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great! thanks mcdan!


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got a question about the Spring Surprise mix..

around 33mins, mainly instrumental, but some simple lyrics "wooo!.. of loooove" and then later they say something like "loving beyond, loving beyond.. the colour of looooove"

any ideas on what that is? been on my player and head for weeks now!


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Hey Julien, very nice mix, love it. Also need info about that Vincent Vellocette track smile

And most importantly, been listening to some of your tracks being posted on youtube, its the bomb!
Any idea when this should come out on record? (cause it definitely has, or else i'm starting my own label just to release them wink )


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Great sound and visuals, but story will probably be crap. Walt Disney Productions...


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thanks for the kind words guys, always a pleasure to work on the dm posters!

here's the stuff dudes. could go on forever on this one, had to put a stop to it, was still fun though.. better viewed in a bigger size i think.

Anyways, enjoy the party! Would be really curious to hear what albion had in store for this one.. been listening to his ambassador's reception mix for a while now - really a great mix! for those who havent heard it, go here:



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Woah... am at second listening already... AMAZING!

this one goes beyond italo and with great effects! I like the diversity in there. Another winner!


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downloading now!!!!



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will check!

gonna have to send my regards to phil, looks like he did a good job!
will hopefully come to london to pick mine soon big_smile

flyer has arrived


mouahah, yes im shining my dancing shoes.
flyer in the makings. can't wait!

another one i'll miss... aarrghh

woah, +1 for me too!

thanks for comments smile, always happy to work on a new one, could do this all day long..

Well im glad the whole family is happy with it smile
Always a pleasure! (already thinking about the next one..)

new flyer:



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listening right now and enjoying smile

cd? spreading italo? everything now is named italo revival whatever...
just post the mix and give a link to ifm, thats more important..

hope i can come to the next one!


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sad to read this... even though i wasnt close..
toutes mes condoleances a sa famille


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IntergalacticFM nonstop these days... heard if's voice on the air the other day, was nice to hear him on the radio!
Felt home again smile


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Merry happy everything to everyone!

on the download, thanks jonny!