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coae wrote:

I think TV's have had headphone jacks (3,5 mm) since the old black and white days(?) cool pretty hi-tech, the future is here!

Guess I never thought of plugging my headphones into one smile

coae wrote:

Thanks for trying in your phone!

Anytime, let me know if I can help some other way.

coae wrote:

The store says 250 ohm cant be driven by a regular pc headphone-jack or a regular tv @mekonin do you have an external sound card, music rig or headphone amp? Might pick the 80 ohm version, would be nice to be able to use them when watching a film or just tv.

Headphone amp seems a bit to much fuss...(?)
Schiit magni 3

Right now I'm using Audient iD14 and Focusrite 2i2, both of which have dedicated headphone amps.
I tried plugging the DT990 into my phone (Realme 5 pro) and the levels were decent enough, it didn't shatter any windows but I could enjoy the music.
Do TVs have headphone jacks now? big_smile

coae wrote:

will do! I'll mostly use them on my computer so the smartphone is just extra.

thanks mekonin!

cheers coae smile

I use my DT 990 the 250Ohm version almost daily for more than 5 years and I never had a single issue with them. To me they are very comfortable. I might change the cushions in some time since they got a bit flat, but they are still soft.

I think they can play loud enough from the standard phone, but I guess that really depends on the phone's amp. The 80Ohm version would do better in terms of loudness for sure, but there is some fidelity to be sacrificed. I'd suggest going to the shop with your phone and test it right there.

Do you need them to be closed design? I can not speak for other models, but I use both Beyerdynamic DT 770 and DT 990 for work and at home. DT 770 are great for isolating outside noise but can be a bit tiresome after long sessions and they can sound a bit boxy because of the design. DT 990 on the other hand sound very natural and I love them, just don't use them in a noisy environment since they are as open designed as it gets.


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very interesting thanks, I'm on it


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I actually own an original one and I am considering selling it because of this. Although I do feel that, from what I hear in demos, RD-808 does lack faithfulness in regards to sound in some instruments, mostly SN and BD.


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My condolences, coae.


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What are you guys talking about? I am not aware of any EBMy goth techno music. Is any of it good?


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I hear Daft Punk all the way throughout the song.


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Space Art - Trip In The Center Head (Carrere - 2934 104)
Michael Rother - Sterntaler (Sky Records, Sky Records - sky 013, sky LP 013)
Christian Von Eschersheim - Sommernachtstraum (Sky Records - SKY 045)
Adelbert Von Deyen - Nordborg (Sky Records - SKY 029)
Adelbert Von Deyen - Eclipse (Sky Records - SKY 062)

Ora - Morgendämmerung (Die Stadt - DS79)
Asmus Tietchens - Leuchtidioten (Die Stadt - DS44)


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The teaser is out:


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Does it necessarily have to be one dog? I don't have my own recordings but can send you a Boom Library - Dogs collection


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Radovanović, Pignon, Devčić, Kalčič - Elektronski Studio Radio Beograda (PGP RTB - LP 2513)
Boards Of Canada - In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country (Warp Records, music70 - wap144r)
Tayfun Erdem - Ararat The Border Crossing (Tayfun Erdem - F669.660 )
Vangelis - Soil Festivities (Polydor - 823 396-1)


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Rest in peace


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coae wrote:


my score 15151

20633, had a lot of fun, thanks!


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Basil Poledouris - Robocop (Original Soundtrack) (Colosseum (2) - CST 8028)
Vangelis - Blade Runner (Warner Music Group, EastWest - 0825646122110)
Popol Vuh - Music From Werner Herzog Films Soundtracks: Fitzcarraldo-Aguirre-Nosferatu-Herz Aus Glas (ZYX Records - 20.017)
Zoran Simjanović - Jedna Tema - Jedan Film (PGP RTB - 2120925)
Klaus Doldinger - Das Boot (Die Original Filmmusik) (WEA - WEA 58 366)
The Cinema Sound Stage Orchestra - Spiel Mir Das Lied Vom Tod - Once Upon A Time In The West (Sonic - 9022)

YMO - BGM (Pick Up Records - LPU 0020)
Max Vincent - The Future Has Designed Us (Discom - DCM-001)

Entrance - The Pond - A Musical Excursion (Trance Records (3) - 66.22 976-01)
Star Inc. - Magic Fly (40 Synthesizer Hits By Star Inc.) (Laser (2) - 80046)
Reinhard Lakomy & Rainer Oleak - Zeiten (Electronics) (AMIGA - 8 56 111)
Tomita - Tomita's Greatest Hits (RCA - PL 43076)
Vangelis Papathanassiou - La Fête Sauvage (Pathé - 2C 066-14.276)
Zodiac - Music In The Universe (Мелодия - C60 — 18365-6)

Sneak-Thief - Powerless EP (Beautycase-Records - BCR011)
Information Society - Running (Bellaphon - 120-07-183)
Rock Steady Crew - Uprock (Virgin, Charisma - 601 279)

Cannibal Cooking Club - Bloody Fingers EP (Cannibal Cooking Club - CCC03)
Egma - Let The Bass Kick (Mid-Town Records - MID 91109)
100% Acidiferous - Droid Sector / Annihilate (100% Acidiferous - 101%)
100% Acidiferous - Tank / 303 State (100% Acidiferous - 100%)
Various - The Revolutionary Generation (Moving Shadow - ASHADOW 3 LP)

S.T.E.N.T.E.C. wrote:

A bunch of Eurorack modules to build a small modular :-)

What did you buy? smile


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Thanks, interesting topic.

Should we post only freeware packs here?


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AudaxPowder wrote:

I've re-visited Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction on PC and it's been a such a great time! Finally embarking on one last quest I've known about in the game for years that I had never attempted first hand until now. The Pandemonium Quest is my last personal demon or sorts to slay on that game, I will succeed and claim my torch and Standard of Heroes! I'm all geared up so the last thing to do is just pray that the random number generator gods are kind to me.

Good luck man! I can't believe Battle.net still running Diablo II


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DumbBot wrote:

The British media has gone completely crazy over Bowie's passing, with current PM David Cameron and former PM Tony Blair amongst those fans trotting out twitter obituaries....,let me just say i never liked his music and his voice was annoying, and if i hear 'Let dance' one more fucking time today someone else is going to die.

It's your loss, not ours.