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we looked into this meschi when we went to japan and as long as our guitar cases were under the max weight for luggage and we were within the limits of luggage items allowed, they just counted them as luggage.

i do have some friends that surf though and their boards often get tacked with an extra $150, though I'm sure this varies per airline.. over here i've seen it listed as special items on airline sites which includes music gear, surf boards, etc etc.

wow this is really cool bs-1!! def bookmarked.


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finally got a chance to download and listen fully, this is amazing! i think i'm gonna dub it to some maxells. smile


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wow, rad concept and he met his goal too! this is super cool cloud9!


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hey miravalles! our label uses National Audio Co. and they did a really rad job w/ our cassette release. shrink wrap, pink translucent cassette, real pro looking and super cheap.

i'm not sure if they ship overseas tho, didn't see that info on the site. http://nationalaudiocompany.com/

thx for posting this creme. it's also available at enfant terrible too i think.

if there is anyone on the forum in the line of distro interested in carrying this, PM me and i'll put you in touch with our label that put it out.


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Been away from the forum for a while, touring, life shit, etc, but wanted to post about this split 7 we did with Rude 66 on Custom Made Music that will be available (very) soon via our site, our label's site, and I believe Godspill and Enfant Terrible soon too.


Screen Vinyl Image: Tomorrow Is Too Far
Rude 66: I Am God

listen/purchase digitally: http://screenvinylimage.bandcamp.com/al … ge-rude-66


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oh cool, even better! i'll go and see how thee ole paypal account is looking then! smile

@tony, hmm i wonder how much crappy stuff one can sell based on this ebay method?


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any word on the US distro mono?


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very cool track, looking forward to hearing the whole album! also love the album art too. smile


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cool man! will def keep an eye out over here for the US release on malignant!

nice tony! though i'm bummed cause us old shoegazers like our reverse reverbs. haha

we just got the "new" Electribe MX1 w/ SD card. pretty sweet. we needed another machine for live and i just really love how simple and fast those things are to use, not to mention road durable.


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the real question for me unicity is whether that is Rude in a vocoder voice or IFM radio voice telling you this in your head?  smile

we don't have an amazing mixer (late 80's Ramsa) but the difference (and headroom) between that and the cheap mixers or going direct into the box like we used to do is remarkable.

wow that pedal looks amazing! i've seen some similar boxes from this time period but not the jet phaser. very nice find!!

oh yeah i've noticed this too. it sounds like they eq the voice to be that of a knife stabbing your ear drum.


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been really enjoying this as well, esp "it's a crime."

+1 to Vic20's comment too.

there are some articles online teknob w/ tips and suggestions for setting up your room. this article is pretty good and here's a link to some standard files you can use to check hot/weak spots in your bass range.

http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/mar02/a … nitors.asp

http://www.hometracked.com/2008/01/25/q … tor-tests/

we still have a dubbed maxell cassette of it, and actually it's one of the best damn sounding cassettes we own in our collection. industrial and cassette is a winning combo imo.

that's awesome koova! i just did a quick search over here and there is one in cali, refurbished going for $875.

@ZeHa, haha yeah i know IFM uses compression, it was more a comment about not listening to mainstream radio anymore cause it sucks so much.  big_smile

@mule driver, chris does great work! he just mastered a single/b-side for us and it turned out fantastic. also hell of a nice guy, those articles are a great read!

actually on a similar topic, over here in the states commercials on tv are always way louder than shows, i'm sure it's this way in other countries too. but our gov't apparently passed a law that will force networks to run shows and commercials at the same level. it's gotten so bad there are companies selling basically tiny limiters from your cable box to tele to keep the volume level the same. haha.

@ronin, oh yeah mainstream radio, how could i forget, oh wait it's easy to now with IFM around. smile

awesome, thanks for the links on that! looking forward to hearing how yours turns out!

i've read a few articles about this over the past few years, it's interesting that a lot of the argument for maxing shit out is due to the ipod and the fact that a vast majority of people don't listen to records anymore but playlists. and no one wants their track to be the weak track in the mix or playlist so labels push for mastering engineers to max it out.

i'm not defending this tho, i have no problem using a volume knob and appreciate dynamics. smile

actually metallica's death magnetic record was so over the top hot that fans put together a petition to have them remaster the record properly cause it sounded like shit.

Thanks Sneak, that makes sense.

I read up on it a little,  so it seems that "Leveling amplifier" is basically a slightly older name for a compressor, often of the opto variety, correct?

$60 is a steal tony! FMR makes really quality stuff at low prices. looking forward to seeing how you like using it.

@sneak, was that a kit from somewhere for the gssl? interested to see how that turns out!