Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for forthcoming Documentary film.

A psychedelic trip through the Australian outback to a haunted monastery.
For fans of giallo, John Carpenter and Aphex Twin.
Digital and limited Cassette release.

Teaser trailer Here...

A troubling narrative unfurls in the haze of an FM tone poem.

Very nice, I had a cz5000 for a brief period.
Loved the detailed envelopes on that thing, shame about the lack of velocity.
Very nice complex sounds to be had.


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Streets of Rage 2 Level 1-1

been stuck in there for days now


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Funny you should mention Shepherd Neame, I actually work for them. sad
Didnt go to London in the end, gonna see Legowelt in Bristol on the 30th


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I've been trying to develop a taste for ales, after all I don't want to be a winging expat, but none of them have really hit the spot yet.
Def gonna check out the drafthouse next time I'm london, might even be tomorrow, Legowelt is playing.


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I'm stuck in the UK drinking watery and flavourless lagers from western europe
I swear only Germans, Czechs and Australians know how to make beer.
Sorry if i have offended anyone with that comments
*shields himself from angry Belgians*

Anyone know where i can get Coopers Sparkling Ale from in Kent?


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Which one of you is Mitch from Perth?
I'm from Perth, Currently in the UK

plikestechno wrote:

Since the strike is over I got an assload of stuff in the mail yesterday.

FS1R (Finally got a nice deal on one, manuals and everything)
Frostwave Fat Controller
Novation A-Station (it was 160 bucks shipped, I actually really like it)

Let me know what the FS1R is like, I've had my eye on that thing for a great many years

I don't really care what this was made on, these are just great pieces of music. Everyone should at least have a listen.


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My all time favourites would have to be

Shinobi (arcade)
Shadow Dancer (megadrive)
Mighty! Pang
Street Fighter III Third strike
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Nba 2k11


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Sorry Klart, I've got an xbox, and I cant afford the online service at the moment.
I have played sfiv online when I was back in Australia but there was way too much lag to play it properly.
so I'm really good at beating the computer wink


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Street Fighter IV and a bit of MVC3

I had a dream I was playing a dx7, only it had a wall of knobs and a patchbay. It looked as though the Yamaha industrial design team from the early 80's had designed an old modular system, Woke up thinking it was pretty cool.