Hello Robots!

My boyfriend and I are opening a restaurant in Berlin. We have been renovating for months and are almost finished.
The food is simple, non pretentious, seasonal, market food. 

I have been trying to organize music but thought it would be cool to get help from you all.
If you're down to organize some mp3's we're looking for anything not too dark, or technoy.
Anything from 80's pop/dance, to wave, to 70's soul, 90s r&b. 

We can compensate with free food if you come to berlin!
email me jeffreysfire@gmail.com if you want to talk more.
Mailing a dvd or uploading is all gut.

ps. it's called "little otik" a jan svankmajer movie. see it.

good luck. that shit's HOT HOT HOT.

quick clarification about the party!!!

this is on the 2nd. NOT PART OF NEW YEARS EVE.
berghain will close before our party.
so we start Jan. 2nd at 23:55uhr.  got it?

panorama is being renovated so only berghain and lab will be open. (lab will not be sex)

how did you find the timetable? i wasn't sure they made it yet!
so i'm playing last. hmmm. slow gary italo or NRG popper punch?
i'll bring it all, decide later.

what a dream come true.

Yeah. Lab is normally a sex club but for new years it's the disco room. (a-mazing)
it's small, has nice sound, and will be super special.

did it get 100% confirmed?
i'm still gagging.
omg you guys.


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People Like Us.
(me and emil's party)

November 6th 2009

@ Monster Ronsons
Warschauer Stra

wow sniffer dogs really?
in NYC they were going through people's bags at the subway stations if you looked weird.

Does anyone have a lead on a cheap hotel / room for rent? i'm gonna stay an extra night or so.
i'm ready to party.

great flyer.

we have the best flyers and the coolest space. if i could just figure out how to program the laser!

gonna be a hot one.

S.T.E.N.T.E.C. wrote:


Ive followed the steps and came on 39 euro for a single ticket Rotterdam / Berlin on 23 of feb.

HOT. thanks. booking that sheeeeeit.

hello friends.
can anyone help me find cheap train tickets?
the return is like 250. because it's a monday?

Squadra Smackos wrote:

Hey you are also playing in San Fransisco the 20th right?

yeah totally. i should make a post about that. i play 3 times that weekend.
can't wait.
i go to new york next week.

Hello friends -

Proud to Present you-
1.1.09 @ 1 Uhr

open one night a year to the rest of the club!!!
the Laboratory, ground floor  (usually sex club) @ berghain.
Super Special New Years Eve Disco room.

your discaires for the night-
Daniel Wang (Mother of The House of Cow Bell)
Jeffrey Sfire (Back Woods Butch NRG Realness)
The Pet Shop Bears (Creators of the Lamay Jock Strap)

I hear the dj booth is set up in front of the sling, behind the jail cell. not kidding.
it does not get more leather chaps than this people.
Real Music, Real Queens, Real Atmosphere. ich can not wait!
eat your heart out.



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I think it would be useful to have some kinda page that shows who is from where.
so you can contact people about bookings and parties and where to go...

Hey yall-

this friday i'm playing at TAPE, i'm open for some rap chick from brooklyn. santogold?
i have never heard. i was told it was an all disco party then she got added.


i will play all house. chi stuff from 80's and 90's. i just borrowed a ton of cajual shit from a friend.
so if you wanna hear that chi town shit on that rockin system and dance on a wood floor check it.

i think it's $$ so if you want to get on a reduced list hit me up.

others playing-

Ben Mono
San Gabriel
Franz Underwear
Mano Le Tough

hmmmm maybe i should come?

i think the forum should have a new look. new color scheme, new font or something.
it's a new thing. lets make it new.  new brighter colors. that new new.