shit, i missed it sad

i will, this depends on a winnig auction on ebay...

the msq probably can handle tapesync, otherwise there is a dinsync mod from acidlab for the linndrum.

thanks robots.

but i need my msq, i dont sequence with the computer, to much latency.

yea, but the MSQ-700 doesnt send a trigger signal, it syncs via DINSync, a port which you find usally on Roland Drummachines 808,909,707,606....

Another option could be to DINSync the 606 and use the 606 trigger output to the LinnDrum.

Unfortunaly i haven´t got a 606.  sad

i recently purchased a MSQ-700 just for 60 euro i thought its a bargain, dunno how much they usally go for. I want to sequence my juno 60 with it.

My question ist can i sync a linndrum with it ? The Linndrum has tape sync, as far as i know the msq-700 can be synced external with this signal.

btw has someone a DCB Cable to sell ?


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ok then.... by the way this forum runs really slowly on my computer !?


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i cant believe those admins here manipulated my postings, . Those guys must be bored as hell, to do so. This is totally not ok!

i like this guy !

i think he´s doing some genius stuff, see what he´s doing with the electribes.


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@ytz this will be one of secrets of the galaxy.......     wink

haha you guys manipulated my first post.....   so what its the best thread on this forum !

hi robots, i want to realize a the dream of my sleeples nights. I saved 5 months now for a Tr-808. But i cant find one in good condition. If someone knows someone who sell a 808 please contact me !!

thanx in advance !


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Cool, Danke!


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A lot of nice italo tunes you can find here !


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does anyone have this record on vinyl ?? I would buy it.

i would also appreciate mp3s cant find anything on the net.

thanks in advance !


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Benjamin Siegelbaum aka Bugsy Siegel. The man who build Las Vegas.  (Kosher Nostra)

startet his gangster carierre together with Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, and Frank Costello. 2 Italians and 2 Jews.

Hi Robots,

i sell my Mackie Onyx 1220 it has the optional firewire card build in. The item is in very good condition, like new.

I have the original box, and the receipt. I bought that from Music Store in cologne.

The Soundquality of this mixer is really awesome, also the perkins eq´s are sounding really sweet, much better then my ecler i had.

I paid 750 euros, you can have it for 450.- !

best regards


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Wow that Jacket is cool !!


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hehe maybe, but seriously.. you

well maybe, i am too much of a perfectionist, dunno, and at a certain grade it works against you. You people are right it

In the past i had to make a decisicion Andromeda A6 or a Jupiter 8, i choosed the A6. BIG MISTAKE ! I still kick my head for doing so. The Andromeda was a big dissapointment soundwise and from the interface 2 much knobs for a newbee at that time. Nowadays i can

i don

will feed my mp3 player with this today. Thanks.

DamDuram wrote:

keep the jx3p - you will regret it, i guess. if you have the drums, you

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