Wow, that's great!  What a nice reward. 

It seems they are still hard to find in the US for some reason.  One on eBay for 550 USD, auction  roll .

Anywhere here get one of these yet?  I had a preorder with Novamusik that never went through.  They gave me shit for asking too much about availability months after release so I canceled and have put the synth in the back of my mind ever since.

gn wrote:

@ Sneak: The reason I'm planning this is that my MIDI to DIN-sync converter broke, and I thought I'd get away with spending less money if I just sync it straight to my gear. So yeah, frying the drum machine (a Boss DR-110 with sync mod) is definitely not my aim! I guess I'll have to dig out more info on the Ensoniqs signal, or see if the guy who'll solder it has one of them whatsitcalled-o-meters to measure it with. Thanks for the advice!

@ Jordan: Something like that would be quite useful. Maybe should try to score one when I'm "high on funds" next time.

A managed to score one for 20 bucks on eBay.  They're weird little things not many people are looking for.  I think Garfield made a lot of similar pieces as well that'd do the job.

If that doesn't work I recommend the Garfield Nanodoc.  I use it for syncing my MPC-60 to the 808 but it'll do 24ppq sync as well.  It is a very useful little box.

Apparently the built quality is up to snuff if I am to believe the several first-hand demos of this via NAMM.  I have preordered one through Nova Musik. 

Re: Second VCO.  Yeah, it would have been nice to have a second VCO but the front panel looks pretty packed as it is.  Having a couple SH101s around has made me learn many ways around such a limitation, such as using harmonizer effects and samplers.  Perhaps if this unit is a success they will release a 2 or 3 VCO MaxiBrute.   This and the Waldrof Pulse II have me very excited for the next couple months.

Maybe they'll make something like the CSQ to hook up to it for sequencing.  That's probably asking a lot of a big, modern company, though.

Link up on Matrixsynth's blog.

Seems to be really nice.  There was a YouTube video up earlier today that has since been made private but it had sound demos and a guided tour over it's features.  Some impressive features include an arpeggiator (w/ tap tempo and swing!), sawtooth animator, synthacon filter, and lots more.  This is also a huge WTF, as it is from Arturia.  I cannot wait, to be honest.

Septicstudio wrote:

MOTMified 4ms eurocrack modules (3 of em!) into a single 5U MOTM
Christmas Lights demo vid from the builder

Ah, awesome.  I'd love to have this as a pedal or a single module setup.

ekranoplan wrote:

I can't speak about the EII or EIII but I've had an Emax for 15yrs.  cheap 1st sampler, then i ignored it for Akai Sxxxx and MPC and used it as a master keyboard only.  Returned to it after a while realising it had the gritty/ bassy sound i wanted.  SP1200 is great and theres loads of discussion on hip hop boards about how close the emax comes to the sound.  I keep meaning to do a decent comparison with a variety of sounds.  Its not identical but its the same ball park.  The Emax sequencer is gash but the audio outs are quieter than my SP1200 which has so much hiss it could make a basic channel record on its own.   My issue with the Emax is the disk drive is flaky, though after the last disk cleaning routine its running better.  The buttons are not as responsive now, really have to push hard on the yes/no buttons.  I've only used the basic Emax keyboard.  SE and HD editions looked good too.  It is huge in size and a decent weight.  Heavy Duty moulded plastic body with a metal base.  Keyboard is quite springy but playable and I love the big modwheels.  Its a strange looking grey beast and the EII has better looks with the blue colouring and labelling. Also, the bird run feature is pretty important.

If your floppy is on the fritz I'd check out the HxC floppy emulator (make sure to get the SD one).  Anything that age with moving components is bound to be increasingly problematic.  Also, it seems you can upgrade an Emax to SE via a software upgrade available on the yahoo group.  An upgrade to HD may also be possible depending on what revision board you have.  I know with my IKE all I need to do is buy a common 5380 SCSI controller chip that they just did not include for whatever reason at retail (it's just an empty socket on the board).  The chip is on eBay currently.  I'm not too interested in that upgrade though as an SD card will give me all the space I need.

I just ordered some HxC Floppy SD Emulators for them, I can't wait!

I actually got a Baldwin IKE (a rebadged Emax) as well (I went on a bit of a sampler kick).  Samplers are still pretty cheap compared to regular synths, at least here in the states.  The IKE was only 160 dollars because people don't really know what it is (It is actually the exact same thing as the emax, same parts and it even runs the same OS disk, it just looks a bit different), the Emulator III was closer to 900 and the Emulator II+, because it was not in the best shape, was 300.  Because of their functionality I could see myself paying much more for all of it now that I know how awesome they are.

Emaxes ARE pretty bulky.  It's actually wider than the Emulator III is; not by much but that's saying a lot as the Emulator III is pretty huge.  The Emax seems to sit somewhere between the Emulator II and III.  It has SSM filter chips like the II but it has nearly all of the same features as the III (meaning many more features than the II).

Emulator II pros: AMAZING DEEP SSM sound, gritty too!
Emax pros:  Similar sound to the II, doesn't quite sound as deep as the II for some reason but still gritty and packed with many more features.
Emulator III pros: MAJESTIC CEM sound, hi-fi and has scsi.

Yeah I don't think these fall into the unsellable category at all because there are a lot of people out there that want to be Alan Wilder or something.  There are also lots of hiphop people that idiolize the SP1200 and will snatch up Emaxes/Emulator IIs to get a similar sound.  I recommend an Emax rack if you can find one as it's way smaller than the keyboard version and the keyboard part, at least on mine, is super shitty (almost as bad as a mirage).


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I just got a Dr. Synth DS330, it's pretty great as well.  I've been looking out for one of these.  Thanks for the samples!

It's just so hard to connect with DSI stuff.  The look and feel are so off-putting.  I do applaud that it's not just another 808 ripoff or something but...  I want something to come out with less bells & whistles and more raw grit and power.  I think there is a market for that.


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Is the Korg VC-10 a decent vocoder?  I'm looking for a vocoder not really for vocals but drums/synths.