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Smackos likes to patronize modular users for being boys doing technical stuff, etc... but for those who actually use hardware modulars to produce tracks, the incredible sonic palette is a great antidote against the same damned Roland sounds - that he seems to use again and again and again tongue

I guess some prefer to think inside the box and to have their synth architecture fixed. Personally, I often find it like wearing someone else's underwear.

Vive La Variété!

sneakthief wrote:

Smackos likes to patronize modular users for being boys doing technical stuff, etc... but for those who actually use hardware modulars to produce tracks, the incredible sonic palette is a great antidote against the same damned Roland sounds - that he seems to use again and again and again tongue

I guess some prefer to think inside the box and to have their synth architecture fixed. Personally, I often find it like wearing someone else's underwear.

Vive La Variété!

I use my modular for roland monosynth sounds a lot. The Intellijel Rubicon + Dr Octature covers it and then some.

That's really the thing with modulars. You can make most any sound you want (and can afford modules for), from famous synths to fax machine impersonations.

Solvent is obviously a talented and knowledgable musician and I'm excited to see what he's put together. I think this documentary will do a lot to educate people on the world of modular synthesizers beyond poorly put together youtube videos.

I'd also argue that anyone who has ever patched together something on an MS-20, clocked an arp/sequencer on an old synth, or run one synth through another synths filter, has done modular synthesis at a basic level.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this LP is basically not available anywhere for a normal price at the current moment, it was last repressed in 2006 and copies go for about 40/50 euros generally.  sad  I think this lp is maybe the finest Legowelt opus of his entire oeuvre, Gladio Slave of Rome is another personal favourite, and for a long time that was hard to get without paying a high price, so maybe Squadra will be repressed again at some point......

That's what I figured but worth a shot. Unfortunately I slept on this when it came out. Kicking myself for it now.

I do have the digital version thanks! Most of my collection is still in vinyl format so I try and get my favorites as records when I can. I'll keep an eye out for a reasonable price and maybe another repress if I'm lucky smile

super old bump, but anyone know where this LP is still available?

Just put an order in for two DiY kits for my Eurorack Modular. An L1 Tube VCA, and a L-1 Microcompressor.

I recently acquired a DrumDokta + expansion, which is basically a DR-110 in eurorack form + outputs for the raw oscillators that make up the drum sounds. I'm hoping these two kits pair well with the drum dokta and will give me a nice little modular drum machine.

The Tube VCA has some SMD components, which will give me more practice working in that realm. Looking forward to it!

Nice thread! I started out repairing old gear (kind of necessary when you like old synths) then moved in to more DiY stuff and I've done a handful of things at this point. I'm in no way an expert but here's some advice based on my experience:

  • Don't skimp on the iron. Get a station with variable heat control. I have a Hakko FX-888.

  • Learn how to clean and tin your tips (watch videos on youtube).

  • Don't skimp on solder. I bought a lb of Kester 44 Rosin Core Solder 63/37 for my last project and it made a huge difference in the quality of joints. I much prefer it to lead-free. I just make sure to wash my hands before I eat smile

  • Get a flux pen.

  • Desoldering sucks. Use the measure twice, cut once method and make sure your components are correct before you solder them on.

  • Take breaks if you get bored or strained. If you solder something wrong it can set you back big time.

  • You may not need it at first for simple projects but a good meter can be very helpful for calibrating components and diagnosing problems when things go wrong. I have a low-end fluke meter and it's more than I could ever need.

Good luck, and have fun smile

This guy has some great videos, easy to watch and very helpful.

btw, what are you selling?

Took a nice brisk walk a few miles last night to pick up an old janky Memory Man Deluxe. Can never have enough delay.

Thank you!

Turns out one of those just turned up locally on craigslist. I'll look in to the routing options and see if it makes sense to me. Ideally I would have one or two groups and those would sum to the master.

There's a midas 160 available locally as well, which looks great, but it's over twice the price.  hmm

I'm looking for a nice mixer for live shows. I've had a spirit folio f1 for about 15 years and it's served me well, but it's a bit fragile and the power supply is falling apart. I'd like a bit of an upgrade so having more routing, grouping, and fx versatility (selectable pre/post sends) would be nice. Don't really need a lot of channels, 12-16 would be totally fine.

Any suggestions or any features that you feel are helpful that I should consider? I've looked at A&H, Spirit, and Midas stuff so far.


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I have the Jomox 999 and a TR-909. I didn't plan on getting the TR-909 but it sort of fell into my lap in a good trade. I expected to have some fun and sell it for a profit. When I got it home and played with the kick drum I immediately understood what people were talking about. It's probably the pinnacle of kick drums for dance music IMO. The Jomox line sounds great, and has more features, a diverse palette, and a lower price, but it's not a 909. So if you want something that will cure your 909 lust look elsewhere. If you want a truly great and unique drum machine get the XBase. Just realize it's not a clone.

To add to your search for alternatives, these modules look cool and I think some of the sequencing options available with eurorack are pretty exciting. No idea how they sound though. … odules.htm

Stalker wrote:

Finally i chose Strymon over Lexicon. It should be here in a couple of days.

