fantomas wrote:

Other option could be the Roland Cloud subscription with the Tr-8s as a controller

I'm not so keen on using a subscription for sample/vst use.

I own an original 808 with midi and have Nava for my 909 sounds. I might consider buying the 909 behringer if it sounds good. For the 808 i see no use really.


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binged it. No regrets  big_smile


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I like the atmosphere. Nice


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Cool. Just added some tracklists today.


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Cool I'm gonna check those out. Thanks.


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I'm currently uploading mixes to my Soundcloud account and I'm wondering if adding tracklists increases the chance of my mixes getting removed. Anyone have any idea/experiences?


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I wanna buy more digital music instead of vinyl as it seems more convenient for me nowadays.
However, buying my current vinyl collection track by track in digital format seems like a waste of money.
Does anyone know if there are ways to buy digital tracks in bulk? And what are good shops for digital music?


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Marcus Mixx Help Get A Place To Work & Live Fund … KHoek0ewM4

Help if you care and can.


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Just listened to it. Great, thanks!


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Cool, thx!


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Super nice weather here the last few weeks.


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computerdisco wrote:

Deepmind 12D
Roland Sh01

How's the deepmind? It's a pretty cool synth right?

baz wrote:

Spending some money Stentec?

Just bought an electric guitar:)

Went a bit crazy this year hehe  big_smile

Nava 9090 drumcomputer
Sounds pretty nice


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score100 wrote:

didn't notice it

it's been a while  wink


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Yeah sure

Second hand Jomox airbase (rack) or xbase?


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Im gonna check that, killer tracklist.


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coae wrote:

Raymond Scott - Manhattan Research, Inc

@ S.T.E.N.T.E.C. your video doesn't work
(with firefox?)

Video is deleted due to copyright infringement
Was the latest Bon Iver live performance.


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Thanks man! Good stuff indeed  smile