yes, yes, i know he played some of my tracks you fools. i have no sour grapes about the 80 or so he never played, my point was merely to dismiss the starry eyed nonsense about how open and utopian the CBS was towards music...That's kind of missing the fact that CBS had a unique and distinct personality, it wasn't for everybody, it was for us, and probably even moreson for F. Ferenc steered the ship and did it well, but don't go overboard one direction or the other, as Teep the prime minister sed it right

BMX wrote:

As i recall you had plays before too, maybe not a shitload but plays for sure.

So If I have any plays it negates my point I guess, sheesh! It wasn't supposed to be about me anyways, but about being open to criticisms of the CBS instead of pretending it was all sunshine and lollipops for everyone and the music we love. There was scenesterism in and on the CBS. It is hard to avoid and that's reality.

BMX wrote:

What complaints are they anyway? You seem to see some hidden meaning, I only see bitter ramblings from somebody who does not understand the reality of running something like CBS.

They were bitter ramblings. He happened to say some true stuff. There is no need to go into it. Moderators or those who actually worked on the CBS are unable to see the forest for the trees, that's the way it goes. I have a friend who was banned over some nonsense, and I was pretty recently told to fuck off and get a life for complaining one too many times about the new Party listing format....kinda understandable, but Dirtieblonde is right. There was a competitive, hostile edge to a lot of topics that rarely existed in the past.

BMX wrote:

edit: ps. i have no idea what this "attack on Interdimensional Transmissions" are about but it sounds incredibly blown out of proportions. I mean if i got some death-threats from "robots" id be laughing my ass off.

I know about it, and I'm way on F's side on that one.

Everybody here loved the CBS, and so did Prussell, for a long time anyways...

@ Communicator...not sure what you mean. I am merely trying to keep people from getting into some sort of "fuck the haters, CBS was a perfect musical utopia" mentality. How are we going to move forward if we dont improve on the past? How are we going to rebuild a community and listener base as healthy as the CBS' was if we have all this hostile, fuck everybody else attitude?

BMX wrote:

Doorseems pretty open to me, especially considering the database was reset in late 07. You dont think the "shutting door" you are talking about might be partly a result from having insane amount of tracks to listen to day in and day out? What is you mean anyway? I think CBS was better than ever towards the end. There was good stuff from almost all electronic genres but still you where spared shit like dubstep or other crap like that.

dude you know as well as i do that he never played my stuff, you know this. i frequently offered my crap to him, in the same email with other new down low related stuff and other things. everything i gave him made the air -- everything. except my own stuff. over the course of many years i got the message and eventually was pleased to see he liked some of my stuff enough to play it. sheesh, this ain't brain surgery. this is besides the fact that i heard froma little bird that he said he thought my stuff sounded crappy. i cant disagree, but it would have been nice to have been played, shitty producers need love too

BMX wrote:

I said 'Ferenc was never about the forum', nothing else. How do assess that? Well, maybe cos he said so a number of times. Im sure he liked and had good use of the forum plenty of times but that does not change anything.

I know what you said and I know what he says. It's BS. He mined the forum for ideas about the stream/programming and for contributors to the stream, and for fuck's sake the top100 and megamix contests were the biggest events of the year and depend wholly on the forum. I would wager that most people actually paying for the CBS were on the forum. I know how seriously he took the forum but that hardly makes it irrelevant to the functioning of CBS. It's ludicrous to call Prussell's complaints about the forum irrelevant. Overboard, yeah.

It was about supporting F's conception of good music  -- and he has great taste, but it shut the doors on some people, myself included. hhehe doh poor suckworx

Anthony Shakir's album on Frictional. It's done, it's coming, for real now....


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sory for the OT but did anyone else get a pricelist from a new pressing plant a few months back titled "INTERNATIONAL PRICE LIST T5 VPI.doc". it has the best prices in europe, but there is no contact info or even company name on the price list. i deleted the original email ages ago, and it came to hotmail so my deleted messages are periodicially cleared...anybody got a clue?

i don't know what world you live in but there's a lot more difficult shit that happens to people than running a website, a distrib company, or a label. superior attitude like that is uncalled for and unfounded. there are loads of people on the forum with true dedications to music, who have been through all sorts of hard shit. it seemed like there used to be a lot more, there was a healthy community with loads of mutual respect, and that's when CBS was at it's best both in the forum and on the stream.

to act as if the forum and the stream are distinct entities is silly, they fed each other. half the programming was eventually being done by forum members, so i don't know how you assert it's all about the stream. the forum was proof that the stream had affected people and that shit (feedback) is important, whether f gets fed up with the inevitable bullshit there or not.

the cbs was a legendary achievement for internet radio. for me, it's not possible to tear that down, so let people react how they want. people say stupid and mean shit when they get emotional so read deeper than the surface if that's possible for you. many, if not all of us here have gotten heated and been dicks over some stupid shit, have gotten carried away about one thing or another. it was surprising coming from prussell as i've been in the same online spots as him since long before cbs (1996 or so) and he has always been thoughtful and intelligent, and he was probably one of the most knowledgeable people on the cbs. the "whatever" at the beginning of his tirade is a put-on. he was obviously upset and that's how he dealt with it. let it go, don't be so quick to judge, etc etc. the cbs wasn't perfect, and nobody on the forum was either, f included.

i think you guys are just being good team members. remove the bitterness from prussell's post and most of what he says is true imo. whatever. there's no need for it, it's bad taste. i loved cbs. nothing's perfect, and it was the best there was.

i agree with just about all of that, except the perception of ferenc as some ego hungry guy. he's just no nonsense, and opinionated. the most frustrating thing about CBS is that it had so much potential but was too self-reverent to go much of anywhere.

farcry 2 and ghostbusters for pc...played gb at comic con last week, loved it, only to hear it's in limbo at activison now...tards...

top spin 3 for pc too..i likey tennis

bioshock 2...q4 2009


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i couldn't get very excited about portal...s'alright. very repetitive. i'll play it every once in awhile..

Niteline wrote:

the new jay denham

oh yeah? cool. got any more info? last thing i heard was his synthesized society album on disko B from i dunno...2000 or something. i only liked a few tracks on it and ended up selling it tho. i'm a die hard early black nation fan


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you must have a very, very low temperature setting on your oven? either that or it preheats very slowly. i've tried it for 5 minutes at the lowest setting on my oven, and it was plastic goo.


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they had a similar one at comic con last week


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using the oven is ridiculous for vinyl, that's probably the worst possible method, next to impossible. you are almost guaranteed to detsroy the record completely. it is however the best way to de-warp 78's.

you really need two pieces of glass, or similarly perfectly smooth and flat surfaces. you need to heat up the record while it is sandwiched between 2 smooth surfaces, so there's little else but glass that will work. heating up the record somewhere and then moving it somewhere else to be flattened is almost guaranteed to fail.

i'd never heard the iron idea, it sounds somewhat promising.

sunlight is best but depending on how sunny it is, 5 minutes could be way, way too long. the record does not need to be very hot at all to become slightly maleable (that's why the oven idea is retarded)...and equally important is a long cool-off time....don't even think about removing or even checking the record until you are sure it's completely cool...if the record is still even slightly warm, it will warp all over the place if it has any space to do so...

keep in mind how easy it is for a record to become warped -- a few minutes in direct sunlight, even inside a cardboard box, can do you want to be very subtle and gentle in your attempt to de-warp


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recently finished bioshock + gta mass effect


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The first one is too heavy and grungey for my taste, but i dig the 2nd one, unique...reminds me a little bit of shake