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avoid using generalized opinions in your bio. always state it clearly as your own opinion if you are going to use any opinions/judgments in there; neutral descriptive words are better. keep it short if possible. don't be wordy. keep it to a few sentences if it is somewhere people aren't specifically seeking it out. don't assume anyone cares, assume they barely do if at all. too much obvious effort on your bio suggests your shit doesn't speak for itself.

if anybody cares enough to warrant writing a full-on bio, you probably won't be the one writing it.


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Apathy sucks. Keep it in your own countries please.

Some of us do see the next president as hugely important to America, and rightly so. It is. There are directly opposed ideologies competing. Hype is hype is politics, but there's actual policy and ideology hiding in that shit. If you seriously think getting away from GWB's policies isn't a big deal, or haven't noticed the incredible damage that's happened to the USA, and because of the USA, in the last 8 years, I think you are mindlessly bitter and apathetic. This is a huge political moment, fucking huge.


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layering and or chopping stuff at different time signatures/tempos?...i like that Lost track too.


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great news Bas, haven't listened to clips yet but I'm siked you started a label!

and now i'll listen to clips


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Squadra Smackos wrote:

I just really like track 1, I don't think its that deepart-ish, the EQ is different, more evaporating or ethereal or something...he has always good EQ/mastering of the tracks or something.

that sounds cool, i probably couldn't hear that on my laptop speakers. yeah his production has a lushness to it...

If you like track 3 check out this release from earlier this year, especially pilot error (that chord line that comes in is so happy) and 3 units...like a futuristic Reese & Santonio - The Sound http://www.clone.nl/item11739.html

that's a really nice track and a really nice record...i'll look out for it...

And maybe you guys know this the track Detroit City Lights
(track 8 here http://www.clone.nl/item7250.html)...that synth is so familiar, is it a sample from some old record or a Roland JV preset or something

i haven't heard a lot of his stuff since the metroplex days, just that rush hour re-release and a few tracks on background comps..maybe i heard that one you're talking about...i talked to him some on myspace, he's a super nice guy...


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dude you gotta be fucking kidding me. That shit sucks. Let's talk about bloody diarhea


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Track 1 reminds me of Deepart, or actually even more so, Terry Brookes. It's OK. The strings aren't totally satisfying.

Track 3 is dope.


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he's an ok guy actually, just new to discogs and apparently not very internet savvy. all good now


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yeah i wrote him, he says he's removing it....

it seems like i run into more and more shitty people these days...need to find more anti-social way of making money...


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96.7% sucks when i should have 100%. i'm in the record business for 20 years now. that shit matters.


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went back to portal, finished it pretty easily but i changed my mind about it in the process... it's pretty genius.

played CoD4, finished it in a day. it was pretty cool, I wish it had been a lot longer though.

i tried top spin 2 cus I used to like tennis games, but geez what a total piece of shit.

i've started playing gears of war, but don't like it much so far...all that run/cover shit is annoying and it seems very linear and just not very fun.

also playing with the spore creature creator, loads of fun.

can someone in the right position please, please make a favicon.ico for RfR? Make it a crashed CBS ufo or something maybe. I hate the generic icon we see in the absence of a favicon.ico, and it makes RfR hard to find in my bookmarks.


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I had a perfect seller rating on there until some dickhead left me negative feedback for not contacting him within 3 days -- I had not confirmed his order, he had not paid me money, nothing. He is just some geek who threw a tantrum because I didn't write back about his tentative order right away. How do you leave negative feedback when you haven't even really ordered anything yet? Where the hell do these morons come from? My internet has been down for most of the past 3 weeks but I don't think I need to justify myself here.

I used the feedback removal form but there's no option there for "crazy buyer who hasn't actually confirmed an order or paid for anything yet". can anybody help me out?


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Queen Of Blood wrote:

@ Stinki
"also finally checked elec pt 1's record as manger _111 on psychothrill..."
-> i still wonder if you ever got the record i sent to you... haven't heard from you since then!

that is the record you sent me...thanks!
i only just listened to it last week...i don't listen to music often these days...

just saw a star trek i hadn't seen in a while...the one with space hippies trying to find the planet eden...i like when the hippies are on the enterprise singing some dippy song and the crew are dancing while looking really serious and hipster...they even get spock to play some vulcan harp type thing...then they find "eden" and all the plants are made of acid...yay...die space hippies


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simple slow-mo jam, unfinished but close enough to pretend like i'm productive...it still needs another element and a hotter arrangement but i kinda like it....



