nice proper communist lunch in the Chernobyl canteen  big_smile


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I've just visited last summer. Absolutely loved Ukraine! Don't miss Chernobyl. So worth it smile


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Bender wrote:

It's more beautiful, but still a bit sad, because it reminds me so much on my childhood... smile


Btw. How the hell could I emded youtube videos, properly??

mark the link, press the youtube button above the text window, and make sure you remove the s in https://  smile


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coae wrote:

at Technicolor roll what is it?

It's a graphic novel that comes in a box format full of posters, leaflets etc. All of the stuff in the picture. Highly recommended! smile


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Chris Ware's "Building Stories"  smile