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Dez wrote:

Well that's the thing...My intuition says "no bailout", but I can't give you solid, objective reasons for that.

Well, I run a business, and I have friends that run businesses, and times are bad. And they've been bad for years now. And now suddenly there's warnings that things could get really bad, when until now bad times have been painted rosy. I think all the signs are there and economists are fairy unanimous about a serious recession coming soon. Whether there will actually be breadlines, well, I doubt it. I think it is clear some extra bad shit is happening with the economy right now. I think "no bailout" is an emotional reaction to a Gov't that's yanked us around and doesn't seem to care about us but cares about big biz, and that's fine, but it's not any sort of solution to the problem that is going to affect us all.

@cebteq gas lines are the least of my worries. as for thinking for myself...i have a degree in media production, which means i've been professionally trained to create it and with the ability to dissect it. i enjoy it. i obsess about it.


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I should add I'm especially anxious because we've had gas lines here in the south for weeks now and nobody seems to have even noticed...i had to wait 1,5 hrs for gas earlier this week, and i live in the middle of nowhere...people are sleeping in their cars in other places...suddenly it became a little easier to imagine everything falling apart


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@cebteq i agree with you (both parts), but i really don't know what's going on..if all the scare mongering about another great depression if this doesn't happen is true or not. i think paying slightly higher taxes is a lot better than breadlines if the economy collapses. it's a given that capitalism creates fucked up situations like this and that it sucks..


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cebteq wrote:

the idea they have is to lower taxes for businesses roll (by the way both obama and mccain approve)
government exists for corporations

actually, the republicans had the idea to lower taxes for businesses, and democrats agreed to go along with it if republicans would let them add shit of their own, so those cuts will be offset elsewhere, like with a "Wall Street tax" of 25% on all stock trades.

basically both sides are making loads of demands that neither side wants to accept and while they're busy arguing businesses will keep going under and houses will keep receiving foreclosure notices at the rate of 200,000 per month


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Something needs to be done. I like the bottom-up idea but it isn't entirely clear how that would work. or, like, clear at all. I listened to Kucinich try to explain a proposed bottom-up plan last night, I guess the idea was give a bunch of money to struggling mortgage owners and then they could pay the failing banks and then everything would be OK...I think the hole is much deeper than that, I think all the banks would still fail and we'd still be left with a fucked economy. I would guess that the plan needs to be neither top-down or bottom-up but from all sides. Who knows.


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oops! that one's not much in my vocab and i jumped to the conclusion you'd just confused words. now i feel dumb.

@ cebteq - i don't live with my mom. i support her financially and am trying to buy her a house.


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@ cebteq You mean France, not the USSR.

@ JamesT you mean neo-conservative, not neo-liberal

@ Biotek Republicans blamed Democrats for mentioning that their "free-market" approach got us into this mess, which is true. Republicans blamed Democrats for bringing up that they bear some responsibility, and took that as an excuse to again take no responsibility. It also works conveniently to distance the party from their massively un-popular leader, GW, as the election season heats up.

I'm not an economist. The "everyman" response is to complain, perhaps rightly so, that the Gov't hasn't helped them when they're in need, so why should the banks get $700 billion. This is a rather emotional and ignorant response. The bill would freeze home foreclosures, first of all. But more importantly, both "Main Street" (ugh) and Wall Street have to prosper for a healthy economy, not one or the other. Without a strong financial investment system the country falls apart, and we're waiting in food lines. Inflation spikes. Without these banks there is nowhere to go for credit or loans which means few people can even afford to buy furniture. This isn't like a simple cash transaction for fuck's sake.

What happened today is Republicans listened to their constituents, like cebteq, because they are worried about being re-elected if they piss them off; it was 100% politics. Unfortunately, constituents don't always know best, and that's a problem with democracv.


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nothing personal, but the godpsill style is not entirely uncommon.

That Noriega cover is awesome, reminds me of the watercolor style on many Blue Note records

I will d/l...but hey what happened to my record..? any news?

oh wait it's only snippets...gd moneygrubbing record label..selling music n chit


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I'm meeting up with some old friends for a long weekend in DC on Nov 7th, just a few days after the election...kinda looking forward to being there then...


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it's a compliment to me as well. i told klen it was you...


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the straight dope

thankyouuuu bas

my OCD tendencies are soothed...errr that one...i'm gonna go wash my hands and flip some switches


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klen from clone now wrote me, insisting it must be me...


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i watch them all. fox news has been pretty critical of mccain/palin too. how could you not be?


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McCain is a hotheaded over-dramatic douchebag. Modest...yeah right! Actions...you mean crashing planes, flipping most of his fundamental positions for political gain within the past 8 years, singing "Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran" (super modest), etc etc...yeah, suuuuuuure.

@ Forax -- nope; it's actually people aged 65+ who are the majority demographic who can't read. Of course the test would just be twisted to disenfranchise people...I'm just frustrated that so many people who really don't know shit vote.