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from a producer pov they're well done but as a music fan i find them both very conservative for my taste, for me i feel like i've heard this sort of stuff, same style melodies and lead, too many times to count already -- not trying to diss, but i prefer your more modern stuff (the electro side of the spectrum), i could sense more of your personality in it or something....just my impression...


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thanks for buying my record spacer_woman.

i got the galaxy toobin lp -- thanks speculator...i heard it at charlie's and thought it was excellent.

also finally checked elec pt 1's record as manger _111 on psychothrill, i fucking loved it...superb detroit influenced stuff, some imitation rob hood equal to the influence for example..

i bought from myself a country 78 from the 40's, cocaine blues by roy hogsed.....whoa...crazy over the top shit...song about a guy who's addicted to coke, ends up killing his wife, going to jail, way more fucked up than anything you hear on the radio today. it reminds of leadbelly stuff, the mood/lyrics anyways...depite the title this is country, not blues at all


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@mekonin i have a soft spot for screamers too, which also reminds me i like tremors a lot too...more underground terror...but if you read the original philip k dick short story that screamers is based on, holy shit, it makes screamers seem like a pile of shit -- for one thing they totally fucked the ending, it is totally fucked up apoclayptic shit in the original story...it's also way more cerebral and claustrophobic, i think it's just soldiers holed up in a bunker for almost the entire story (which is only 20 pages or so)


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a lot of stephen king sci-fi stuff is really pretty worthwhile if you're up for cheap production values...the langoliers, the stand, tc etc i can't even remember them all...and in fact i thought "the mist" was excellent, up until the last 30 seconds, when it nose-dives.

the bottled souls (japanese movie entirely set in an elevator in the future) is pretty mental and way original.

one point O is extremely good. it stars jeremy sisto and deborah unger just like sunshine, and was directed by jeff renfroe who was signed on to the apparently ill-fated stray toasters project. instead he's got a new sci-fi one slated for next year called the colony, i expect it will be quality stuff...

jodorowsky stuff (fando y lis, holy mountain)...wish he'd done dune like he was initially signed on to. wish a metabarons movie had been made...

the quiet earth -- it's just about the same plot as the omega man, but quite good instead of really dumb.

soilent green

the prestige...good fucking movie. err...i don't mean it's porn..it's good

cronos -- one of guilhermo del toro's first movies, has ron perlman...excellent stuff, possibly my favorite but of course all his movies belong here.

invasion of the body snatchers...i really like the 70's one with goldblum...

alien nation

brother from another planet

doomsday (just out on dvd)...decent shit with kate beckinsale, totally a john carpenter send-off, even the soundtrack.

dagon becomes over the top gore fest, but until then it's one of the most drexciyan movies i think

krull, i need to see that shit again.

the watchmen...oh wait that's not out yet arghhh

@ central services nice to see another enki fan...

thanks man, every little bit helps

no shit, ultra-stupid, but the nonsense about worshiping i-f at the beginning is exactly what i was talking about in the detroit luv topic, seems more and more people are either like prussell or subscribe to that mindless groupie shit

bill vanloo (bvdub) is/was from detroit...his old stuff was kinda bc style but weirder...kinda like dale lawrence/theorem..but weirder...i saw those new bvdub things and figured they would sound like that too...twin peaksy sounds even better tho...

we released two albums during this summer...no one really noticed the nebraska so that didn't work so well...the convextion cd might have done a little better but 200 copies are being held by customs in nl...dicks

i still haven't listened to the ncforestboys track...i listen to music for work now so haven't been listening to much but 78's...kinda weird..

thanks guys for the nice words..about coelacanth, i'll ask smackos what the plan is...

we've got a shake remix and russ gabriel remix of nebraska stuff coming up on dL..and maybe trus me on there too..maybe...i hope somebodies here bought the nebraska album...it came out really nice..and we have more new stuff coming from him too that is not sampley house but really tape-hissy dancefloor techno jams..

also, new connection machine stuff on  12", and maybe a mini version of the connection machine album on 12"...and some other stuff


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Starborough wrote:

http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/5 … SS500_.jpg

3rd Dwele album, not as spectacularly good as the 2nd album, more soul less jazz, but still a great neo-soul album incl. the first non-corny dilla tribute track i heard.. that one (workin on it) is just sick..
People who love the Detroit house sound and are open to soul are well recommended to give Dwele a try.. I think you won't be disppointed.

i could never get too into dwele, alhough since you say more soul less jazz maybe i will like this one better. i've only liked a few tracks over the years; despite the dilla production, their albums have always been too consistently lowkey, too homogeneous for me...it's a great mood/feeling but for me i don't love it enough to hear it on every track...maybe i judged too quickly. should i give them a closer listen? they were pretty cool live at DEMF some years back..