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coae wrote:

Pretty smart Technicolor! I can see how your thinking! Since our country is going down the drain with shootings every single day (and are numbero freaking uno when it comes to gun violence i europe) with bombs going of from left to right why not cash in on the movement...

Hit me up on old EncroChat if you want to team-up for some home invasions, murder and mayhem... Lets shoot some kids, throw hand-grenades at the police and instill terror in society 'Djingis Khan style', why not!

lol  lol  lol
Hey, I'm just getting ready for the world to finally end, in every way I can. Gonna go full Mad Max once it does  wink


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Just finished this recently. Best book since my previous post big_smile
Highly recommended for anyone into architecture, urbanism and true crime. Very captivating and funny.


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JayStarbo wrote:

Damn, this has been on repeat in my home for weeks now. Amazing tune!


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Meschi, hey! Long time indeed! I think you are basically looking at the group of survivors here big_smile


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I was shopping for the perfect headphones a few years ago. I made a playlist with maybe half a dozen tracks, each testing some aspect of the sound. I had a trap track testing the bass frequencies, a noisy ambient cassette pop track by Grouper testing for clarity, a minimalist composition by David Lang, a shitty pressed disco song etc. Oh and I listen to a lot of podcasts, so I had one of those too to test the vocal range. If you have the chance to test the gear, this is a recommended method. Make sure to use songs you know by heart, so you know how they are supposed to sound.


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coae wrote:

Lovely Technicolor!

Yeah the whole album is great, recommended! smile


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I guess we are all just old men yelling at clouds now big_smile

fantomas wrote:

I prefered this forum because it had soul and vibrance to the whole scene. Other forums are sooo technical and gear oriented most of the time. They talk just specs and technical shit and in the end, no one throws anything out....the actual result ( even a fart track ) would be good. They are soo boring.

Hear, hear!
Definitely miss the old forum days. Now people are scattered over dozens of platforms.


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Did a guest appearance on the local radio radio show called GBG Wax Trax last night. Was an all-vinyl pretty messy set, but good fun. Mostly funky slow jams for the first half, then chicago juke/footwork trax for the second part smile

https://soundcloud.com/gbg-wax-trax/gbg … chnicolour


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Andrew Weatherall just passed away :'(


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JayStarbo wrote:

Chris Ware - Rusty Brown.

Nice, love his stuff. Haven't gotten around to getting this one yet.


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Syd Mead hmm



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Only mutants left here wink


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JayStarbo wrote:

Cool stuff Dumbbot, never heard that one, sounding very nice indeed!

Glossy electro with R&B vocals on the latest Special Request album.. a bit cheesey here and there with the big trance synths involved, but hell, with a forum so full of italo enthousiasm a bit of cheese shouldn't scare anyone tongue

This works suprisingly well  yikes


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Thanks! Will probably be great, but always nice to squeeze in a gig wherever I travel smile


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Hello robot survivors. Not that many active people here on the forum, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I'm going to Tallinn, Estonia on a work trip, 18-22 September. I'm looking for any opportunity to DJ there during that time! Any connections would be highly appreciated smile

On a side note, any tips on what to eat or see are also welcome!


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DJ Taye has risen to be my favourite juke artist recently. His Still Trippin' album from a while ago is solid.