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Once you see beyond yourself you will realize that nothing matters at all, freeing you to live as if everything matters greatly.


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Maybe she can -- but whether she would ties neatly back into Forax's point about rolling the dice.

"Intentionally voting more than once in a federal election is a third-degree felony in most states and also violates federal election-fraud laws. The punishment varies from state to state but is usually up to five or 10 years in jail and fine of up to $5,000 or $10,000."

This stuff is heavily investigated ever since 2000.

I also don't think it's that easy to pull off, especially since HAVA (Help America Vote Act) was enacted. This a huge voter registration database initiative. It's progressed significantly since the last presidential election.

And if you look at the big picture, it's really unreasonable to treat this as a serious issue when voter disenfranchisement occurs on an exponentially larger level

@ Forax I gotcha, we were being absolutist in opposite directions

Awesome pics. I love the group jam pics.
And the MX + Amarantha pic. Nice school-picture pose MX


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There are legal ways to challenge laws and "the system". Speak up. Join an activist group. There is safety in numbers. Don't cop out on some "don't break the rules" BS. Perhaps you haven't been given a personal enough reason to get involved yet, and I respect that.

I don't think Dirtieblonde is seriously proposing election fraud. Besides which, I don't think it would be as easy as is being said here. I believe the last 2 elections contained massive voter fraud, but certainly not through not simple shit like people being able to vote twice. Any significant fraud has to be perpetrated by people with inside knowledge and power. It's a pretty silly argument to accuse someone of committing election fraud here.


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@ Forax

Uhh...you aren't really questioning anything there. That's the way it is, so don't break the rules, eh?

Do you know where the harshest rules against felons are? The South. Do you know when they were enacted? Reconstruction. The laws about what constitutes a felony and what constitutes a misdemeanor have been repeatedly beefed up in these states to target a certain demographics.

There are attitudes and biases couched in our laws, you can't just take that shit for rote. These Southern voting laws have stood for over a century; the rest of the country has stipulations that allow felons to vote when on parole or probation, or according to what exactly their felony is. What a coincidence that the South, the stronghold of a certain political party and ideology, does not. Just follow the rules and you'll be fine.

I was almost convicted of a felony myself, only to have all charges dropped. I don't know what would have happened had I not been able to afford a real lawyer, as I initially had a court-appointed lawyer who was a drunk who told me to go to court on the wrong date. The justice system is fucked and I know it first hand.

There is hardcore racist shit going on in New Orleans post-Katrina. It's couched in seemingly innocuous building and housing codes. There is nothing shocking about the language of the laws, but in practice they are highly discriminatory. For instance - there's loads of new codes outlawing "multi-family housing" in what were majority Black & Latino areas of the city; targeting multi-family housing is a way to target statistically low-income people is a way to target minorities. It's not a coincidence and neither are our voting laws.

Personally, I think there should be different requirements to attain your right to vote -- a literacy test for one.


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Forax wrote:

the law is the law

dude...you're kidding right?


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i'd love to hear any explanation of how obama is "sheisty" that doesn't rely on right-wing propaganda kicking up racial paranoia. mccain is the one that has repeatedly changed his position on just about every key issue, for the sake of his political career. to ignore that and call obama sheisty instead sounds like racism to me. if not, it's just plain bullshit.

@dirtiblonde ...i forgot you were in california...how is the polling going there so far?

i'm sick & tired of hearing people point out that obama is not some sort of saviour. who ever thought he was? that just sounds like a republican talking point. that was one of their commercials, after all. so fucking childish. it is not any sort of reasonable argument against him.


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Oh come on, Nader? A statement vote _this year_? I sure hope you change your mind.

I voted for Nader in 2000, I even had to write his name in since he wasn't on the ballot in NC. I was not particularly into Gore, and not particularly scared of Bush. And I saw Nader speak and shook his hand. But boy, do I regret that vote. I registered Democrat this year. I am not playing this year. I have many friends working for the Obama campaign.

The ideologies of Obama vs McCain are vastly different. They are from diametrically opposed political parties, first of all. Saying they are the same is to ignore party platform and history. Then look at them personally, and you'll see even more specific differences in leadership. One is a blubbering hothead who is essentially running as a military "official". The other is a former community organizer, a pacifist, and for fuck's sake, a black man. Yes it does matter in a country with centuries of racial hatred and oppression indelibly etched it's foundation. Yes it matters in a country which has been fueled by ultra-right-wing ideology for the last 8 years, determined to enter into a new era of American imperialism. This is absolutely a no-brainer.

As for deciding the future, well if you want to be absolutist, sure, other things will affect America's future. But this is easily the most important election of my lifetime and one of the most notable in American history. So yeah, it's going to have some pretty lasting effects.


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I like it a lot...

Marsel from Delsin thought it was me, which was flattering. It is definitely up my alley though.