I'm searching for record aswell but i also would be happy with a digital version


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Thanks for the download code.
Very nice having a digital copy of this amazing peace of work


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I know this song form back in the days and i liked Ben Liebrand's Electro mix but there is another version that only appeared on the italian pressing.

How About It (Special Scratch Re-Edit)

    Remix – Faber Cucchetti



Can anybody link me to a clip of that version?
Or if not, is it any good? How does it differ from Ben Liebrands electro Mix, which also featured a dub of that famous scratch part in it.
I am very curious.


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I'ven been a Gemm seller for a couple of years and i bought a lot through them.

Some records were crazy expensive but some actal gemms were steals.
Their site was very confusing.. i think that's what killed them.
They needed a better web design.

Too bad hmm


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for the ones who might have downloaded it.. i replaced it with a better masterd version and also a few necessary adjustments


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Made a funked-up version of one of my favorite records by Showbiz. I'm quite happy with the result myself:

https://soundcloud.com/reinierdynamite/ … the-mental


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01. Badbadnotgood - Kaleidoscope (Kaytranada's Flip)
02. Sharam Jey - Give It To Me
03. Zimmer - Galapagos
04. Bostro Pesopeo - Cheer Up
05. Matt Corby - Brother (Lancelot Remix)
06. Andhim - Boy Boy Boy
07. Miguel Migs - Down To It
08. Kraak & Smaak - Mountain Top
09. Dante Klein - Ertesuppe (Club Mix)
10. Matthew Styles - Codex
11. Wattie Green - Wake Sally Baker
12. Charlie Beale - Stop Breakin' Down Blues (feat Robert Johnson)
13. Disclosure - Flow


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As a DJ i maintain a broad taste for music. I've never been focussed on House in particular but i run in to the occasional track that i can't resist. So i found it is time for a House mix:

SoundCloud = download:
https://soundcloud.com/reinierdynamite/ … ix-03-2015

MixCloud = timestamped tracklist:


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01) Get Down Edits - Hang On (Get Down Rework)
02) Sharam Jey - Give It To Me
03) The Owl - Feel Good
04) Patryk Molinari - No Dilemma
05) Luke & Jimmy - Yellow Magic
06) Markas - Love (Elijah Collins Remix)
07) Matthew Collins - Werk It
08) Fauvrelle - Make It Better
09) Mercury - Rio
10) Tom Budden - Norooz
11) Hector - Stoned Raiders (H Foundation Remix)
12) Rick Wade - Trackula
13) Disco Ball'z - Get The Funk


find tracks:



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don't be shy abd let me know whay you think, its my first mix in this genre


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44 downloads in two week and only one comment.. no news is good news i presume? wink


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My first mix in this genre:


01) René Audiard - Landscape
02) Neural Rust - Nawado
03) David Alvarado - Tataa
04) Nick Sole - Never (Space Dub Vinyl Version)
05) Gale Talk - Icosaedro
06) Idealist - Six
07) Mekas - Raiz
08) Octex - Emergon
09) Rich Oddie - Driftwork
10) Weight And Treble - Heavy Spring (Giriu Dvasios Remix)
11) Shxcxchcxsh - Nmhnmhnmnmh
12) ESHU - For You




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anyone?  big_smile


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thanks, please let me know what you think.


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how are you guys feeling about this mix?

it's been a while since i was involved in this kind of music so i would like to know.


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I came across so many good deep disco the past couple of months that i needed to mix and share. Couple of these versions are re-edits from my favorite 80's dance records and i have to give props to the remixers cutting out the cheese, pimping it up and making the songs come to right.


01) Juvenile Delinquency - Washed Cars
02) Testarossa - Mango Sunset
03) BWH - Stop (Osvaldo Wilson Edit)
04) Chic - Chip Off The Old Block (Nelue Reedit)
05) Sister Sledge - Pretty Baby (Eyans Deep Space Dub)
06) Kastil - Low Luv
07) Jackmasterfunkerz - Disco Ride
08) Missing Links - Disco Bass
09) Andy Ash - Freak
10) Tuccillo - Panorama (Kalabrese Remix)