I ordered one of these as well. I love the el cap and needed a new reverb.

Also have a tx81x and a dr-110 coming.

Headed to Michigan next week and hoping to bring the dr-110 and my leploop to keep my company. I think they'll get weird together smile

Good luck!

I did this on one of my Junos a few years ago. Such a pain to desolder those damn chips.

I didn't have much time to work on music earlier this year so I sent my other 106 to the Synth SPA for a full restoration as some of the knobs crackled and the out would distort really easy. Sounds absolutely amazing now, whatever else he did specifically improved the low end a lot.

What version is the claptrap and would you ship it to the states?


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Any experience with the Jomox 999???? There is only one decent demo on YT!?!?!!? Anyone tried it demoed it????

I've had one for a little over a year now. It's fantastic, really everything I could want in a drum machine.

You have 4 analog drum sounds, kick, snare, low tom, high tom, each with many options to customize the sound. For example with the kick beyond basic pitch, tone and envelope controls you have harmonics, compressor, eq, noise, filter controls.

The remaining sounds are sample based, and you can load your own samples into the machine. I believe it's around 30 different samples per sound you can load.

The great thing about the samples is that they all run through a VCA that distorts very nicely when you push the sound, and you have additional filter controls if you want to shape the sound a bit. You can of course alter pitch and attack/decay for these sounds as well.

Another great feature of the 999 is that you can program sounds on a per step basis. For example, you can load different hat sounds in the same pattern at different steps. Additionally you can change the settings per step so you can pitch a drum or tom up and and down to create basslines. I put some chord samples into mine so I can do basic chord memory type patterns when I want to.

There is also a filter that you can program on the sequencer but I don't use this feature that much.

The biggest complaint about the Jomox is the interface. I don't find it confusing but many people do. I always read the manual when I get new gear, so once I figured out the different modes of operation I was good to go. Each one of the parameter knobs can control the volume of the different sounds and can be clicked down to mute the different sounds, which is a nice touch. You can edit and switch patterns and drum kits independently without stopping the unit but I could see if you are uncomfortable with the machine it may be easy to unintentionally switch a pattern or drum kit.

I really love mine and don't see myself ever getting rid of it. It's definitely worth checking out if you are in the market for a great sounding drum machine.

The 999 sample packs from wave alchemy got me interested in the drum machine, and I think they are a good representation of the range of the kick drum.

You can also load the tok tok and dr walker sounds into the 999 so demos like these could be helpful as well.


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Also worth mentioning if the B77 is of the 15ips variety it's much more desirable.


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If they were used in a TV station they probably have a lot of wear on the heads. You can find replacements on ebay but who knows what the quality is like.

Do you know anyone who can calibrate it for you? If so might be worth something, I'd offer 50$ unless you are feeling generous. They will never be used again by that station and your boss is right they will probably be chucked.

I've always had the crackle. Nothing to do with the mods, just something I've wanted to address if possible. I usually just adjust the volume until I get a sweet spot if it's normal I'll keep doing that. The volume knob crackles a little bit while adjusting but I've found a replacement so that's up next.

Anyone service a Juno 60 before?

I have just put a midi kit into mine, replaced a few sliders and the battery but I have a bit of crackle in the output at various volume levels. This has been my experience with most older synths but I'm wondering if it's diagnosable and repairable somehow?

Any tips?

AudaxPowder wrote:

i'm finally putting some time towards my 106 as well, prepping for the acetone trick on the voice chips.

Good luck, it works but getting the chips out of the board can be a real pain in the ass.


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This is a pretty neat concept.

Imagine if you buy time with a synth online, then control the layout from a web browser (or better yet plugin) and send it midi, stream and then bounce the output.

Or just interface with your own synths while you're away from home (like slingbox).

That would be a fun business to run.

Nice Corgi!

Bankie Phones wrote:

CZ-1000 in a store 6 blocks from my house. smile

Made a trade for one of these. Still like my 999 more but i've never had a 909 before so it'll be nice to experiment with the real deal.

Great stuff! smile

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Snippet of the DR660 Samples in the N.I.Maschine in a Legowelty Jam kinda way.. Just for fuunnzz... big_smile … boss-dr660

That's pretty sweet. I should try and do that with my Zed R16

Septicstudio wrote:

Daisychained that one to my Studiolive 24.4.2 mixer for an extra 16 Ins and 6 outs merged in the Studiolive Firewire stream.

Works like a mofo

Very cool, I have a B77 MKII. What kind of tape are you planning to use with it?

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jerklin wrote:

That's a beautiful machine, hope you get it back to life!

I have an RE-201 coming this week.

Outgoing -> Korg Mini-KP, Korg ER-1, MFB 522

How much did you get for the 522?

What did you like or not like about it?

I sold it for 300$. I didn't use it a lot, the interface was tough for me and I preferred to interact with other drum machines. If the sequencer is not easy to use, what is the point? I know it's subjective but now I would choose a Miami or 808. At the MFB's price range I would go with samples on an ESX or something similar.