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enjoyed every sec of it.


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Broken sword 1 & 2 all the way, recommend to all point&klick lovers


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I can't get around to stop smoking. I know it's good for me and it would help my gf with her quitting, but I just don't feel satisfied with life without a damn ciggie in a hand!


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I'm torn between Dead Space, Demon's Souls and Dragon Age


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I'm not a big fan of Marvel comics, but this game is so much fun. Fighting, exploring, taking them by surprise. Atmosphere is nice too.


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Hello robots & robettes,

I came to Auckland to live with my girlfriend for a while, maybe forever, and I was wondering if any of you is from here? And are there any nice places to go out and listen to our kind of music? So far all I've seen here is drumm&bass mania, which is definetly not my thing. I know I-F and others sometimes come here when on tour, so that gives me a glimmer of hope smile

Will world war 3 be during my lifetime?


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I feel old in a way I dont want to visit gigs that are not 100% my taste, simply no energy to waste. Also I stopped using uppers long time ago, only downers now. Im 26 in  december, guess thats old in todays world.


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america voted for Bush and now they question Obama's leading skills?


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Homeworld is a great game, love the music there.

Right now I'm waiting for Starcraft 2 smile


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American bombers were rampaging over my country back in '99, and I remember 1 night they hit the rafinery in my city. The blast shook all the buildings and fire was so intense you could see as if it was broad daylight. They were really unloading on us that night. I dressed up quickly like the rest of my family and we started going down the stairs towards nuke shelters. Now, my mother is really frail, easily scared old woman and every time bomb exploded she would shake and started to scream. It just so happened that one of the bombs went off really close to our building and that scared the shit out of poor woman. She totally lost it and pushed me down the stairs thinking to move me faster. I lost balance, due to surprise and intesity of her push, and started rolling down the stairs. I was seriously scared I'll break my neck. But it turned allright, with few bruises.


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3 years in a relationship so far, had several serious fights but things are going sweet. we'll see if I get bored of it seriously


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listened to it, very nice combo of usual tracks and some unusual. keep it coming smile

Please dear robot fellows, post photos and klips from the party for us poor robots that can't attend. Thanks in advance smile

heifetz wrote:

Fight Club. what a bunch of macho-pseudo-intellectual rubbish!

Dude it has Brad Pitt. It's not worth mentioning it ^^

Yup, Serbia here. Closest thing I could get is a prison in Hague lol

at times like this I really feel bad for living in war devastated country and can't attend. I bet this will be once in a lifetime thing smile


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Got food posinoning from shitty fast food. From now on I'm transforming into vegetarian during summer


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haha yeh, they get under your skin ^^


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Hope to see all of you great performers before next Exit, it's a shame to have only 1 oprotunity per year to listen good electro/italo here in Serbia. I see you were sightseeing Belgrade, so maybe next time I can show you around Novi Sad and you can try some of our delicious serbian food and drinks smile


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smoking very fine imported weed on my balcony every evening watching sunset with my gf. calming shit

Internet radio is nice to get ppl to know about such sort of music, but to expand it needs to go on FM. I for once didint always listen to cbs coz I had other stuff to do on my computer, but so many times I wished I had it in my car, on work etc etc.
Most of ppl I played cbs to only shruged or said it's silly music, then went back to their dnb or cheap house music.

What I want to know is why would Rdjx want to expand? Why become mainstream? It would kill a lot of what cbs was.
When electro/italo disco is played in my town, it's never crowded coz none of the rednecks today understand it. Which kinda makes perfect atmosphere for me to enjoy it the best.


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Basketball for 15 years, after which I realised it's a big scam in pros.
I'll rather waste my health on drugs and parties then on steroids and fighting with sweaty men over a ball.


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Sunday evening was definetly pinnacle of this festival for me. Waves of electro and italo disco kept washing over the stage. Met many nice robots and robbetes. Thanks to all djs for magnifecent performance. Here are some klips from my crappy phone. Hope to see you all next exit!

Now I'm off to recovery!

Dj Overdose

Polygamy Boys

Feminine Mistique

Feminine Mistique


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Tin Man wrote:

http://www.maxiturkey.com/wiki/images/b … rmelon.jpg

just ate a bunch of it....i dont think i shoud have eaten that much....i dont feel good

I just ate some from the fridge, feels devine when it's hot!